The Venomous Land Siren.

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The Venomous Land Siren.

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Name: Elise Del Gato

Appearance: Hair color LIght Brown briads
eye color: Cyan
Race: Linquesnt(Water) Fae/Vampire/Venom Fae
Age:300+ (looks around her mid 20’s)

Appearance: Elise has skin that glows. She is very fit and has the body of an amazonian. She is average size but she is very curvy. She has thick thighs and is very robust. She has to wear gloves that protect her hands from touch people.. She has an exoskeleton that acts as a shock absorbing lubricant that also acts as self-healing abilities for small cuts and bruises and a venomous outer shell . She has pointy ears much like a bat and fangs that retract when she wants to feed . She has two forms/ A land form and a water form.

Pillars: Born of Taboo. She is half Water fae and half Vampire.Her parents hunted and killed. She was orphaned for this reason having to fend on her own. She didn’t have the support of the vampire covenants or the water fae. She was forced to live amongst the vescrutians. She has had a curse put on her where she is bound to forget everything every 100 years. The curse was placed on her heart by a witch and this is the reason why she has chosen to stay to herself. She carries around a sword she only used three times in her whole life.

Central Pillar: She is tough as tough gets she faces every challenge with confidence and a level head. She always thinks ahead and plans her every move. She Doesn’t talk much and is always to herself. She is very shy and isn’t good at making friends or talking to people. All she knows is how to survive until her hundred years are up and her search for the man in her dreams begins once more.

Contrast Pillar: She can’t seem to remember her life before or past one point. Where she felt she was in love. She is hunted by the dreams of her past life. Every 100 years she can’t remember things past the day of a wedding. She is looking for the man in her dreams but can't seem to find him.

Active Pillar: Elise is traveling vescrutia looking for some way to get her memories back and who was the man in her dreams. The only man she could remember. She is currently on her third life which makes her somewhere between 300-400 years old; She can’t remember anything except her name.Her life now has been laid back and she was ready to step into the world. Her current abilities will come as she learns to control her power and her thirst. She now is hunted by the voice of a man telling her to come to him. She just awoke to the call of an old friend.

Crossing Pillar: She has always been alone meeting people here and there but never really remembering them after she outlived them. She is now looking to find someone who can help her remember her old life. She was attacked by some villagers when she first awoke and hasn’t really trusted anyone since then. She found a sword that was called one day. She calls it Reiku. It seems to allow her to remember this person and she keeps it close.

Anthem: Venomous Fae-Linquestent Fae (Liquid control)
Venom (Poison manipulation )

Linquesent(Water) Fae: Elise can create, shape and manipulate anything out of liquid. Breathe underwater without diving gear. Speak to marine life and control the element of water.

Venom: Elise’s glands produce a neurotoxin that has several different side effects based on what she needs it to do. She can administer controlled doses of each toxin through her fingertips coming into contact with skin.
Her venom can be deadly. She can infect others with a liquid poisons/ venom that is made from her naten being concentrated into her fingertips. Depending on the type of poison she needs she creates them to chemical imbalance her targets causing different side effects. (Nausea, hallucinations, sickness, dizziness, loss of breath, phobia. etc.)

Exo-skeleton Dea : Elise is covered in a thin layer of shock absorbing liquid that protects her from becoming severely injured. It can also be used to heal her wounds. It also acts as a filter for her venom allowing her to pass it through several different ways of contact.

Anti-Venom Dea: A toxic compound that cures Elise’s venom from a victim and/or makes the target resistant to poison of any kind.
Neurotoxic Venom Dea : a toxic that can cause Paralysis, convulsions or rapid muscle twitching, difficulty breathing and other respiratory issues.
Cytotoxic Venom Dea: a toxin in her venom that causes swelling around the point of contact; Severe pain and necrosis.

Hemotoxic Venom: A toxin that can cause swelling and hemorrhaging around organs which inturn can cause internal bleeding and sometimes organ combustion.
These effects can happen very Quickly depending on how much Elise releases into her target.

Water abilities- She has to believe in her abilities as a water fae.
Ava must have water around to manipulate water.

Water Arrow Cea: prep: Aquis Bow.
Elise can create arrows of highly pressurized water.

Aquis Bow Bea: Prep: Water abilities : Elise can create a bow made of water Naten to fire her Water Arrows.

Wave Control Bea Prep: Has to activate by touching liquid
Elise can control large bodies of water and rain based on her intent.

Liquid Control Bea: She isn’t just limited to water she can move anything with liquid in it.(I.e. Coffee, juice, tea, blood etc. }

Shapeshift bea: Elise can shape liquid into anything she wants it to be.

Kiss of Venom: Prep: She has to focus her venom into her saliva glands

Poison Fangs and Claws: She has the ability to poison beings by biting them and clawing them.

Reku- A blade that has a rare topaz gem that seems to hold her memories on the end of it. It seems when she holds the blade she can remember some of her old life only in blurs. What she is currently trying to achieve. Without this blade Elise will start to forget within 24 hours of being separated from it.

She has gloves that control her venom levels from 0 to full on venomous. It also allows her to create her antivenom. Without them she cant control her toxin levels and cant touch any living thing.

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