A Brief Reprieve

The local tavern of Astral city works with citizens to find work within the community. Citizens are offered one free drink per day and the rest can be paid with missions to the forest. Use the tavern to find friends and take on fun missions
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A Brief Reprieve

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There was a blizzard coming this way from the east. It covered this area in a light blanket of snow, a warning for the ensuing wave of frost to come. The winds whipped about absconding the vision of travelers abroad. It was no wonder the bar seemed so lively. It was beginning to get nippy outside. The winds beckoned a furious howl that shook the trees around. A cloaked being would be seen making a steady way to the door of the Lonely Stone. It's robes galivanting on the horrid winds. Underneath the cloak a soft, piercing violet glare would gleam in the surrounding darkness. The figure went into their pouch, out of it a scroll was grabbed. The great winds almost frisked it from their hands, Yet their grasp remained firm. The fuchsia gaze ran over the seal placed upon the scroll. A language not native to this land. It was of their clan. One that most vescrutians might not even remember. Ages have melted since their name was last spoken. No doubt much about the world has changed since then. The inaugurations of their people, the blessings they consumed, the curses they sowed.

"A light last so long as it shine brighter than the dark."

The entity whispered into the winds. Gripping the scroll tighter.

"The darkness though is avaricious, the light shant remain for long."

The entity continued on. The winds became a bit more chilled. They took their hood and tugged at the string that tightened it. The scroll was placed back into their pouch.

"It is it's nature to consume, to devour. And in doing so, it's gift, is the silence left by the absence of what once was."

A proverb of their family. A teaching. That with any beginning came an end. After every storm, a calm. As is life respected because of it's loud, boisterous display of vitality and progression. So to does death reflect this. The great silencer, the end, the pathway for the new. These words always played in their mind and spoken from their lips before any job. It was consecration of ideals. Solidification of the resolve to know that this life is destined now to return to the stream. Where all things begin and return. They reached the door. Grabbed hold of the handle

"It's just another day right?"

Just as they sought to open the door a chill ran up their spine, their head snapped to the left instantly, their eyes seeming to leave a trail of light with the sudden movement. To then find the hand of another cloaked being. Instinct dictated to attack but after seeing the figures eyes, they calmed themselves. Eye that mirror theirs, just a few shades lighter. There was a meaning behind that.

???: Er'ru-to Ectash si volkanan(The location has been changed)

The language of her family. It is the only way the speak when talking in public concerning a job. It prevented the carless spread of information. One never knew how many ears clung to the dark. The figure released them. That voice, low, sultry. It was Vivika. They were trainees together. When did they join the job? A development. Yes. Something indeed had changed.

"Ova'nokun Freckina morkir( Take me there, it obviously is urgent)"

A head knod. In in the next breath they both vanished. Not even a foot track in the snow remained.

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