Shard of Fire:Basilisk

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Shard of Fire:Basilisk

Post by Zeik » Thu Feb 14, 2019 8:14 am

Weapon Description
Zeik's animus is called Basilisk and takes the form of a flaming blue-white sphere of fire, capable of releasing powerful spells after absorbing radiation from the sun and changing its form to suit his combat needs.
Animus Skills
  • Day Breaker:
    Harvest Sun light and other forms of radiation increasing the spheres size and destructive capacity.
    Consecrated Light:
    Expelling the absorbed radiation of the sun, basalisk can project powerful barriers of heat and torrential winds.
    Eye of The Beholder:
    The sphere can be molded by his intent, taking the form of any manner of weapon.
Familar Basalisk
Zeiks Familar is a snake named basalisk, he first awaked to his inheretnece when he and the Astral Trinity found the Sanctus Imperium.
Petite Element:Image
Familiar ElementImage

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