A Home away from Home(Finished)


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A Home away from Home(Finished)

Post by Nazu Denki » Fri Mar 15, 2019 1:11 am

Today was a day like any other. Things had been calm for Nazuma. He was free from his training from Zeik today and decided to walk the isles of the Astral city. He would use this time to do some window shopping. Nazuma stopped in many of the stores and shops that lined the streets. He was alone in which he often was, but some how he is always joined by someone. Often indulging in a conversation of wittes and comedic lore. Nazuma had alot on his mind. In a few days he would be returning home to stand trial. He was exiled from his home four years ago and had taken refuge in the Astral Kingdom. There he met King Zeik and since had been his underling. Learning not only how to be a warrior but also a King. He could only think back to when he first came to the Astral. How his first mission with Zeik was to journey the great polarizing paths of the Alps. The events that transpired allowed Zeik to see Nazuma's potential and thus sparked an ever lasting bond between the two. Nazuma has matured as well he doent underestimate anyone and knows there is no limit to the word power.

Nazumas journey would take him to the doors of the Lonely stone tavern he could smell the freshly baked bread and alcoholics who swarm the area. Nazuma would pull his scarf over the lower half of his face. The smell of the place made his nose burn. "At least the drinks are good." He said as he walked into the establishment. The eyes of the patrons would meet Nazuma's presence. He walked to the bar as many of them watched in amazement. He wasnt in anything flashy or standoutish but all in the Kingdom knew of Nazuma. The boy with the Silver hair and eyes of hellfire.

"You're him,aren't you? a waitress said as she walked up to the stool Nazuma was sitting at. She looked at him with admiration. Nazuma would meet her gaze with his own. He had a very nonchalant look on his face. He was smooth and suave with his answer. "Yes. And I would like to order a tall glass of Strawberry tea with a hint of lemon please. Also a order of your crispy French fries.. Just treat me like a regular here. Nazuma said as he had a light smirk on his face. He only wanted to snack on his food and work on his gadgets.

Time would past and his presence faded into the atmosphere and Nazuma had become blended in with the rest. Although his appearance brought more people to come in. He had given a few autographs to youths that aspired to be like him and many other fans of his work. He soon finished his meal and began working on his speech for his trial day.

I, Nazuma Juhnei Ri'ore Denkou.. should be found not guilty and wish to be found as such.. I had no control of the powers which laid dorma..

"Ahhh, That will only anger him if I recall that night.. Think Nazu.... Man I wish Dazuma was here he'dknow what to say."

He ripped and balled up the paper he was writing on and tossed it into a pile of 20 or so papers in the bowel in which his fries had come in. Nazuma was stuck. He didnt know what to say. Or even what to do. He never been on trial and the ones he witness normally lead to the execution or imprisonment of the defendant. Never has he once seen someone innocent of a crime. This makes Nazuma think about that night often. The voice he heard.

4 years ago..

"Come on Dazu, dont be such a wuss. I promise I'll just fly us right back home. The lands outside the walls aren't as dangerous as Mom and The Grands say. I'm sure anyone who wanted to hurt us know they can't because we are the descendants of the Great Emerald King. Our power is unmatched.

"Mom said to never come out this far Nazu. And the walls here are very weak and could fall through.

Nazuma paid his brother no mind. He continued to run along the walls of the kingdom. Soon Dazuma would give in to Nazuma's shenanigans
and join his brother. They played for hours chasing each other along the walls. The denkou twins would come to a halt when they came to the edge of the kingdom. Raijin's Peak. There is where is said their grandfather Ains got the blessing from the raijin.

You know this is where it all started. Where the Denkou prowess bloomed..What are you doing. Nazuma!?..
Nazuma began to walk to the edge of the mountain. Nazuma a voice called out to him. He was in a trans he had no control of his body. It was as if he was being pulled in by an unknown force. In his eyes he saw a woman with hair of fire and eyes of the wind. She called out to him. " You will be My Ruby King. I have blessed you Nazuma with my power.. You are to rule alongside the Emerald King my son. You will bring peaceful winds to the Kingdom on its darkest day. Only the Two Kings of the Denkou Kingdom can save its fall from the false king. "

He would soon come to only remember what he was doing before walking on to the narrow ledge. "Woah.. How did I get out here?.. Did that woman put me here? Dazuma look how far I'vegotten this is a new record for the Denki Twins " Nazuma had stopped just before the edge and could fall with one false move.

