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Eurii'el Muruwah

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Eurii'el Muruwah
-Pronounced (Yur-ri- el)
-Gender: Male
-Age: 17
-Hair color: Curly waves of jet black, knotted into a ponytail coiled down his back.
-Eye color: White Amethyst (Very soft lavender)
-Skin Tone: Mahogony
-Species: Half-Demon
-Tribe: The Mazoku

-Ryona Muruwah (Mother, Deceased)
-Aeshiem Muruwah (Grandfather, Deceased)
-Ashura (Progenitor, Father)
-Mazoku Tribe (Siblings)

Central Pillar: Reincarnation of the Demon King. Raised and taught in the reknowned Guild of Yoru before its destruction

Contrast Pillar: The Haunting Whispers of Ashura

Active Pillar: Hunting down the Mazoku.. At some point.

-Pre-Vestoric Era
-Billions of Years Ago

Eons ago, a cluster of dying galaxies collided with each other, coalescing into a sentient singularity of interstaller matter that peravded the universe like a cosmic phantom. This celestial phenenomena took the shape of an amorphous nebula of star scorched gas and extraterrestrial dust, orbited by a myriad of ghastly remnants from the realms that perished to forge it.

For millions of years the Aaether skulked the starry void with hollow ambitions, spilling massive deposits of its combined, volatile energies throughout the cosmos. Powerful enough to unravel entire dimensions.

Its reach was unfettered by the confines of time and space, but every circumstance or encounter with the celestial entity always varied.

Some occurrences were benign when compared to others; such as a crumbling moon caught in its path being warped into a cultivating, terrestrial planet rich with resources and a spontaneously born dichotomy of flora and fauna. There have been instances of thriving solar systems either tripling in size and density or being cooled entirely into dark, lifeless, vacuums.

-Several Million Years Ago-
Vesoteric Era

The gaseous singularity passed over Vescrutia overnight, silently terraforming its oceans and soils within various pocket locations across the globe, while simultaneously catalyzing the birth of thousands of new organisms. For hours, the sky erupted with electric colors and thunderous boasts that filled the still primitive minded residents with horror. But Y'von couldn' look away.

The inquisitive creature was born to an era of prehistoric horrors; a time where Vescrutia's crust was still raw from planetary bombardment. When some of the deadliest predators known by contemporary society, were still guppies crawling from the ocean's depths. Modern history would have categorized Y'von as a primitive Vescrutian woman, too old to belong to any formal tribe or clan. She was bred to be a hunter by the necessity to feed but was orphaned by whatever family she hailed from before she was old enough to properly forage on her own or adequately wield a weapon.

She was a young woman when she witnessed the eldritch maelstrom swallow Vescrutia whole, a celestial event unlike anything she ever seen. She watched the "body" of the sentient storm blot out both of the planet's oribting suns, fusing the earth and the heavens above into an indistinguishable void of haunting blackness that pulsated every other minute with a deafening and blinding cacophony of loose electrons. And her eyes absorbed all of it.

While exposure to the interdimensional radiations left Y'von blind, they also mutated her DNA far beyond the need for conventional sight.

Y'von's mind and body evolved that night into something that could barely be considered stilll human. Her physical features became a direct mold of the higher powers that anointed her, but strength and appearances aside, Y'vone's greatest gift was her new and imporved sense of sight. When she awoke, she was blessed with the, ability to peer into the astral realm- an alternate dimension in an equivalent space to the physical world, where all matter is composed of either Naten or Ectoplasm. Within its limitless confines, the quintessence and consciousness of the living can exist outside of their natural realms. She could see energy, spirits, even perceive other realms.

However, it took years for Y'von to master her newly aquired gifts, let alone comprehend the ins and outs of her newly acquired body. Luckily, her mysterious abilities left her cells unphased by the passage of time. During her first lifetime, Y'von spent hundreds of years in a hypnotic state, traversing the astral realm to sharpen her abilities and discover more about where they came from while her body laid suspended within the heart of an old cave.

-The Muruwah-
-Several Thousand Years Ago-

During her astral travels, Y'von unearthed volumes concerning the origins of the intergalactic celestial known as the Aaether and the unprecedented affects it left on the physical world. She studied alongside powerful psions, adept sorrcerors, and a host of other mystic scholars who found merit in her goals. And what she discovered terrified her. The Aaethr did more than just alter the biome of her single planet, it also weakened the dimensional veil that separated the physical realm from the unspeakable horrors of the astral realm, along with any other parallel planes that teeter in between.

Y'von awoke to the world she knew being torn asunder by hordes of malevolent entities that didn't belong. For centuries, Y'von took it upon herself to protect the realm using her wealth of knowledge and otherworldly power. Doing so, she developed a tribe of her own known as The Muruwah. A hand picked collection of a hundred warriors and sorcerors devoted to preserving the integrity of the realm. Demon's especially, were the most predominant intrusive species.

-The Demon Realm-

The Demon Realm, also known as The Realm between Realms, Tartarus, The Necropolis, The Splintered Realm, or simply Hell, is one of many obscure planes of existence populated by terrifying abominations that lie parallel to the physical world.

