A Bounds' Oath

Evil has hidden themselves beyond a newely impenetrable hurricane hoarding adventure from those who seek it. Do you dare to dive into the eye of the storm?
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A Bounds' Oath

Post by Azazel »

The port towns warp stone was located just outside the cities gate, a luxury awarded to only the wealthiest of civilizations, in this case, the criminally endowed. Azazel appeared beside the stone in a bright flash of orange light, his mouth still rambling in frustrated fashion with his invisible companion, Lucile. "Just shut up, Lucile. I don't want anyone looking at me funny in this town." He said softly as he carefully observed his area. He'd never been to Erosia himself, why would he? He wasn't the type to get mixed up in Vescrutia's underbelly.

Lucile: You dont have to look so tense, Azazel. I know this city well.

Azazel:Yea, thats not comforting news Lucil-

Lucile:Shhhhhhhh. I know most people in your little village cant seen Bound Spirits, but that's not the case here. You'll ruin our element of surprise if you keep bringing my name up.

Azazel:So, thats why you're hiding inside of my gloves? Some of these people can see you? ...Who else do you owe money?

His words were answered in silence and It didn't take him long to get that Lucile had done so intentionally. He rolled his eyes into the back of his head and directed his attention to the large building that dwarfed all others around it. The ambitions design and sleek metallic sheen of the mega structured was lost to the sea of dilapidated homes around it.

"What an eye sore. The buildings in this city are severely neglected , but that mega structure looks recently built."

Lucile:Shhhh. Just make your way to that club.

He couldn't believe what he was hearing. He wanted to shout in hysteria but he knew Lucile would just ignore him and for good reason. The longer he stayed by the warp stone, the more attention he drew onto himself. He was sure a few auspicious characters were sizing him up. They appeared to be common criminals; but, with the Astral year on the rise, it was better not to test his luck. So he made his way towards the large building, eyeing it in disgust as he passed by the delipidated buildings and the famished citizens. He wanted to stop and help them, but assisting the meek was a clear give away of an outsider. The only men walking these streets were the unfortunate and the wicked, the power hungry monsters that put these people in this situation to begin with. He kept his eyes away from their own, ignoring their pleas for aid and quickened his step. Lucile, still possessing one of Azazel gloves, peeked an eye out and watched Azazel's stoic face as he passed the children.

Lucile:Youre doing good, I was worried I'd have to tell you not to help them. We're almost to the door, so i need you listen. The club is only open to select guest, so you'll need a password.
Azazel: and that is?

Lucile:...Were out of pens.


Lucile:I dont make the rules.

Azazel safely made his way to the large steel doors and knocked a few times after catching his breath. A panel in the door slide to the left and a pair of gleaming red eyes filled the black space behind him. With a heavy and raspy tone he asked "Who wants to know?" Azazel, having prepared for this moment, rushed the words out of his mouth "We're out of pens.' The man slammed the lid shut and swung the door open, he was a towering beast with four arms and all manner of nails poking into his arms and neck. He leaned down towards Azazel and yelled "Im so fucking tired of people stealing my pens, I have to order them every WEEK! . Make sure you leave some in the cafeteria." The guard stepped out of the way, allowing what he believed was a delivery w He scurried passed the guard as quickly as his legs would allow him.

Azazel: That wasn't the fucking password, was it Lucile.?!


Azazel:I've said it once and I'll say it again, its no mystery why you're dead.

With his heart rate returning to normal, he found his surroundings to be more than he had expected. The inside of the building was several times larger than it appeared outside.

Azazel:The Owner of this club is pure filth. The amount of wealth in this structure alone, is enough to shelter and feed this entire village and then some.

Lucile:Shhh. Youre getting distracted. We have to f-

Azazel:Now, you can talk?!

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Re: A Bounds Oath

Post by Azazel »

He rushed passed the guard, only to find himself in a dimly lit corridor, where his ears were beaten by the voices of, hundreds, maybe even thousands of bantering people. With his right arm he pressed his hand against the nearest wall and used the sheer vibration of their voices to get a visual of the interior. He quickly realized that actual size of the building was a greater marvel than he'd originally thought. His face scrunched up with anger and a slight whisper fell from his mouth.