Nazu! That'sdangerous why did you walk out that far you know that ledge is weak. Pieces have fallen off it for thousands of years.

Nazuma could hear the stress in his brothers voice. ""All right, Alright I'm coming." Nazuma would take a step and the ground below him would begin to crack and crumble. Nazuma began to run but he wasnt fast enough. Just inches from his brothers grasp Nazuma fell to his death. Or so he thought. NNNAAZZUUMMAA!!
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Re: A Home away from Home

Post by Nazu Denki » Sat Mar 16, 2019 7:21 pm

ssssnnnnaaapp, crrraaacckkk..

The only thing Nazuma heard as he fell into the Forest was the breaking of branches and maybe even his own bones as he fell into a bed of tall trees. He would come crumbling to the ground in a heap of leaves and broken twigs.


He laid there Unconscious for a while. Long enough that a band of rebels got a hold of him. The gave him some first aid how ever they only did the bare minimum to keep him alive. For days the Kingdom of Denkou searched for their prince. Nazuma awoke to meet his captors in a cold sweat near a wood fire. It seems he was deep in the cavities of Mt. Vulkyn. His mouth and arms tied and bonded. Nazuma would slowly stand to his feet, his body felt as if it were jello. Yet he could still control his functions. He looked around the dark leakey caverns. He didnt know how deep he was in the Moutain but he knew he had to get out.

Nazuma.. You must Escape My Prince... Again the voice called out to him.

"How? Where are you?.. I'm all alone.. Mom?..Nanna? Daaazzzuu!!!" the young boy cried out. Nazuma was one to have grown up with his brother always by his side. Some would say the two were conjoined twins the way they were always around each other. The Denki Twins didn't travel far from each other, so Nazuma, being away from his brother for the first time, was kinda having an emotional breakdown. Nazuma would cry at the top of his lungs until his wells were silenced by a cold menacing presence. "Tell me Boy, do you want to die!?. You think you can make all that noise and someone will find you. You're in a under water cave. Ole great Majestic..Hehehehe"the man would let out a sadistic murderous laugh and walk towards Nazuma with his hands in his pockets.

Nazuma seem to have change his mood about the situation. It was only a ploy to get the energy he sensed around him to reveal itself. He came to meet a tall slim man almost skeleton like in stature. He had long black hair that draped over his stitched face. His eyes pitch black like a bat in a cave. He towered over the boy. "Today at noon you die.
You parents have put out a large amount of money for your return. Dead or alive.. They just want your body at this point Thehehehe.. What do yo say should we kill him. 70 million of hes a live. 50 if we have found his body. You got alot of people looking for you."
Another voice came into light and near the blaze. Another Man much shorter than the one before accompanied by a small group of soldiers. Yet he to had they all had the same look in their eyes. It seems Nazuma had drawn the crowd in. They all began to speak in unison. Nazuma didnt understand what was going on. "You Nazuma Denkou will be my way to control the throne you are the one who can rival the Emerald King. You Nazu.."...Nazzzuuuu...You in there?"


Nazuma had dug his face into the folds of his arms he couldn't get the words out. Maybe he was thinking about it to much. "Daitsuya.. it's nice to see you here. What brings you here?" He asked as he met the red haired blue eyed girl. She was much shorter than him. Her hair was long and her gaze would draw any mans eye. She was his cousin and partner in the Denkou Valkyrie fraction of the royal guard. "Well, I just came for a drink. Then I saw you here.. I see you've been busy." She said as she reached over him to the pile of discarded heaps of paper. She would grab a few and began juggling them in her fingers as she sat back down. "Yeah, well I leave for the Ascension soon. I want to show them how much I have grown here in the Astral. I want to show him. That I have made promise here. I don't know if they know of the victories I have brought here. However, a part of me could care less. I've made a home here. I don't even care about the trial I only want to see my Dazuma..." he said as a smirk etched across his face. He could feel his brothers growth even this far. Nazuma only hoped to match his brother in strength. " We must free our people from Sheng he is the false King..." Nazuma's voice became stern his eyes turned silver. His aura became tense just from the thought of seeing his eldest brother. The secrets Nazuma holds are what lead to his banishment."Are you really that hellbent on dethroning Sheng? It won't stop him. He will only hide and try the same thing. Thus the battle of the thrones begins. Why do you want to bring upon "Silgel"". she said catch the balls of paper in one hand.

