Forest of Resonance

A massive forest teeming with Naten and many natural mineral deposits. The forest is capable of leading you to what your heart desires most.
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  • Azure Alps
    The azure radiation released from atop of the mountain triggered genetic mutation in the surrounding species. Creatures in the mountain areas are stronger, larger, and feral. Even the simplest of lifeforms are formidable threats but, these creatures leave larger yields of Azurite
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  • Maaluukian Woods
    The Maaluukian Woods teem with many life forms. The name was given to the woods by the native Elvs, Vescrutian moths. Maaluuki have heightened senses and extrasensory abilities, they prevent travelers from finding their homes with Psionic abilities.
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  • Sanctus Crystal
    The courts guide users through the path of Ascension, the process of breaking the duality between the spirit and physical realm. Once the shackle of duality is broken, users awaken to their core element and begin drawing directly from their souls stored energy.
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  • Freshwater Shore
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  • Vaeroth Bog
    A murky bog shrouded in a thick mist when it rains. Azurite deposits shine bright during the Vaeroth swamp's mist, but legends say demonic creatures are drawn to the eerie glow.
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  • Phioto
    A city nested in the high trees of the swamp home to many native Orders of Vaeroth. Phioto is a wet. swamp land of the Astral Wilderness particularly home to a group of Goldenback Primate Elvs.
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