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    Dice Roll Mechanics: Are You Feelin' Lucky?


    After a long wait and bated breath, we present you DICE ROLLS courtesy of PhpbbStudio. Now all of your hard earned planning and subtle suggestions can be undone by the heart of the cards.

    Or whatever.

    We tried to make some rules to make dice fun and fair. We wanna at least try to use the die mechanic, in the hopes of bringing an impartial aspect into the Game and promote spontaneity. Some ideas of how the dice can be used are listed below, but if you have suggestions for other roll ideas feel free to comment below.

    How to Roll

    STEP ONE: Locate the “Dice Rolls” menu at the bottom of Topic review. PLEASE be aware you can only see this screen from the ‘Full editor,’ view of the forum. NOT Quick reply.

    STEP TWO: Roll Notation (2d20)
    You’ll need to select the number of dice you like to roll, which is identified to the left of the ‘d,’ and the second numerical value determines the value of each die. In the sequence below the number (2) will tell the system to roll Two Die and the (20) will tell the system that each die should have a max value of 20.

    STEP THREE: Roll Result
    The results of your roll are saved in your post, before you make the post. You’ll need to share them in your completed post in order for the other readers of the user to view them. This is done by selecting the green arrow, see picture below. This will bring the die and the result into one code and list it on the site for everyone to see.


    Dice usage is linked to how your characters’ techniques are laid out in their character sheets. Of course, sometimes the narrative requires you to summon the power and you power up quickly in a post or two. To level the playing field when dice are in play, each character gets to initiate 3 dice rolls per thread in conflict. Dice are not a mandatory element to be used and must be agreed upon as an option before setting out in a new thread with another player.

    Outside of direct conflict with another player, dice can be used to navigate various choices and variable forces in the scope of any thread at any point in time. Left or right? Roll!
    Trying to smash a few non-player-obstacles in your way? Roll to see if you get them all.

    !Important Note!:

    Pointman of the thread gets to set the difficulty of the obstacles by setting the base difficulty according to the rank of the mission.

    Looking to be pointman? Checkout this thread

    Engagent Dice: Engagement Dice are used to initiate an attack or gaining an advantage over another character.

    Each character has 3 Engagement Dice per thread. That's every character, even ones orchestrated by the Pointman and other players with a number of named characters represented in their account. Each character gains access to their Engagement Dice after the first post they are established in the scene.

    Safety Dice: A Safety Die can be used to defend against a rolled Engagement Die. Safety Dice cannot be rolled without being engaged.

    Counter Dice: Used instead of Safety Die to defend or dodge an opponent's Engagement Die. Consumes an Engagement Die.

    Buffer Dice: Buffer Dice are used to increase the number of dice rolled by 1. Can only be used once per post and must be accompanied by the proper prep action outlined in your character sheet. It has the same number of sides as the die it is buffering.

    Action Dice: ~Coming Soon~

    We'll have some examples linked below once things take off. Feel free to ask any questions if things are unclear

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