"It's my Destiny as Ruby King
.. "

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Re: A Home away from Home

Post by Nazu Denki » Sun Mar 17, 2019 7:08 pm

4 years ago.

The sounds of rain and thunder could be heard echoing throughout the cavities of the cave in which Nazuma laid bounded . He didnt understand it had been a few weeks and his kidnappers only stood watch. They only guarded him like a treasure. They fed him they treated him as more of a low level prisoner. Nazuma could wonder the caverns, he soon notice that he was always being watched. He could feel it. Someone. He thought he been in some sort of illusion. Maybe a kinetic interference.His body was still bruised but he was bandaged up good,although he didnt know who was helping him. He often heard the voice of a woman. His mind was definitely on haywire and the young boy was exposed to this dark place. His own Hell.. Loneliness.. To where he can't escape. Each day he was untied he was left to wonder to no exit. Nazuma's will had been broken. The voices of despair dance with the wells of the cavern walls.

"You must see.. My dear prince... You must understand.. The power they hide from you.. They are afraid of you.. We are not. We embrace the Great Fujin.. We are your children. We are the ones who deserve the Kingdom Denkou... Read the walls young prince. READ..


"Becuz I'm the Ruby King-_-..I dont get why do you feed into all that ancient bull crap. Why does everyone around here have to try to prevent the end of the world. We all fight you know. We're all on edge for something that seems to be inevitable. It's just about who survives. My mother died for the kingdoms of today. For its order. Yet I do the same.
Will my children do the same or will it be worse. Or do we bring about the end for a new beginning?"

Nazuma would look at the small girl, he couldn't help but understand her. He honestly didn't know what him holding this power truly meant. He only knew it was a blessing and yet a curse to him at the same time. He truly only wished to return home. His cousin made it feel much as so. Although they are often training. He always hangs out with her outside of it. She was always around. It helped him cope with his banishment. She kept his mind off of it. He need that.

"You don't have to say the oath to me.. We fight for those who want to survive not to survive. Each day we the just put our lives on the line for those who have the will to maintain. For those who fight evil. We are Astral Raijin. We protect the skies as the Kin protect it lands. We Denkou are blessed by the Rsijin.. you don't have to tell me the same b.s. I've heard since I was a kid ."

Nazuma said as he would give the girl a bit of attitude. He never knew why their conversations always got like this. She would always ask him these questions. His answers never changed. Yet she didn't change the way the conversation went. By this time the two had a few drinks in between the two. Sometimes things went south. Sometimes things got very emotional between the two of them. She knew how to draw the best and the worse out of Nazuma. She would fold her arms and cross her legs. Her face light pink and booze written. She ordered more drinks as the young Denki prince ranted. When he was done she pointed to the mugs of light alcoholic beverages and offered him one.

"Are you drunk? Suya?.. Ehhh.. "

He would move closer to the girl and take a sip of the ice cold beer that kissed his lips from the tall glass mugs. Its crisp bubbles danced into Nazumas mouth and tango down his throat. 'Ahh' it rested in his belly a cold pool of liquid bliss. He continued to drink it soon almost drinking most of it before he ended his makeout session with the mug of booze.

"Okay you're right maybe I think to much into things. Maybe I need to let it all happen. Maybe I can return home."

The girl would laugh at Nazuma. This made his eyes leer and face swell with anger he was breathes away from giving the girl a peace of his mind.

"You're already home Nazuma."

she said as she began drinking another mug of beer. Nazuma would smirk and stand to his feet, he felt a bit dizzy and the room swayed but he could gather his words.

" Home is where you want to be not where someone sends you."

The girl stood to meet Nazuma's Amber eyes. Her deep ocean blue gaze sat upon his sunset sight as she spoke to him. Her tone as gentale as a breeze that dances in a valley of sakura.

