Timeline of Vescrutia's History [Under Construction]

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Timeline of Vescrutia's History [Under Construction]

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This is the timeline of some abbreviated past events and present events.

Please refer to the Glossary If there are certain things that are unclear ask any member of the administration to fill you in.

The Creation

Vescrutia Exists in The Milky Way Galaxy a member of the Seto Vesta Star System. A Trinity star system consisting of; Vescrutia, Xiphis, and Solaris. Vescrutia exploded safely outside the other stars orbit, but pushes the other suns further away. It also destroyed two uninhabited planets within the solar system. The two remaining stars’ orbit molds the fallen stars gaseous nutrients with nearby debris and Vescrutia the star becomes a planet. Smothered by Naten, early planet development rages with volcanic eruptions, superstorms, and earthquakes. Vescrutia’s Arbiter is activated, Will to Thrive. Chaotic elements rage on, creating the blueprint for early landmasses. Landmasses become more defined, first three supercontinents: Avizure, Akavjir, Amonphiere. Vescrutia becomes naten aware, awakens her Anthem, Produces life which is responsible for the creation you see around you on Vescrutia today.

Ancient History
Life begins, the primordial Vescrutian life was born, rapidly accelerated by the vastness of the planets seas and abundance of solar light. Creatures of flesh took to the seas, the land, the trees and the sky.

Three supercontinents. Avizure,Akavjir and Amonphiere are inhabited by Mankind’s earliest predecessors, the makaians (meaning ancestor) are born of Vescrutiae. The are Vescrutia’s first “Humanoid” fully naten aware Mammals.

The First Astral Year
Vescrutia is besieged by The Horseman Ruin and subsequent Ravagers.
The Makaians, and Jynn sentient, natural elements given will, drive it back. There are many casualties. Ruin scars Vescrutia’s anthem, corrupting her ability to create life forcing her to create corrupted naten aware entities, disembodied forces of nature known as Anima. The Vescrutians eventually purge Vescrutia of Ruin’s Scar and life flourishes again.

The Second Astral Year. Many Many Many years ago...
Xenophobic Age - Various events occur around the world that reduce Vescrutians of all races into states of fear and paranoia. Civilizations place up barriers to bunker themselves in from one another. While conflict runs rampant across the planet. This must be the work of the Horsemen
A movement begins called The Great 13, where 13 Pillars, Vescrutia’s Chosen, rally together to bring about an age of peace and understanding.
The Horsemen Ruin returns with his sister Discord a great battle is fought. The Great 13 repel the horsemen and a pact is signed between these 13 families to rally to Vescrutia’s aid should she need it again.
The Architects of Old build The Great 13 a mighty capital city to rally their defenses it’s called Kemet. Obelisks are constructed to repel the influence that are still in existence today

Present Day- The Third Astral Year has yet to occur but will happen very very soon...

Mother’s Eye The fall of Arcturus
During the celestial ceremony The Mother’s Eye, a cosmic alignment of the moons and suns, A Herald of The Horsemen is made out of the Mighty Champion of the Arena Kisha Mitre. She summons scores of ravagers to lay waste to kemet, the damage is incalculable. Vescrutia’s yet to be awakened pillars rally to repel the onslaught but they are over run. They recieve aid from an unknown space brawler Jace but are still having difficulty until the trininty activate their Trininty Release and destroy the Herald.

[Neovian Timeline of Events]

Astral Chaos History
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