"Spatial Masonry at this level?"

Lucile's eye peeked out of his glove, confirming his suspicions with a slow blink. He pulled away from the wall with a sudden jolt and started walking through the corridor again.

"Behind each one of these doors..."

Lucile:Dont, think about it. Just keep walking until you find a smelly cheater.

He made his way down the dimly lit corridor, until a fork in his path arose. He stood for a moment before making a sharp and seemingly unprovoked look behind himself. He was sure he felt someone's presence, but when he looked he saw nothing but darkness. His sense were on edge and the constant trembling of the indistinct chatter on worsened his nerves.

"I...think i smell something this way."

Lucile:No, he's this way. Im sure of it.

Azazel: How?

Lucile: I know his vices.

Azazel:Fine, i'll take your word for it. But, tell me...what was that guarding the front door?

Lucile: Oh, Frank? He's the result of getting on the bad side of the wrong people in this town.

Azazel:How so?

Lucile:I'll explain, since were alone. When a spirit loses its connection to its body it usually crosses over to the spiritual realm relatively quickly, however under certain circumstances a sprit is able to remain bound to the planet either by its own free will or, in Franks case...a curse. When they killed frank, they bound his spirit to that hideous cadaver.

Azazel:I'm beginning to think we've bitten off more than I can chew, Luc-

Lucile: Shh, someones coming.

The loud click of high heels could be heard approaching them. Visibility was so low, they couldnt see anything, until she was withing arms reach. His senses were filled with the smell of a fragrant perfume and the jaggel of shells.

Azazel turned to meet the approaching sound and forged a small flame in his palm, illuminating the path before him. He could see in the distance an approaching woman, covered in jewelry of all kinds. She twisted a toothpic between her teeth and strode towards the party with her eyes shut and her hands crossed her chest. As she neared the flame, her eyes slowly lifted, reveling her amber brown eyes.


The mysterious woman walked pasted Azazel without much change in her stride, she grabbed the handle to a door near him and stepped into a room filled with dancers, loud music. and horrific screams. The pain of what was hiding behind the door didnt leave his mind despite how swiftly the lady shut it behind her.

Azazel:What's that smell?

Lucile:it's him. The living, rotting corpse, Belif.

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Re: A Bounds' Oath

Post by Azazel »

Lucile:I'm sure of it, Belif is in there.

Azazel stared at the door that the strange woman had to kneel to enter, he motioned his hand for the door;but, became shaky as he drew close.

Azazel:I...feel uneasy, Lucile.

Lucile:That's reasonable, I can't promise you can kill him alone;but, what are hellgates for, if not overcoming insurmountable odds.

She said with a smirk, still possessing his gloves, effectively hiding her presence to the sensory caste who watched the building.

Azazel:I'm bound by oath, albeit ill begotten, to see this through;but-

Lucile:Relax, just open the door Azazel. I wouldn't do anything that would cost you your life.

She said, sinking her eyes into his glove and moving his hand towards the door. He followed her guide, but as he neared the door, a flash of the black enigma that greeted him inside the war room, began screeching inside his head, forcing him to yank his arm back. In seconds, his face was covered in sweat and his hairs stood up.

Azazel:...What debts do you owe and how is any of this connected to my father's mission?

He said while twisting his neck around to verify they were still alone in the dark hallway. Lucile was quiet, still gently pulling his hand to reach for the door, but Azazel wouldn't be moved.

Lucile: This door leads to a club, one that has snatched the very souls from everyone in this town. They come here, for the release....

Azazel:release? From...

Lucile: Quite literally, everything....it's hard to explain.

Azazel:...Why? Because I have everything?


Azazel: I'll see for mys-

Lucile: The man you seek.... he's from a long line of hunters. Typically their prey are beast or skilled fighters;but, not him. The people who stay here don't have wealth or power but in this club you can find both.

Azazel:I don't understand... vescrutia is littered with lounges where one can indulge in their vices.

Lucile: Listen, Azazel. There are few words that encompass the near limitless potential of the soul and even fewer are the people capable of harnessesing that power;but, we are all aware of it's presence.

Azazel:...Are you quoting my father?