While the true origins of the realm are unknown it is said to be an extension of the original darkness that covered all existence prior to the burning light of creation. It is here where pure blooded demons are born and where the souls of the damned are either bound or trapped for eternity.

Demons are typically born from the accumulated misery and darkness generated from the destruction of mortal souls and are universally malignant and immoral in their actions and dealings. They are extra-dimensional creatures that are feared largely due to their abominable appearances coupled with their power to possess, haunt, corrupt, or kill the living using dark magics. They possesses varying levels of unique abilities but require mortal souls to survive within the physical realm.

Within the boundaries of their home, demons are capable of unleashing their full power without caveat. Because of this, power struggles run rampant and thousands of independent territories have forged within it.

However, One of the realms most powerful beings was a demon known as Ashura, who was created from the same catclysmic events that forged the Aaethr. It is a boundless demonic deity of colossal proportions who sits trapped in a death like slumber at the center of The Demon Realm.

Visually, Ashura is a creature of interlocking gold wheels, with each wheel's exterior layered with thousands of eyes. Buried within this revolving outer shell is the fiery cocoon containing Ashura's true form. The likes of which has never been seen.

His aura alone is said to drive demons insane, compelling them into either offering themselves to him as sustainence or simply undying servitude.

Despite his unconscious state, Ashura does have a will of his own that he uses to command his infinite legion of servants and avatars, whom he orchestrates into engorging Hell with more souls. For should his hunger ever be sated and his true form completed, Ashura would wake from his slumber and the foundation of reality would crack beneath the weight of his might.

When The Aather weakened the veil between worlds, Ashura commanded his dark armada to march upon Vescrutia and drain the powerful world of all life. They were met with resistance via the Muruwah Tribe, who led by its ageless Cheiften, were able ward off the abhorrent creatures for eons. But not without suffering millions of casualties.

This war lasted for generations and exhausted Y'von of her godlike abilities. It was then that the elderly sorrceress sought to restore the veil and seal the Demon Realm. But the bounty of souls Ashura received over the years had made him stronger than ever. While still locked in his dream like state, Ashura broke the veil himself in search for whoever opposed him. Outside of hell, his powers were dramatically limited but even still, his prescence alone caused anaomlies world wide.

Following a treacherous battle, Y'von and her strongest order or soldiers titled the Vishanti were able to defeat Ashura and restore the astral veil, but not before the demon god was able to disperse his essence throughout cosmos. Y'von and her Vishanti perished as a result of the battle, but Muruwah Tribe lived on.. For a time.

-The Mazoku-
-Present Day-

It took time for the Muruwah Tribe to return to its former glory following the death of their Chieften, but Y'von sired many children, mentored even more soliders, and inspired generations of scholars before her passing. Hard work and ambition helped the sturdy tribe evolve into a thriving Kingdom but it wasnt long before Ashura's lingering influence were burped from the depths. Ever since his demise, the demon king's caustic presence cultivated within Vescrutian soil, morphing various biomes and ecosystems into hellish wastelands that were forbidden to be explored via royal decree. However, one night the daughter of the reigning chieften, Ryona Muruwah was found and rescued from the most dangerous of the tremoring bogs after "sleep walking" more than six hundred miles in her sleep. She was returned to the Kingdom physically unharmed, but after a medical examination it was discovered that she was with child. Aeshiem, the 4th ruling King/Chieften of the Muruwah Tribe was advised by his wisest oracles to disown Ryona and do away with the unborn before it was too late. The stars spoke of Ashura's imminent return and how he would be reborn in human flesh. Aesheim however, unable to slay his first borne, ignored their council and instead raised his child in secrecy; vowing to kill whatever crawled out of her. But he couldn't do that either.

Eurii'el was born along the outskirts of the Muruwah Empire, hidden from the world's most vigilent demon hunters using powerful charms and spells for all of six years. After which a deadly species of demons born from Ashura's remains and ambient Vescrutian energy emerged from the forbidden territories in search for their Lord. They were known as the Mazoku and were defined by their grosss disregard for the natural laws of the universe as they are understood. Even compared to demons, the Mazoku were grotesque mockeries of reality whose disturbing otherness could not be comprehended by mortals. Space and time distorted around their alien geometries, and the earth itself bled as they moved.

The first mortal to see them coming died instantly from hysteria, the others who followed would covet such a fate. The Mazoku rolled over the Muruwah tribe like a plague, unaffected by their elite techniques. Neither Aeshiem nor or his daugher Ryona survived. But Eurii was evacuated long before his brethren came for him.

-Legend of the Guild-

Prior to their demise, Ryona and Aeshiem delivered Eurii'el anonymously to their neighboring allies of cut throat monster hunters, The Guild of Yoru. There Eurii was raised by an expansive population of skilled warriors where he became proficient in combat, academics, and the history of the arcane. By the time he was twelve, he was already considered the most dangerous member within the Guild, save for their leader Yoru. But his rampant spike in power soon attracted a particular Mazoku named AAzat'th an energy demon that spelled certain doom for the Guild of Yoru, despite their surplus talent and experience. However, this time Eurii stepped forth to defend his home, alongside a vanguard of soldiers he saw as his peers. Eurii'el just barely survived, but the conflict claimed the lives of his guild.