"Home is where you make it M'lord"

Nazuma would look away from her. He didn't know what to say to her. He only wanted now to be alone but he knew he wasn't going to get rid of her so he decided to stick it out. He sat back down.

"You're right the Astral is my home and I am apart of her as she is me.. I've fought for so long to prove myself to my family.. When I go to that trial I'll let them know what I really think... That. I thank them for sending me here. For without them doing so I wouldn't have spent the last four years with one of the greatest kings Vescrutia has seen. ... Cheers?!"

Nazuma shouted and was soon joined by others in the bar. As random voices and words began to be fill the bar. His rambunctious spat was unenthusiastic and was only joined by a few random patrons. But it didnt influence anyone or hype the bar to order more drinks. Instead everyone just went back to what they were doing.

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Re: A Home away from Home

Post by Nazu Denki » Sat Mar 23, 2019 6:12 pm

4 years ago...

Nazuma would wonder the cavern. His eyes had adjusted to the darkness. He could see images, paintings of what looked to be Denkou history. He could see the Kingdoms beginning and how the Emerald King came to be. He came to a door with a green jewel in the middle. Right next to that door was another with a red jewel in the same position as the one next to it. On the side of the cave where the Red jewel door is, there was another story. One that Nazuma was caught in a trans by.

It was story of a woman (red figure) who was pushed off what looks like Raijins Peak by a Man(blue figure) she fell into a gaint Tornado . She emerged with wings of an angel and a crimson blade. She fought the Man and defeated him. The man Flees to fire. The woman brings the Kingdom back to its glory. Valkryie are by her side. Peace.

Nazuma continues to study the images before him.

The Man returns with a army of beast made of fire. The woman is betrayed by another man (yellow figure) her wings cut off by him. The Valkyries slain under the flamed beasts. The woman chained and shackled. She was killed by the man of fire. The man of fire ruled. The Kingdom fell. The Yellow figure came to face the Blue figure. The yellow figure absorb the blue and became green. The green figure created the new denkou Kingdom. The blue figure would split from the green and is killed by the yellow one. The yellow figure starts a family. They have three children one blue,one green and one red.

Thy Will of Raijin,Thy Heart of Fujin, Thy Wrath of Kojin

The images showed Nazuma the Denkou have three sources of power Lightning.. Wind.. and Fire...

"What is this... Is this the Denkou..

Nazuma would place his hands on the final picture of the red and green figures standing side by side against the blue figure fighting in the skies of the Emerald Ascension. The Kingdom burns. The skies filled it Lightning and Fire. He would turn and face the doors behind him. He could feel Dazuma behind the Green Jeweled door. He would place his hands on the gaint jewel.


He felt another presence behind the door with the red jewel. Nazuma walks over and began reaching for it. As his hand got close the jewel would shine a red hue and the spirit of a woman would emerge. Her essence would bring light to the dull lifeless cave.

You've made it to me my prince... Oh how you have grown. You're father where is he?.. Oh My He is Dead.. Very well... Oh No.. The Sun has set yet there is no emerald ocean... What is going on? Where is The Emerald King? This power is seal until you return with him. You must come back when Sigel has reached Raijins Gaze.

The womans essence old wrap around Nazuma cradling him. She would look into his eyes and see his Amber eyes had mutated into a moonlight silver. Her face worried as she held the young boy in her arms.

Nhuzemire Juhnei Ri'ore your sunset has turned into the moons light... You can now bare the wings of the Fujin. You have learned the destiny of the Denkou.. I feel you're furious..Yes My Prince your Heart is well beyond your years... You feel that connection to him.... Channel it throughout your body.. And you will no longer be shrouded in darkness...

She would place her hand over Nazuma's eyes. He could see the images around the cave as his eyes closed. It was all overwhelming to him he could feel surges of power all over his body. It flowed into him like a syringe filled with sulfur. His skin felt as if it were melting away. Then it became gentale as a summer's breeze. He could smell fresh Rose's. His hair had changed from its silver/platinum blonde hue to a vibrant Crimson tone. Nazuma spouted pure white wings. They were plush like a cloud in the sky. She would slowly lower Nazuma back to the ground.