Lucile:...maybe, but the point is that accessing ones prana is difficult even among the most gifted. Belif, found or created...i don't know, but he has a spell that can extract your prana. With something as a simple as shaking his hand no less-it's addictive to say the least. You noticed the buildings outside where collapsed and the streets where empty save for only a few...starving souls scattered about.


Lucile: their probably the only people with enough resolve to walk away.

He glanced at the door, that down the long and shadowy hallway. He had every mind to walk away, but...

Azazel:What happens when you run out of prana to give?

Lucile:I've only heard the screams, I'm not sure what actually...happens to them.

She said with a noticable change in tone.

Azazel: Today is your last day to pay up?

Lucile:Azazel...this guy really is connected to Zeik's next-

Azazel: It's your last day, isn't it!


He pushed the door open , stepping into the room without another word. Loud music and a sea of voices washed over his ears, blowing the cool guy persona right off his face.

He grasped his ears in frustration, whincing in pain until he plugged them;but, couldn't help but stare in awe. There were so many people and such a wide variety of elaborate attire. He'd expect a dimmly lit club, with an equally as sketchy doorman as the first one;but, he found something of the opposite.

Azazel:This one room, is larger than the entire city? Who has access to Arcane level temporal-masonry at this proficiency

Lucile: Fuckin Geek. We're surrounded by a feast of cardinal indulgence and you're admiring the decor. Anyways...this places true splendor is found in the high stakes lounges, that's where you'll wanna go;but...you should really close your mouth, no one here likes a virgin, Azazel.

Azazel:...You're really hard to love, you know that?!

His mouth slowly closed into his typical expression of disinterest.

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Re: A Bounds' Oath

Post by Azazel »

-He hid his face in his scarf, tucking away his curiosity and his suddenly warmed cheeks. He could feel Lucile's endless laughter reverberating through his gloves, giving his hand a constant tremble. She was always like this, unapologetic and unashamed. A luxury of the dead she often said.

His eyes lifted from his torn scarf for but a moment and to his surprise, caught a group of men staring at him. He almost missed their blatant glaring as they were covered by a sea of dancing people.-


-The bright red blush on his cheeks faded the instant he caught their gaze. There were four of them in total, each wearing tight leathered shirts, which gripped their four arms snuggly.-

"I...think your cover is blown."

*He said with a whisper into his right hand.*

Azazel:Lucile...don't act dumb you dead witch.

He said before looking up from his glove, realizing the men in question were gone.


-He lowered his arm to his side and took a quick glance at his rear but found only the crowd of faces he'd passed still shuffling along. It wasn't much of a comfort, but atleast he wasn't being attacked. With a fleeting sense of comfort, he took a step forward without looking Infront of him, rushing into the chest of the men who'd been staring at him. His body was uniquely harden, releasing a gong like sound upon his collision that startled Azazel.

Azazel eyes rolled up to meet their faces. The man closest to him face kept jumping from grinding his teeth, to grinning mischievously. With all four of his arms crossed, he leaned down to Azazel face and said. -

Mysterious Man"Blood Tie?"

Azazels eyes rolled from corner to corner before meeting the muscular brute who asked him the question.

Azazel: blood wha?! No... I'm no-

Mysterious Man: blood tie?!

Azazel:...I've got somewhere to be.

He said as he turned his back to the party in front of him and attempted to step away from the exchange all together;but, just as he moved his leg he felt the large man's arms unfolding behind him. His head whipped around to meet the man, only to find several arms rushing towards him. With a kick to the mans chest he safely pushed himself away from his grasp.

Azazel:Walking away is still an option!

He said sharply, raising his tone at the small party. Very few, if anyone, had taken notice to the rising conflict. Some people even pushed against Azazel and the aggressive men as they tried to squeeze by.

Azazel: They...didn't even move an inch when I kicked them. Not even a wince of pain either...but that noise, is their skin made of metal?

He thought to himself as he continued to fight for space amongst the crowd.

Azazel:What's with these people, don't they see these Ass-hats trying to pick a fight?

Lucile: You call?

Azazel:....No I didn't, but I'll be sure to refer to you by your proper name when I need ya. Those muscles heads over there, the ones grinning a whole bunch. They keep saying blood tie?

Lucile: Oh..they wanna fight to the death.

Azazel:... You're kidding right.

