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About Vescrutia

Vescrutia Is an anime/Manga related Roleplaying Website Founded Nearly 6 years ago. Make a Character and start from the bottom an work your way through the ranks of the one of three villages with different and distinct characteristics. But beware of the danger that lurks all around Vescrutia.
Name: Shinta "Kenny" Urashura

Admin Mostly Deals with:
The Technical stuff, See a bug? Report it to me, Rp problems, not so much.
Favorite character to Rp: Rook

Hobbies: Drawing, Roleplaying, Playing VideoGames, Reading/Learning, Figure Collecting

Favorite video game: Dark Cloud 2

Loves: Spicy Foods, Poking fun at others, People who say what they mean.

Hates:Descrimination, The Annoying flaps on a milk carton, Dakota Fanning

Fears:Not being in control of my surroundings, example :Being in a car I am not driving. Planes, boatsalso afraid of heights and Bronies.

Other :I can be harsh , but I'm harmless enough so don't hesitate to ask for anything, If it isn't what I deal with I'll send you to someone who can help
Name: Z.K

Admin Mostly Deals with:
Neo Nightmare changes and progress. Vescrutian landscape
Favorite character to Rp: Nero Venkage

Hobbies:  Freerunning, gaming, wine tasting

Favorite video game:  Legend of Zelda series

Loves: Contemplating life and its meaning with different people

Hates:Bashers And  Losing things..

Fears:Mirrors, the dark, Butterflies and fluttering insects of the sort

Other: Hi! If you would like to see some sort of area on the forum, let me know. Vescrutia grows with the imagination so there's a lot of unexplored world out there.
Name: Kendyl Ah'kyr (Ken Minamino)

Admin Mostly Deals with:
Uh Rp problems, not so much bugs and stuff.
Favorite character to Rp: Ken

Hobbies: Smoking, Eating, Roleplaying, Playing VideoGames, Reading/Learning, , Women <3

Favorite video game: I can't decide, but probably Battlefield 4 or Gta5 at the moment

Loves: Homies and chillen with them, pretty much anything that's relaxing.

Hates: Descrimination, broken swishers

Fears: Clowns (shivers)

Other :Ask me about something, I'm pretty likely to respond lol
Name: Michio Kham (Kham/Mahk-X)

Admin Mostly Deals with:
Mostly Deals with: Day to Day logistics
Favorite character to Rp: Kham

Hobbies:  Food, Women, Friend time, Reading fiction novels, Writing, Videogames, breaking social norms

Favorite video game:  The Kingdom Hearts Series, Pokemon

Loves: A Song of Ice and Fire, Imagination, Music, Visual Arts, Women

Hates Bigotry, Hypocrisy, Ignorance, Mercy, Unappealing Odors

Fears: Hard Work, My Dark Deeds, Unawareness, Emotional Pain
Other : I can be jerk, yet a valuable ally. A good player on any team and is in the corner of any and everyone who is dedicated to uplifting their fellow man.
Name: Alaude Nightwing
Admin Mostly Deals with: Character Approvals, RP disputes, and from time to time landscaping of not just the Choas but other parts of Vescrutia when need be.
Favorite character to Rp:  Alaude Nightwing

Hobbies:  Reading, Playing Video Games, 3D modeling, Drawing

Favorite video game:  Persona 3 FES

Loves: Hanging/Communicating with other, Video Game, Friendship

Hates   Being Alone, Being taken for granted, Only being tolerated and not liked/loved

Fears: Hard Work, My Dark Deeds, Unawareness, Emotional Pain
Other : I am a very reasonable and open person so don't be afraid to ask me anything even if you think I will be either upset or uninterested
For any Inquiries or problems contact
For any Inquiries or problems contact