Now.. You can free your mind from which it is bounded. Use the Wings of the Fujin..It its you're greatest asset.

The woman would begin to wrap around Nazuma once again this time she would continue to fly around him in circles. Suddenly Nazuma was in a room surrounded by 15 or so dead corpses. His hands and clothes draped in blood. He could see it was members of the royal guard and what looked to be bandits. He wondered did he kill them all. He would hear glass from above break. Down would come a small army of Valkyrie Knights.

Scan the Area, look for survivors...

The Valkyries would begin doing so. One would stand in front of Nazuma. It was his Aunt Drashina Syrin of the House of Urso. Her long silver hair flowed down her back. She wore a suit of armor with wings on the back. They would retract and vanish into the suit as she kneeled to check on Nazuma. She would have a look of concern on her face. She would analyze the boy and see how much his appearance had changed. His hair crimson and his eyes silver.

After two months we have found you my sweet prince..You've seen her Majesty. We must get you to your mother at once.

She would grab Nazuma, her wings would spread, electricity began to flow through them and the two of them would spring upward toward the clouds. He could see he was far from Mt.Vulkan it was in the distance about 100 miles away.

Rest Nazuma you'll be home soon.

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Re: A Home away from Home

Post by Nazu Denki » Sun Mar 31, 2019 4:17 pm

4 years ago...

The Valkyries landed some minutes after Nazuma was rescued by the legion. They were met immediately by Queen Onohall and her royal guard. She had a look of strained relief, her son was home. Nazuma had the same appearance as before. His hair a Crimson Red, His eyes as Silver as the Moons Surface, and He bore the wings of an Angel. He remained silent. He was trying to process what happened, his face lifeless. His clothes stained with blood. Only small murmurs are heard from him, his body trembled with power. Immobilization by it. Nazuma couldn't move he wondered why this had occurred what was going on hadn't yet processed.

Queen Onohall, He is unresponsive. The Daishin.. They forced him to take Onomichi (Path of Kings).. He madr it to meet her Majes..

The Queen would silence Drashina for the rest need not know of Nazuma's sudden change in appearance. She would hold her son, she could feel his trembles of anguish in her breathes.

My Prince..Ñor Fa lè Hinode (Night Falls When the Sunrises)

She whispered into young Nazuma's ear. It was like some kind of sealing magic passed down through the Denkou Lineage. The Queen knew of this spell to suppress Nazuma's Ruby King prowess. His hair would begin to fade out and become it's normal hue. His eyes began to change back to the Amber tone it was. The Wings on his back would vanish and a single feather would fall. She placed her hand on the seal on Nazumas back. Soon Nazuma could feel his body once more.


A single tear would drop from the boys eyes and roll down his cheeks to his chin. The things he saw would hunt him for the coming days Nazuma could only react with a single cry.


Nazuma would blackout. His mother would order the medics to take Nazuma to the Infirmary to treat any wounds that he had..

One week before Banishment..

Nazuma would wake in the Infirmary of his home the House of Ri'ore. He had been gone for two months; on his bedside were bundles of gifts and flowers,stuffed animals and a gang of balloons. Nazuma wasnt one for the spoils of the royal family so these things were just that things to him. He came to meet a young girl with red hair and blue eyes in his room. She stared at the boy with glimmering eyes and a smile that could illuminate the darkest of rooms. She was very small almost the size of a four or five year old. He came to meet the girls eyes with his own.She would fix her posture and stand upright. It was like the two of them became synced in, she was the same age as Nazuma. She stood in a Royal uniform, however, the symbol on it represented the Astral. He then wondered how many people were watching him. He continued to look at her.. she had the same eyes as his brother.

Your eyes they remind me of Da...

I Am Princess Daitsuya Amari of the House of Flonne Of Astral Chaos. My family has assigned me to your personal watch. The Queen has issued a Max level security order for your safety and monitoring. His Majesty, Sheng has issued that you be detained until further notice. This is Queen Argin Alzure Flonne Denkou. My Mother. She has come to visit you from The Astral. It is truly a honor to finally meet you My Prince.