The crowd passed Azazel, giving him a clear sight line to the men who'd taken him off his course, who were now flexing their arms and cracking their knuckles.

Lucile: Oh, damn...they're cracking their knuckles. There's no going back from here, you'll have to fight them.

Azazel: To the death?! No hello? My name is? Just "blood tie!?" *He shouted. Mimicking their expression.*

The men took Azazel's shout as a statement of readiness and rushed towards him, only then did the crowd become fully involved in the moment. Within seconds a circle of onlookers formed around the fighters.

Lucile:Yea to the death. Don't worry, their people are just like this. It's all blood sacrifices and blood feuds with them. Shortest life expectancy on vescrutia I believe.

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Re: A Bounds' Oath

Post by Azazel »

The once preoccupied and unbothered crowd of people, now onlooked with devilish intent. Their hands suddenly snapping together in such unison, Azazel mistook it as the activation of some kind of Ava.

His head whipped around, meeting the many faces of the crowd with furrowed brows. They were whispering amongst themselves, but the chatter wasnt the work of magic. He found himself distracted from the arising conflict with the group of men, who used this advantage to flex their impressive physical physique to the crowd.

Azazel:I feel like this happens here often.

Lucile:No...maybe. They're actually discussing terms and and im beyond jealous. These idiots are deciding the odds for the bet and right now they're settling on 7:1 and you're the under dog. They're convinced you're mental because you're talking to your hand.

Azazel:...I never consented to this?!

Lucile:I need to get in on this, Azazel. You can handle them on your own right?

Azazel: Seriously? Did you forget why I'm even here?

Lucile:Shit...you're right. They'll know im here if I unpossessed your glove. This sucks...

Azazel:I'm the one whose gotta fight them.

Lucile: You're modest to a fault, you know that.


Lucile: Whatever. Just stay away from the red fire wall.

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Re: A Bounds' Oath

Post by Azazel »

A reddish barrier enclosed Azazel and the four muscular men who were to be his opponent. They we're beating against one another's chest in rhythmic fashion, He wondered if their actions were cultural and if so, from where?

Azazel: So the crowd was casting a spell after all.

*The melody grew less harmonic and more disorienting*

Lucile:Relax Azazel, they're foolishly rushing you into a Blood Tie and that firewall won't release until there's only one of you left.

Azazel:I know how firewalls work but...Wait? Even if they kill me? Only one of them can leave this ring alive? Don't they know that?

Lucile:I'm not sure...I've never seen this species before.

The firewall moved an inch, signaling the start of the match and the four men reacted to the rings movement with haste, ending their melodic display and charging for their target. Azazel's hands rose to his defense at the sight of their charge. Each of the men adorned a eerily similar smile as they approached him, their confidence leaking from their grin. They closed the short distance between them with just a few steps, arriving with a fury of well placed punches to initiate their assault.

Azazel's scarf floated in the wind, having lost it's holding on his neck from his swift movement. He avoided their punches and returned counter strikes of his own that collided with his target, striking their forearms and chests.

However they ignored his strikes and glared down at the short man as the loud gong noise of their harden skin echoed against the room.

Swift as he may be, the small space of his fight played against him. His back was against the barrier and he could hear his hairs sizzling against the firewall. Distracted, overwhelmed and cornered, he missed a punch from his opponents and took a crushing blow to his side , pushing him into the vice grip of one of the warriors standing in wait.

Some of the crowd erupted in hysteria as Azazel found himself trapped in the arms of his opponent.

Lucile: What are you doing...? Use it.

He struggled with the brutes grip, trying to wiggle himself from his hold;but, the pressure on his back squeezed the pacifist right out of him. The pain instinctively ignited a bright orange flamed aura around his body, drastically increasing his weight without much warning.

The brute felt the sudden shift in mass cracking his grip on Azazel's body and the blinding, burning, light that accompanied his Hellfires release. Typically someone this close would be melting under the intense heat, but his skin remained unburned, save for his eyes.

He tried to fend Azazel off, whilst soothing his scorched eyes, tossing a many of blind jabs of rage that hit nothing but air. His friends, in hot pursuit to aid their brethren, couldn't see past the sudden glare of Azazels aura and the blind spot it temporarily left on their retina. When they arrived
and their vision cleared their eyes were shocked to see a large hole in their partners neck and smokes rising from his eyes sockets.