Following the destruction of Yoru's Guild, Eurii buried his dead comrades, pillaged the most important and valuable trinkets and made his way across Vescrutia. His dreams have become perverted with horrifying nightmares, visions, and abhorrent intrusive whispers.


Physical Appearance

Eurii'el, despite his age, has been defined as a man blessed with angelic features. From his hair and bone structure, to his golden bronze complexion. His allure grazed the cusp of physical perfection. In fact, it possess an almost chemical affect on humans that makes him carnally irresistible. All of this likey due to his Demonic heritage.

He is a tall and lean, cut with profound muscle definition and proportional gifts.

Unique marks
-A birthmark on the nape of his neck, covered by his hair.
-Moon ink tattos (ivory in color) covering his forehead, chest, and arms, gained from his matriculation as a hunter in The Guild of Yoru.
-He has pearly white teeth, which sharpen as his demonic impulses spike.
-Earrings sculpted from the diamond skeleton of an earth giant. Aside from their allure, they aide against telepathic manipulation.


Eurii'el sense of style draws from the frozen culture of monster hunters that raised him. The Guild of Yaru.

Their garments is usually made up of the fabrics and furs gleaned from the monster that each member of the Guild either hunts themselves or in parties. They consist of robes, coats, gauntlets, cloaks, shirts, etc.. All bearing the hide or skull/ bones of the hunted creature.

Eurii's outfit is a reflection of that. His pants are sewn from layers of cloth and leather thick enough to endure the deadly tundra in which the Guild resided. Hung over them is a loose flowing sash, pinned in place by the skull of a demon fashioned into a belt. He doesnt wear shoes, but his pants are bound at his ankles.

In the cold, he fashions the pelt of a Wu'ono, a species of arctic monstrosities who hide beneath the snow to snatch up any unwise traveler.

Anthem/Unique Abilities

-Demon Physiology-

Demons are typically born from the accumulated anguish and darkness generated from the destruction of mortal souls. They are extra-dimensional creatures that are feared largely due to their nightmarish otherness, coupled with their power to possess, haunt, corrupt, or kill the living via occult magics. Generally unkillable via conventional methods, demons possesses varying levels of unique abilities but require mortal souls to survive within the physical realm.

Eurii belongs to an elite demonic species known as the Mazoku; reincarnations of the celestial deity Ashura, who were spawned from his desire to be reborn as a being whose power dominated both the physical and the demon realm. Unlike Eurii, who is half human, The Mazoku are abhorrent mockeries of nature. But they aren't simply monsters who were terrible too look at on cosmic scale. The Mazoku were egregiously alien, incomprehensible, madness inducing astral horrors that possess the ability to command and summon demons with their otherworldy powers.

They are mindless machinations of malevolence, save for Eurii. They have no ambition and are manipulated by the fleeting whispers of Ashura to destroy all things. Eurii is haunted by Ashura's will, but he is not compelled beyond his control.

-Demonic Energy/Phantom Matter (WIP)-

The lifeblood of demonic entities and the engine behind their occult machinations. Demons are capable of absorbing ambient or naturally flowing energy and blending it within themselves to create demon energy. This source of power passively embolden's Eurii's every move; giving him tremendous strength, endurence, speed, and dexterity.

Eurii is unaware of his heritage or the full spectrum of his capabilities, but he does possess a few techniques that he learned from either his mortal teachers or his own creative intuition.

Skills and Techniques

Element: Fire

Core Rune
-During his training under the Guild of Yaru, Eurii unlocked his own specialized rune, tailored to the fabrics of his soul. His element is fire. White and red like cherry blossoms.

Spatial Rend-
-Currently, his one and only signature ability that unfortunately leaves him pretty vulnerable after two or three uses. Eurii channels massive amounts of demonic energy into his hand, encasing it in a spherical"bubble" that distorts mass and matter. He then "cracks" the air with a punch, sending devastating shock waves through the air in the direction the strike is directed. These shock waves are composed of demonic force and though they can be blocked with adequate might, they can pass through and damage physical or astral mediums. (Spirits, Ghosts, Intangibles)

If the shock waves are directed into the ground, the result is a devastating earthquake, or grand scale devastation. It can also be utilized at close range for a direct hit. Because of its enormous offensive power and great speed, this attack makes for a solid defense, destroying or disrupting any attack before it hits Eurii should he time it correctly.

A more lethal variation of this technique requires Eurii to be close range. Instead of a punch, he, grabs his opponents head, arm, (etc) and concentrates demonic shockwaves into his grip. Their skull become the epicenter of the hellish, oscillating vibrations.

-Sensory Abilities-

Eurii's sensory capabilities outclass mortal standards by astronomical measurements (Hearing, Smell, Taste) but hia eyes are an entirely different story. They are white amethyst in color and glow like lavender crystals beneath moon or starlight. By deeply concentrating, Eurii can observe the totality of the electromagnetic spectrum, as well observe the workings of astral entities.

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