Argin stood upright as Daitsuya spoke to him. Daitsuya's words were clear, crisp and formal. She would lay her hand over her chest. Nazuma looked at the girl. She was short, her tone was gentale like a leaf dancing in a pond. When their eyes met it was a moment of bliss for Nazuma. Looking into her iris calmed him. For a single moment Nazuma felt as if it were only the two of them in the room. It wasn't love.. it was as if the two of them were one in the same. He felt her calmness, her heartbeat. He felt her essence. She drew him in with her gaze, he noticed her smooth vanilla skin, her plush pink lips and snow white teeth. She had a beauty mark on the left side of her lip. She had began to mature but her physique showed she was still just a young girl. Then he looked to Queen Argin, he would nod and bow his head for formal greeting and wasted little time in questioning what was going on.

What do you mean Detained? What happened? Where's Dazuma? Did he fall from Raijins Peak? Is he okay?

Nazuma was concerned,the last thing he remembered was falling from the edge and what happened in the cave. He then remembered how he was suddenly home and his mothers warm embrace. And then...


The woman's face would flash before Nazumas eyes. She laid in front of Nazuma her body filled with several wounds. Her flesh scared her eyes lifeless. Nazuma remembers what happened. He manifested a storm of winds that decimated the room in which his captors held him in. He thought he was in a cave in the cavities of Mt.Vulkyn when actually he was in a factory on the outskirts of the Kingdom. His kidnappers used psychological magic to trap Nazuma in his mind. Having him think he was in the cavern. This would explain why he was in the room with the corpses.

Soon as Nazuma uttered her name, the royal guard would enter the room. Behind them would enter Queen Onohall and Dazuma. The site of them made Nazuma spring from his bed into the arms of his brother. She would have tears of joy streaming down her face. She held him with as much love and fortune as she could.

My Prince, You have awoken from your slumber. Oh my child. Mommy loves you.
I will never let you out of my sights again. You are to never leave my side again. You or Dazuma. As your father had wished..

Nazuma would look at his mother and then at Dazuma. He only had one question to ask.

Mother, What am I? What happened to me? What does Thy Heart of Fujin?

The Queen would have a puzzled look on her face. She had come to realize Nazuma would ask. She didnt want to tell Nazuma just yet of what had happened to him.

You've been away from me for 11 weeks and have been recovering these last four days. I just want you home again my love. When you return, I've set up a gathering of all the houses. This will be a momentous day...

Nazuma would become angry with his mother she like everyone else didnt want to tell him what happened and why he was being detained. He pulled away from his mother. She would grasps the boy once more and see the anger in him. His eyes changed once more. It sent a presence of fear into her soul. He would walk to Daitsuya who stood by Dazuma. The Queen looked at the three youths. She noticethe short girl and the woman who stood next to her. It was the Queen of the Astral Denkou. Argin Alzure. She looked to her with shock and disbelief but would focus back to the young Denkou before her

You have the blessings of the Second GOD of the Skies the Brother of Rai. Thy Heart of Fujin. The God of wind. The Father of Susanoo and Tsukiyomi. The Storm and The Moons. You have special blood Nazuma, that allows you to use wind magic. We knew this from birth that you had this power and as you got older they began to manifest. How do you think you can fly without wings or move at the speed you do when you run. Nazuma your birthright prowess are that of both the Raijin and Fujin. You have the power of Susanoo. The Storm. This is why you are proficient shaper of lightning Magic. We soon noticed your control over the winds when you first began to levitate. .

She would focus her naten to summon a small pictorial of lightning as she spoke. She explained Nazuma's power and what the coming meant to the Denkou. He was to bring birth to the Valkyrie and the Denkou can once more reign in the Skies. The Denkou Kingdom was to flourish under his coming.

Just as the woman finished her presentation she would be interrupted by another knock. A messenger came in to the room. He wore the new symbol of the new King Sheng, A dragon Crest, his clothes black. He wore a mailmans uniform, his presence brought the eyes of everyone in the room. You couldn't cut the tension in the room with a knife. Queen Onohall stood in front of them all.


The man would bow before the Queen, his every move being watched by the guards. The man would begin to sweat. He spoke in a stuttered tone.