Azazel met their concerned eyes with menace, his ears twitching about, listening intently to the beat of their hearts- They we're afraid.

Azazel:Your skin is highly resistant to heat, but ...not your eyes.

He said before rushing them with blinding speed, appearing in front of the most distracted of the party, with an uppercut primed from his face. His strike missed it's target, the brutes chin, and skimmed passed his sluggish guard;but, behind Azazel strike came the force of a mountain. Winds heated to lethal temperatures followed behind his strike, tearing the man's guard from his elbows.

Azazel: I missed.

He whispered under his smile before pushing ,the now panicking and dismembered man ,body to the floor. The crowd erupted , save for a few patrons who on looked in regret and fear.
The two men left snapped themselves from the mental break of seeing their brother die. Even though they came here, knowing only one of them could leave, they hadn't expected the scrawny boy to pose a threat. They exchanged a glance at the one another, before shouting in rage. One of the brutes rushed towards Azazel, while the other began work on a spell.

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Re: A Bounds' Oath

Post by Azazel »

Not paying much mind to his opponent Azazel kneeled down to the floor and picked up his scarf, tucking into one of his pockets for safe keepings. In the back of his mind it was clear they hadn't figured out how his Hellfire worked, either that or they had succumb to the blind rage that followed the whispers of ruin. Yet as nonchalant as he was, his eyes rose to meet the oncoming fist from his aggressor, giving a clear look of distaste.

Azazel:I shouldn't be surprised by this behavior of yours, you and your friends were suicidal from the start.

He said smugly as he tucked his hands into his pockets, watching as the brutish mans four arms slammed into what could only be described as a wall of heat. His failure angered him, so he began pummeling away with great rage and anger, slamming his hands into Azazel's wall-furiously thrashing away regardless of being halted by means of Azazel's sorcery. He could feel the 'wall,' give way with each beating strike; but, was denied the satisfaction of connecting with Azazel's body.

Azazel:Given up?

He asked the exhausted man, whose deep breaths over shadowed the low rumbling bell of his still trembling, red-hot, armored skin. He answered his question with a smirk and watched as Azazel attention shifted to the left, where he noticed that one of the bodies were missing, when he tried to check where he left the first body, he was met with the red giant finishing a set of hand signs.

Azazel:Ooo... got something else?

The smooth, metal like appearance of the mans skin suddenly shifted, becoming course with sharp, rigid lines, much like the surface of a quarts. He whispered something under his breath in his native tongue, before leaping into action with both of his right arms slamming into Azazel's body. He found himself still halted by Azazel sorcery, but this time his strike pushed Azazel back, slamming into the fire wall. Azazel greeted the firewall with his hands still resting in his pocket, silently enduring the excruciating pain of the high temp lasers slicing through his Aura and cutting at his back and feet.

Lucile:Azazel, I think youre beginning to lose focus here.

She said as Azazel landed on the ground in a knelt position with his arms still in his pockets and a dazed look painted on his face. He lifted his head shortly after feeling a tremble on the ground come to a halt. Standing over him was the brutish man, whose fist were cocked back liked he'd done a moment ago. The new textured style of his skin, quickly cut through the force that was preventing him from striking Azazel before and without any show of resistance, Azazel was hit by a devastating straight that sent him flying with such force it stretched the firewall to its limit- shattering the barrier that was closing in on them and crashing into a large monitor that hung over the club's ceiling, shattering the glass screen and sending shrapnel to rain on the unlucky beneath him.

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Re: A Bounds' Oath

Post by Azazel »

Lucile: Azazel.....Are you dead? caus-

Azazel:no. I'm not dead....

Lucile:Welll...why did you just stand there?

Azazel:I saw something I couldnt explain..

He said as he leaped from the broken monitor that his back was planted into. He could hear the brutish fighter who sent him into the monitor roaring furiously and racing over to finish his fight.

Lucile:So...you just stood there? Actually...dont answer that. I think your friend over there has adjusted to your little flamey aura. You got any other bright ideas?

