Queen of the Orphic

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Queen of the Orphic

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Name: Sophia Van Gongorei

Age: Exact age is unknown but her recorded history dates back several centuries. Yet she looks no more than a woman in her mid 20’s

Appearance: Sophia is a woman of moderately slim build and exceptionally refined taste. Her body is especially curvy and her attire normally is black with some type of gemstone accessory and ornaments to further accentuate her features. As any Empress should. She is nearly always donning some type of cape or flowing garment; receipt of her former identity and stature. Sophia is tall for a typical woman standing about 6ft in her heels she is a whopping 6'5. She always has on heels whether she is addressing her followers or driving a knife in the heart of an enemy. Her most notable trait really.

Pillars: Sophia once belonged to the former shinobi alliance that was wiped out some time ago. In defense of her homeland she fought vigorously against the Horsemen but was ultimately defeated when she was banished from Vescrutia to another dimension. She spent two centuries imprisoned which in Vescrutia Time was little more than 4 years. She cannot recall her former life. Yet this uncanny sense of grief and regret plagues her every second of every day. She yearns for some kind of release...freedom...murder helps.

Central Pillar: Something has summoned her back from this realm. It has given her a promise. One she would see kept. Has an agenda. Failure is not an option. To disrespect her is to ask for a merciless death. Each kill brings her power. Host of a powerful dark entity.

Contrast Pillar: Having spent the better jalf a century wrestling for dominance of her soul Sophia is more of less unhinged. Her mood fluctuates often and is extremely sadistic. The insidious being that has infiltrated her body is constantly trying to usurp her for control over her being. It wants nothing more than to become absolute ruler of all things. Sophia subconsciously once yearned for the same however those ambitions lead to the total genocide of a tribe of Vescrutians who once revered her as a Goddess of Death. A guilt she has never learned to live with.

The force of this guilt was great enough to attract this entity to her who discovered her true nature and now seeks to open the portal to it’s world once more where it plans to unleash it’s imprisoned brethren to bring death and subjugation to all Vescrutia. Starting with the remainder of the Maru bloodline. Sophia has been able to suppress it to the extent of maintaining sovereignty over her consciousness due to a crest that she found in the Low Plane. However cannot deny the venomous rage and ambition to dominate and kill that this creature vehemently pumps through her veins.

In order to build the power and name she would need in order to flourish, she spent years gathering followers and now runs a femme fatale order of assasins known has the Daughters of Nyx; of which it’s Godess: The Lowly one, Nyx name she has taken for her own and serves at it’s central pillar and founder. Their creed “The price of freedom...is Blood”

Active Pillar: The curse she carries has inverted Sophia perceptions,desires and brings out the utmost negative within her. Still she outwardly maintains a calm,cool albeit cruel demonor. She still shows a form of love and tenderness to her “Daughters'' however has absolutely no respect nor patience for men. They are all toys to her. Lesser beings at best. She detest the notion of love for them. All this because she has an unprecedented desire to see one man in particular groveling beneath her stiletto heel. Zero Venkage. She can’t pinpoint where this need for his death begins or ends. Something tells her this one alone has the power to impede her ambitions; Freedom foremost and the eventual rise of a Dynasty all her own. For now she bids her time amassing power and influence. Though soon…she will mobilize

Crossing Pillar: Ikki(Sophia’s Daughter) Z.K(Former Mentor/Partner) Briar(Foster Son)-Unknown Maru Clan: Entity wants the surviving Maru Clan members dead

Anthem: Queen of the Orphic; The corruption of her soul has transformed Sophia into a being of smoke and darkness and. An Orphic. Formerly a powerful practitioner and wielder of wind manipulation, her nature now seeks to spread the same kind of curse onto others. This power can be used in a plethora of ways and has many different applications. The most frightening however is her ability to corrupt the naten of others and transform them into Orphics as well. She is able to produce vast amounts of this plague and can control the potency, thickness, shape,density and toxicity of this essence making her one of the most versatile and deadliest of killers.Sophia is highly resistant to toxins and manipulates the toxicity of the smoke by infusing it with various chemical concoctions.

Passive Traits

Superhuman speed: Sophia is unnaturally fast. She is able to control her density and can make herself a light as air itself. She can use her wind naten to sense the air waves and make her body less resistant to air currents.

