Daughter Of Nyx

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Daughter Of Nyx

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Name: Morgiana Von Ikolo

Appearance: She is 24 years old. Morgiana is a small petite woman. Standing about 5’4 she weighs little more than 130lbs. Her body is quite toned and athletic. Vanilla complexion with a faint series of freckles across her cheeks and nose. She typically wears a half-mask to prevent this trait from being noticed. She has vibrant fuchsia eyes and dark violet hair as do all of her race.

Pillars: Belong to a race of beings known as "Shade Psion". Belongs to an All female guild known as “Daughters Of Nyx” Next in Line to take over the family business as the Grim Reaper(A title granted to the lead assassin.)

Central Pillar: Decisive, Stoic Nature. She rarely reveals her emotions and hides her facial expressions very well. Sarcastic and calculating she is often viewed as cold and unfirming. She adheres to the very strict dogma of the Reapers.

Contrast Pillar: Second thoughts, unanswered questions. Bottled confusion. The Saints seek to purge her people.

Active Pillar: Her mother has called a guild meeting to discuss the next contract.

Crossing Pillar: Ikki has a widespread information network through the Astral Chaos. There's virtually no one she can't find.

Anthem: Soul of Nyx- As mentioned before Ikki is a “Shade Psion” a race of Psion's that can produce incredible amounts of psychic energy. Worshipers of the "Hidden One; Nyx" attribute their gifts to her and do all in her name as the representation of Death in their culture; Grim Reaper. They are not tethered to any one particular practice, however, they are collectives of assassins and all use their abilities for the sole purpose to kill. Ikki was born as an adept telepath. Her forte is Illusions. She uses chemicals to cause states of delirium in her targets and uses her telepathy to create images and scenarios. (I.E Using a smoke bomb infused with chemicals that once inhaled triggers her illusions. An aroma,). The power of these illusions is in tandem with the amount of naten she uses to conjure them. The mental energy used to create such effects manifests as a Smokey and shadow-like essence giving the illusion of darkness or shadow manipulation. She specializes in Phobia inducement. By learning of her target's fears she can create illusions that embody that fear. This is done by forcing them into a state of delirium When used in conjunction with her Shadow breathing she can create the presence of that being and embody it herself. Ikki is very adept with her Prowess as a Psion. Though she is still in training she is thought to be a prodigy amongst them as she is the only Nyx in known history to actual master Shadow Breathing Besides the current Ur'Shok

Tech: Any sort of technique that has a specialized function, based on your abilities.

Devour: Shadow Breathing-- Devour is the ability to absorbed orally the naten in the air to increase the user's capabilities beyond that of a normal human through advanced breathing forms. This breathing expands the user's lung capacity. This allows oxygen to reach every cell in the user's body, increasing their blood circulation and heart rate. Shadow Breathing is An ancient weapon style that was once thought to have been lost. It is said that the Nyx are children of the Grim Reapers given corporal form. However, they merely donned the reapers persona to guide their views of death. Though called Shadow breathing Ikki is not actually manipulating shadows but her own presence to become shadow-like. She can erase her presence, split it up, or even envelop objects with it. The style functions as a means to execute short but potent bursts of speed while masking her presence to deliver a decisive fatal blow. Though in her practice Shadow breathing only has one form she herself has developed this skill in ways that allow very versatile applications. Because of the strain of such control after two consecutive breathe, each which she can hold up to 5 minutes, she experiences some physical backlash.

Reapers Law:1st Decree- Phantom Whisper After gathering the needed breath Ikki, starting with her left foot, springs forward with intense speed. At base, this jolt covers about 5yards. During this movement, her "Shadow Breathing" is being used her presence is completely masked and looks as if she's disappeared. Designed to be a quick and painless end if her scythe is being used.

Reaper's Law: 2nd Decree-Silent Night Ikki creates a small field of psionic energy that impairs the hearing of the target(s). This experience is created when she inhales and snaps her fingers imbued with psionic energy. The power of snap is amplified while the sound it creates is masked, the wispy black energy traversing those sound waves gives visibility to them. This interference manifest 12 ft around her and can b increased by expending more naten.

Reapers Law: 3rd Decree- Reapers Bellow After gathering and concentrating a massive amount of energy while channeling this infusion with her arms to also increase the force of her swing, Ikki heaves her scythe, creating a crescent shape wave of energy with enough power to level a small forest. It is then and by using "Shadow Breathing" she can mask the noise it would create, however takes more naten to do of such a forceful technique.

Tools: Items your character keeps on their person. Weapons, talismans, and cherished keepsakes go here.

Gol'Ghran:- Ikki's Scythe, the symbol of her soul. The Nyx at 5 undergoes a trial known as "Shadow's Manifest". It is a ritual in which one reaches inwards to face their greatest fear. For Ikki it was the fear of Death. She faced a spiritual manifestation that resembled their deity Nyx and won, the trail consist of forging a blade that reflects the conquest of self. This is done by providing a catalyst for a process that the Ur'Shok or Head of the Nyx known as "Recollection" It is the ritual of enchanting and creating physical representations of mental concepts. This is done by manifesting a fearsome amount of Psionic energy from a collective of other of the family, this energy is then used to bind the experience to the catalyst, the catalyst then morphs and manifest itself as the memory and retains the remnants of that psionic energy used to create it. Gol'Gram was the name given to her Scythe as it is also the name of the weapon used by the First Nyx themselves.

The weapon itself is about 7ft tall. It made is a rare alloy that can be become easily mailable when naten is applied to it. She is able to decrease or increase its size so long as she has the energy to do so. The blade itself is very silique as it is embedded with runes that increase its cutting power when charged. It has a compartment on the end of the staff that is able to release smoke. It can either be used as a hallucinogenic to trigger her illusions or as a combustible.


Illium toxin: A toxin that when ingested or inhaled creates a euphoric sensation of delirium or a heavy panic-inducing state depending on the amounts. Though it is not fatal by nature the potency of the flower's property originates from is quite intense. She has infused her blades, and smoke bombs with this and uses it as a means to prime her targets for illusions.

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