Azazel answered Lucile's jeer with a scoff and quickly weaved a set of handsigns, taking note to hide his Ava under the sleeves of his shirt. He ignited a hidden crest on his right shoulder, sparking an orange glow that could be seen pulsing from beneath his shirt, but regardless of this, the brutish man charged at Azazel- head first, with a large spire protruding from his head. Like a beast he stormed through the club, his head tucked under his shoulders, leading the way with his horn, skewering the unlucky few who weren't privy to the bout happening around them. Bedlam erupted within the club as he made his way through the crowd, spilling innocents blood as he trampled or worse, to whomever came between him and his charge. Azazel waited for the thrashing beast with his right arm extended just pasted his waist. His fingers waved about as he tracked the charging brute and he held his spell in his lips.

"Boundless Spear."

He muttered under his breath, releasing the spell from his lips just as he evaded the horn resting on the brutes head. In a motion much to fast to be tracked by the panicking onlookers, Azazel shut his fingers into his palm, forging a fist just a few inches shy of the brutes chest. Neither the onlooking patrons of the club, nor the brutish warrior who'd chosen this fight could recall what had happened. No flash fire, no gust of heat, nor thunderous explosions- just silence. A cough broke the tension and with it followed a plume of blood that fell to the floor. The man, who'd charged at Azazel was now staggering in a circle before falling to the floor, grabbing his guts as if to cradle his stomach pain. He looked at his hands and was convined, before he saw his palms, that they'd be stained with red. However they were clean, save for the blood of the other that he ripped through while charging.

Azazel watched as the brute took his final breaths and took the time to ensure his sleeve was properly covering the crest on his right shoulder.

Lucile:We completely blow low profile right outta the question.

She said to Azazel with no reply. The crowd were chattering amongst themselves and a few were kind enough to tend to the wounded, now that things seemed to be settling down;but, before anyone had a chance to put the past few moments behind them, a woman shrieked. Azazel's head whipped around to meet the scream, it was here he realized that something strange was happening to the body of the slain warrior.

Azazel: He shouldn't be liquefying...

Lucile: Wait, does this have something to do with the other missing bodies?

Azazel adjusted his hair, moving the dangling black bangs from the center of his head, hoping to get a better look at the dissolving man;but, even with his vision clear he still couldn't make sense of the body dissolving into a vapor right before his eyes.

Azazel:Spear...shouldve ...

The vapor of the once slain brute seemed to be whisked away by a random wind, but was in fact called into the palms of the last remaining fighter who now stood on the balcony, waiting beside a short man, whose face was covered in scores and large moles and smoking a cigar that was shaped like a busty woman.

lucile:Thats him...Azazel. The man your father is looking for...

The short man flicked his cigar off the balcony and released a raspy and film filled laugh as he grabbed the railing and shouted from the ledge.

???:Welcome to the Helm. Where your every desire is just a handshake away!

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Re: A Bounds' Oath

Post by Azazel »

Two women stepped from the shadows of the balcony wearing matching sheer garments.

???Welcome. welcome.

He said dryly. Tossing his previous enthusiasm
aside and falling back into the waiting arms of the women behind him.

???:What a show you just put on. Can I tell you my favorite part?!? I almost fainted when you survived being knocked through the firewall by one of my Kharl's and then just one-shots him after shrugging the whole ordeal off. Gold, I pay good mana for live entertainment. Think on it, kid.

Azazel:..Why'd they attack me?

He said with a shout, cutting the rambling man off.


Azazel: why did Kharl attack me?

The short man leapt unto the railing ,laughing the same film filled laugh he bellowed before.

???:You'll have to forgive Kharl.

He said after clearing his throat.

???:They have gears and bolts for brains. They search for anyone who owes me Mana, not sure why they targeted you though. Considering this is your first time here, isnt....Hellgate

Azazel:.. My name is Azazel.

???:come now: Why would you hide such a name?

Azazel:and you are?

???:Ok, mr. "i didnt you read the pamphlet that henry gave me," but, Whatever. I'm Belif. The Giver of Dreams. The Absolver of Nightmares. The vry Wind. It was all very clearly detailed in the pamphlet.

Azazel:I didnt come here to talk, Belif. I came here, for you.

Belif: You're serious? By yourself?


