An Animus of Darkness

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An Animus of Darkness

Post by Alaude Nightwing » Mon Feb 04, 2019 10:12 am

Weapon Name: Á Bao A Qu

Weapon type: Defensive/Guardian

Weapon physical description:

When summoned Alaude's animus take the form of a medium sized skull totem like object with its lower jaw attached to a sharp arched claw and on where should be its cheeks two 3-piece claws. However, once activate by Alaude's energy the 4 parts will separate being held by only the dark energy that activated it and reveal a giant malicious eye in the center of them.

Animus Skills:

Shielding- The main purpose of Alaude's animus when activated is to work as a defensive shield. Due to the animus being charged with the power of Alaude's Dark Force most attacks when coming in contact with the shield would quickly be corrupted and destroyed by the shield of darkness.

Linked Sensory: The eyes on Alaude's animus (both activated and inactive) not only works as a means of intimidation but is fully functional and linked to Alaude's own sense. As such Alaude can move his animus to different locations to extend his field of vision.




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