Flexibility; Sophia is double jointed and nimble. Her grace and finesse in movements are sultry and slick. She is not easily trapped

Old World Wisdom: Sophia’s is a very old and wise being. She has seen the times and ages come and go and learned many things along the way. She has watched and even partook of some world changing events. This grants her a vast well of experience and knowledge. Much of this has been lost to her because of her subjugation

Opulent Will: Sophia is practically Dogmatic when it comes to her whims and desires. She does not know the word “no” and will have all she wants. That is her reality and she carries a will strong enough to make it the reality of others as well. Either through words, or force.

Ancient Occultist: Tapping into the demonic spirit within her as a medium she can communicate and forge pacts with being from the Low Realm. The demons have a variety of power levels and abilities however they also bare their own agenda and sentience the higher rank of being they are. The most powerful always ask for the heftiest price.

She has forged several pacts over the years with lesser beings that did not require much of her. This being that despite the pact she was able to bind them under her command with her anthem. One that resisted her nature would be her personal guardian; “The Black Night” an old old being who did not reside within The Low Plane initially but was trapped there eons ago same as her. This being is never in plain sight and will manifest whenever her life seems to be in danger. They never leave her side unless instructed to do so.

Martial specialist- Despite her overwhelming talent as a caster Sophia has spent years studying and mastering several hand to hand combat styles. Though she does not carry innate bone crushing force she can adeptly blend corporal and incorporeal energies to enhance her blows giving her the ability to strike hard fast and unseen.

Crest of GolGrim- Right before she was summoned to this world Sophia had found a terribly ancient artifact. A rune with an otherworldly hue. She had this gem crest embedded in a head piece that she always has on her person. The crest bestows upon one who can resonate with it’s magics a great boost to their stamina. One of her goals is to find the origins of this crest.


The Low Plane's Scion: Sophia power is tethered to the realm where the entity that has infested her originates from. It is a lawless place of hatred, darkness and negative energy that acts as a prison for some of the most insidious of beings. It is her connection to this place that gives her the power of Entropic magic and the ability to "consume" death energy. Or more specifically the regrets and negative energy that soul harbored at the time of death. She can use this power to heal wounds and magnify her physical powers. The amount of energy is relative to the amount she consumes. This power has given her the Title:Orphic Lich Queen

Veil of the Ebon Matriarch: A spell that is almost constantly active on her person. Sophia manifests her Shadowy smog-like essence around her like a dark violet veil that layers itself upon her garments. She can harden it like a shield or manipulate its form for offense.

Garden of Necrefa: Sophia creates a domain of smoke that she can manipulate at will. She can also use this smog as a sensory device that can pick up the most subtle movements made within it.

Wave of Onyx: Sophia gathers her essence in her hand and can release highly condensed waves of smoke for the purpose of slicing. Its density and sharpness are in tandem to the amount of naten used to craft them.

Pestilence: Sophia exudes a noxiously intoxicating mixture of smoke and concentrated dark energy. The smoke inhaled carries that command to corrupt the naten of all who inhale it. While her essence resides in a being they are subjugated to her whims. The stronger the will the more naten she must expend.

Tools: Piercer of Realms: A spear she had fashioned from the fang and spine of a SilverMane- A incredibly fast bipedal feline creature that was said to be one of the Apexes of the Low Plane. Silvermane’s have unprecedented naten control and often use their spine as a means to condense and regulate great quantities of naten. They often infused their fangs which increased the piercing power and sharpness of their fangs. Using the fangs of the Father Mane she faced and having the spine reinforced with a gorgeous Silver alloy that smooths out naten currents she has fashioned a spear that is said to be so sharp it can pierce through dimensions. (Not literally) Sophia can channel her essence through this spear and use it as a conduit for her Orphic abilities.

Ar’Ratheus: Named after the 18 headed black Hydra she beasted in the Low Realms Arena. It’s carcass was her reward. What was exceptional about this kill was not the diamond like durability of it’s scales, it was their uncanny glare. The pattern of the scales uses a mixture of black, violet and fuchsia patterns to create a slightly hypnotic effect that only impacts significantly weaker beings. This is but a bi product. Those patterns carry a neurotoxin in them. It disrupts the neural pathways ability to transmute making the victim feel lethargic. Having had these scales fashioned into an armor like garment set there are tiny sharp barbs on the outside of it in the event she is physically touched and etched into her an almost pitch black attire.
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