Belif: ...Wow, fucking weird to just...say it like that;but, that's who sent you Ah-Zae-Zellllllll.

Before Azazel could motion another word he felt his hairs rise in response to high frequency naten, the likes of which swept passed him-flooding his nervous system with a strange and uncontrollably impulse. He knew it to be sorcery and was very familiar with its origins, it was a variant of a truth spell and replaced his intended response with something his was hiding ...

Azazel: Lucile

He quickly clasped his hands against his mouth before he uttered any further information and weaved the seals needed to release himself of the spell.

Belif: I knew it. Listen kid, I'm willing to over look you rough housing my kharl's and scheming with that bound immortal, because you haven't cost me a drop of mana;but, lucile...she's in deep and im not overlooking her debt.

Azazel:I want to know what you've been doing on the islets hidden behind the Veil.

He said with a defiant and confident tone, accompanied by an unusually purple tint that swirled in his pupil.


Azazel:Playing dumb? I know why the sentinels are looking around our solar system, Belif and I know what you're hiding with enough precision to bring your nightmares into reality.

Belif squeezed his hands into a fist and stepped down from the railing. With a snap of his fingers the two women rushed to his side and together they descended to the ground floor, leaving Kharl waiting on the balcony smiling.

Belif closed the distance between Azazel as quickly as his short legs could carry him, along the way smacking the rears of the women who crawled along the club floor just a few feet infront of him. The spectacle of it all pushed the crowd into an uproar and one of the gamblers who participated in Azazel scuffle with the kharls , walked along side the fuming Belif and asked him

???:What about the bet sir, with kharl and the Kid. The fight didnt end...

Belif: The match ends with Kharl as the victor, everyone who voted for the kid pays 30 times the wager.

???:bUT...sIR, it'll bankrupt me?!

Belif: Kharl!!!! Seize ALL bankrupt members of the Helm and bring them into my office for debt consolidation- immediately!

The man walking beside Belif was snatched up by a near by kharl and dragged behind a closed door, where the horrified screams were silenced by a definite sound of steel against flesh. Belif continued his stride towards Azazel, smacking the ass of the crawling women and sputtering incoherent obscenities.

Belif:I was gonna let you walk out of here alive, but you've peeked my blood pressure with that little mouth of yours. So, Hellgate or not, you're dead and that Spectral-Bitch of yours is also going to meet my debt consultants.

Azazel stopped one of the kharls from grabbing a man next to him, but no sooner than he'd saved him with the swift release of boundless spear, he'd ran himself into the grip of yet another kharl- this one stepping from the walls of the club and pulling him through the floor.

Azazel:...you're insane.

Belif halted some 10 meters from Azazel, his right hand resting on the woman's cheek and his left gesturing aggressively.

Belif:Kharls. Wait.

The Kharl's halted at Belifs command.

Belif: How do you know?! Speak the truth, or I'll drain every drop of mana from their fucking souls. SPEAK.

He ended his sentence with an angry smack against the woman rear that his hand rested on, in its wake was the same spell that had previously forced the truth from Azazel's mouth. Expecting more display of lesser sorcery, Azazel blocked the truth spell and responded in triumphant fury.

Azazel:More low grade sorcery?


Before Belif could utter the command to his army of Kharls, Azazel stuffed his mouth with a roaring blaze of Hellfire and prevented any further communication with the Kharls. Belif surprised by the speed and reaction of Azazel strike, ate flames and struggled to crawl over to the women he'd been hitting.

Azazel:How's your jaw, broken right? Vocal cords.... seared together?

He said with a taunting tone while stepping towards the crawling man whose only ambition seemed to be reaching the women Infront of him. They seemed to be inching their rears away from him, keeping him just shy of their grasp. He shut his eyes in disbelief and shame, but kept at his pace only to open his eyes and find himself back where he started and Belif smiling obnoxiously, making the same aggressive gesture with one hand and another resting on the ladies rear.

Azazel:Deja vu? Impossible...

Belif: Speak the truth, or I'll drain every drop of mana from their fucking souls. SPEAK.

Azazel was so distracted that the spell washed over him and without much resistance shouted his truth 'I've seen it.' He said with the same purple tint rolling around the pupil of his eye.

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