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    Vescrutia: Your Story Begins Here...

    ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ~ A R C T U R U S ~ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

    The Crucible

    Where things are born anew.

    The ancient symbol of hope known all over Vescrutia has withstood the ebbs and flows of history, standing for eons as the model for harmony in the world. Regarded as a holy place, able to grant the wishes of anyone brave enough to weather the pilgrimage, Arcturus was a place where the strong and the meek had an equal chance to take control of the narrative of history. From all across the world from all walks of life, people dream of making a better way for themselves and their loved ones. Some exceptionally fortunate individuals have their names told of in legends and their people bask in the lineage of their fortune. Arcturus was the meeting place of history, where legends and life converged, unfurling the tapestry of history.

    The legacy lasting eons quieted in a single night by the might of a Herald of Warfare.

    The Fall of Arcturus took with it a semblance of hope for much of Vescrutia’s people. The possibility that a hallowed, revered place being reduced to a barren wasteland over the course of a single evening shook the world to its core. Whatever had the power to snuff out a planet’s sigil of hope left little recourse for people who relied on its existence but to take the narrative of history into their own hands.

    People the world over began preparing for what they assumed to be the end times, or the beginning of a new age of uncertainty. Friends and family abandoned each other in search of a sign of hope. Neighbors turned against neighbors to protect what they held dear. Villains became emboldened by the despair pervading the land and moved in droves to spread chaos and carnage through their machinations. And in the span of a year, the world teetered on the precipice of unbridled chaos.

    Ten years have passed since The Crucible fell, heralding the Age of Uncertainty.

    What once stood as a timeless Vestige was leveled into a barren wasteland devoid of life, an all consuming empty scar on the planet’s surface, a blemish on its history and the evolution of its people. Even the champions said to have resided there have vanished just as mysteriously as the construct itself, taking any semblance of hope with them.

    Everywhere one goes, they ask the same thing:

    Where have the Champions all gone???

    That's where your story begins... Join us on an adventure told through three unique lenses to lead you to...


    Deep in the Forest of Resonance lies the Kingdom of Chaos, led by the Astral Trinity, and the Sanctus Imperius, headquarters for Ars Haven.

    Learn the teachings of Ars Haven and resolve your karmic ties and master your Core Element.

    Take up the Azure Contract and search for the mineral in the Alps of Chaos and bolster the mystic arsenal of the Astral at the behest of the King of Chaos.

    Once hidden on the Jaida Coast, Toscano Bay is home to Neo Arcturus, The Conservatory, and a very diverse regional community with complex histories.

    Work with Zero Venkage to revive the Spirit of Arcturus fostering new collaboration between the tribes of the Jaida Coast.

    Learn the Way of Arbiter, and learn about the world abroad on the quest to learn from every House of Arbiter known to Vescrutia.

    The Tarkan Plains at the foot of the Hyperion Mountains are home to the world renowned goodwill organization, Diamond Dust.

    Work at Cold Frontier and hone your skills in Tinjutsu, serving weary travelers braving the wilderness.

    Heed the call of the inhabitants of the Chishi Canyon, and forestall the coming of an otherworldly frost.

    Chart a different course and explore the lands beyond and between the Vescrutian diaspora.

    Investigate the strange lights atop the Barten Mesa that’s created a new oasis in the Verano Desert.

    Pierce the stormy veil on the Island of Rudral and unravel the mystery surrounding the shadowy organization, SEED.

    There are all sorts of discoveries to be made and tales to be written drifting between, but that also means the risks are that much more harrowing.

    The world is yours to explore, do what you can to find your answer.

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