War Bred

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War Bred

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Name: Shabuto Rei Venkage

Appearance: Shabuto is about 5’6.

Pillars: Born initially on the hellish side of the isle. Made a living stealing. Venkage half breed. Doesn't know what the other half is. Discovered a cursed item.

Central Pillar: Always looking to obtain the upper hand. Fluctuating moral compass. Despises the concept of family. Hear voices from time to time.

Contrast Pillar: Is currently enslaved after releasing his arbiter and learning to craft and impress weapons from his bone. Has no greater desire than to be free. Hates the concept of war.

Active Pillar: Wasting away in a cell/forge. Trying to learn how to turn his fortune around. Has been having odd dreams lately. Of demon

Crossing Pillar: Shabuto has never encountered a Venkage that did not despise him. His stature as a slave prevents him from forming meaningful bonds with anyone. He's never had a friend before.

Anthem: Silvaner/Rune Magic - Venkage can charm, or mark, things with their Naten. They can only be charmed if they can contact them with their bodies or Naten, and know the right charm for it. Charms wear off once the Naten used to craft it is expended. Shabuto’s anthem is unique. It is known, however rare, that Venkage can craft mistrals from bone. Shabuto’s is not only able to craft them, he is able to produce /regenerate his bones at unheard speeds as well as impress them with different runes that grant them power. He needs only the essence/element and knowledge to do this. Rune magic is and it isn't known where he obtained it. Upon unlocking his arbiter he received ancient knowledge of this craft. Though so much more is still beyond his grasp. What he does know is how to “enfold”.

Enfolding: A rare talent indeed. One that has yet to be traced to an origin. It is similar to a Silvaner which can charm etc. However the nature of enfolding is to charm, mark and embed not only naten but concepts as well. Shabuto’s abilities also allow him to understand an idea, visualize it and then embed that into whatever he is enchanting. The complexity of the ideal and its enfolding is measured along with his naten capacity and control. An example of this is being able to enfold the idea of a grenade inside of an ordinary stone and being able to have it function as such. His knowledge has war as given more savage uses to his craft than he would desire.

Spectral Art: Mistral Wind
Stage A - Ava
Permission: Arbiter Unlocked
The Venkage create weapons or tools from Mistral. Typically crafted from hair or sweat they take on numerous forms. The charms they house are dependent on

Beckoning of Bone
Stage C - Cea
Shabuto clads the bones in his arms with naten easier to manifest through his hands. He then uses mistral to shape these bones. After the bone takes shape it is then enchanted with his Anthem to create various weapons with varying abilities. For his own use though he typically make arrows of bone that are much more powerful than normal ones.

Passive Traits

Intuitive Aptitude: A passive trait of his. Shabuto in simple terms is a quick learner. He is able to process and understand complex information and grab difficult concepts with less resistance or training than most. This gives him a nigh instinctual ability to learn to wield any weapon he gets his hand on

Enhanced Reflexes- Shabuto is incredibly nimble and flexible. Able to bend and contort his body in ways that most people could not. His perception and peripheral vision are uncanny and well trained, able to dodge parry and attack fluently.

Silvan Charms
Stage A - Ava
Hand gestures passed down by the Venkage clan that helps them harness the power of their Anthem

Ein: Symbol of the flame; A symbol that is written in the local characters of Venkage language. By accessing flame naten and conceptualizing the nature of fire Shabuto is able to enfold that naten supported concert into an object and give it that response upon use. This is used typically in ways to create light, bombs/explosions.

Ur: Symbol of Sky; Lightning rune. It is used to create stunning effects, generate finite power sources for electrical devices.

Stage A - Ava
Bow must be drawn with enough. Shabuto is a progeny of the art of archery. Where most of the men in the army took up the blade or shield he took note of the women that held close the way of the Bow. His archery style is precise yet aggressive and with his glasses he rarely misses a target. force

Stage Ava
Two prong shot; Shabuto fire two arrows at once

Four fold terror: Shabuto rapidly fires four arrows with great speed and precision.

Drill Bow style
A style of archery that requires great dexterity and nimbleness to use. It is the method of firing arrows that spin to increase their power, penetration ability, and overall lethalness.

Whistling gale: A quick fired arrow; one that can be fired rapidly. At his level he can fire a least three back to back two at once. These spinning arrows create a small whistling noise that can be used as distractions.

Drill Bow: Devastating blow- Shabuto Pulls back on his bow string whilst instead of two fingers he uses thumb. Clad in a ring it enables him to increase the firing speed and rotation able to skewer through flesh. If naten is imbued it can even pierced through rock.


Archery Ring: A ring that belonged to the hermit who "raised" Shabuto. His only keepsake. Forged from the volcanic matter of the hellish isle of his homeland it has been reinforced with an eloquent blend of wood and steel. It assist him by increasing the draw weightin which he can fire his bows.

Abyssal Staff : A naginata that is thought to be fashioned from the spline of an ancient being once known as the Abyssal One. The staff itself stands about 5'11 which is a bit taller than himself It posed incredible naten and an awfully insidious nature that was often believed to be some form of cursed magic. It has traveled through the ages being known as the cursed Staff of the abyss said to bring misfortune on whoever wields it. Despite this fact though Shabuto has been able to wield it having never experienced knowingly experience this cursed. All he knows is that the material is strong enough to get the job done nonlethally as he prefers it to. As well as defend him against lethal strikes. He is self taught and far from a master.
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