Skill Tree*Read Me*

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Skill Tree*Read Me*

Post by Zeik » Sun Feb 03, 2019 4:05 pm

Each member of the Ars Haven that participates with the Sanctus Imperium can awaken their Soul Inheritance(Skill Tree), awakening their dormant connection to the infinity of their Core or Soul. Once a member has acquired their Animus, a familiar or Soul Beat, they will detail that information with the Schools armory.

-Animus Rubric-
The Animus is a weapon forged from the soul give your descriptions and details below, here is a guide.
Weapon Name:
Weapon type:
Weapon physical description:
Animus Skills:

-Familar Rubric-
Familar are manifestation of your Soul and take the form of an animal,evolving over time.
Here is a guideline you can follow.
Familar name:
Type of Animal:
Familar skills and perks
Familar Form: Petite/Familar / Magus / Arch

-Soul Beat Rubric-
Difficult to master but once you’ve evolved your familar to the Magus form your body can harness a fraction of the cores stored Prana, soul beat. Soul Beat can be a transformation or a powerful game changing skill.
Soul Beat

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