Ppppardons by thousand apologies Madam. I Have a message for Prince Nazuma Of House Ri'ore.. In Seven Days Upon his waking, he must go to Trial for the Crimes committed against the Tengoku Valkyrie Fraction. By Order of King Sheng, Prince Nazuma is to remain in the Palace until his trial date...

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Re: A Home away from Home

Post by Nazu Denki » Mon Apr 29, 2019 7:40 pm

4 years ago..

4 DAYS before banishment..


The footsteps of the guards bustled behind The Queen, her stride filled with fury. She came to the doors of the throne room. She would give the gaint golden doors a light push which should have opened them, however, they were locked this time.. No sealed. The Queen wondered who would seal the entrance they weren't in any immediate danger. So the throne should be open to all. She touch the handles, she would summon her magic and break the seal on the door.


The Queen would enter the throne room to her first born son and King, Sheng. He sat at the throne, He stared at his mother. She had a serious aura about herself, you couldn't cut her focus. Her stride was cut off by Sheng's personal guards. She would halt.

You dare send your guards on your Queen?.. How dare you? You all shall fall by my hand.

The woman said as she summoned the power of rai to her fingertips. Lightning swarmed her palms and the Queen quickly rid herself of the men who stood before she would shock and electrocute the four men. They welled from the sudden jolting before falling to her feet. She would step over them as Sheng stood to his feet.

You have no rule here Mother. I am King. You're here about your precious prince. My judgment is final. Nazuma's punish will be death. I shall show those who strike down Denkou will have no Mercy under MY RULE! I AM THE EMERALD KING HARBORER OF THE RAIJIN. MY WORD IS LAW. YOU HAVE NO POWER HERE ANYMORE.

The man said as he was met by his mother's gaze, She came to him with animosity. She would quickly bound him back to the chair in which he stood from. He would cry out from his body being shackled by Lightning. The Queen stood above her son, her look stern. She spoke with a voice that could send fear into the soul of Hades himself.

You maybe King but you are still my son and until you find a bride..I Am QUEEN. I am your Elder, And I Rule on behalf of Darcovis Siegfried Ri'ore. I will cut you down if you send your men against me as a act of treason. Now fix your tongue before I rid the throne of your hide... Your Majesty...

Onohall would release him from his binds as he calmed down when she spoke to him. She could see something different in his eyes.as the Queen looked at her son. She could feel his rage;her eyes filled with emotion. She would place her hand softly on his cheek. His eyes as blue as Sapphire met the Amber eyed woman who stood before him.

A normal person would have aided the Queens words given her strength of as user of the power of rai. However, Sheng would bound the Queen when she got close to him. Fire chained her against the wall it sizzles as it latched her to one of the tall pillars that lined the throne room. She would quickly free herself using a teleportation spell and appear on the other side of the room. She would be blitzed by Sheng with a flurry of blows each filled with fire and rage. The Queen wondered why her son would raise his hand against her. It caused a mental malfunction. The Queen only felt the darkness in her son. She would quickly fall she couldn't bring herself to fight her son.

Guards Take the 'Queen' to her quarters. She is not to leave until after the trial in four days. I am King and I wish to protect her from the dangers of Nazuma.Afterall, he could still be under the control of the Daishin. she will be absent

The Guards would help the woman to her feet. She was more hurt emotionally than bodily. She looked to her son with distress and pity for the most part. She knew what the coming days ment for her sons, She would walk away with the guards,she spoke words that shook the skies of the Kingdom.

I will save my child King Sheng. I QUEEN ONOHALL... Enforce Astral Matrimony... Queen Argin, The Astral Council and I have come to an agreement that Nazuma is the Ruby Prince, and thus have diplomatic immunity of your law.. You shall bring all dealings of the trial to the high council for Separation of Powers.. His Bride shall be the Astral Denkou Princess, Daitsuya Amari Flonne..

The Queen would laugh a thunderous heckle as the doors closed behind her. Sheng infuriated with the his mothers words. Their was nothing he could do his mothers trump card. He couldn't kill Nazuma. He couldn't get his revenge for the he loved. His eyes filled with emotion as his soul cried for Ida.. His face filled with a red hue that soon turned blue. He would scream to the top of his lungs in disbelief of his mother's dreadful trump card. Her gift to her King.

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