Vincent J Fenri: Golden Wolf of Diamond Dust

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Vincent J Fenri: Golden Wolf of Diamond Dust

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Name: Vincent J Fenri

Order: Elv - Cristalupine Fenri
Cristalupine Elvs are a race of wolfen Elvs inhabiting the feet of the Hyperion Mountain range. Most of their number resided in the harsh conditions of Hyperion Drifts, a valley in the range cursed with a constant gale wind and whiteout conditions. Only the hardiest of creatures can survive it's frosty terrain, and the Cristalupine make up the top of the food chain.

The Cristalupine, although often seeming more human than not, can move freely between human and wolfen forms thanks to their Anthem. Their fur gives them an advantage against the cold and wolfen senses all the advantages of a canine nervous system with human cognition and a utility set complete with thumbs.

Central Pillar: Everything depends on the bonds we build

Contrast Pillar: Has a discerning eye and a sharp tongue

Crossing Pillars: Zero Venkage, Zeik Hellgate, Ban Sandra, Johanna Jörmungandr

Active Pillar: Heading to the City of Uran to discuss an operational opportunity

Stellar: Fenrir the God Eater - One of the sacred saints of the Hyperion Drifts.

Anthem: Vulcardia - Heart of the Wolf that connects all Cristalupine. The source of their power and pride, the heart lets them change form, survive and utilize the power of frost and ice, and build their pack to carry on their traditions.

Faction: Diamond Dust - Servants of the greater good, no matter the cost. Its members are volunteers dedicated to bettering the lives of Vescrutians however they can. The way they work is unorthodox to some, but crucially imperative in some of the areas they work. They are Pillars in their respective communities and command respect and loyalty.

Arbiter Houses:
Orderbound - Allows the user to link their Naten to others to share with them as master and subordinates. Consent is necessary. Needs to be consecrated with a solemn oath or blood bond.

Tourmaline - An energy that resonates from the user’s body like a magnetic field. It slows the vibration of energy it comes into contact with.

Howling Winds - An affinity for frosty winds and ice conjuring, the user can create ice and cold conditions with Naten and intent


Bea) Tinjutsu: Art of Service - The work at DUSTER’s requires a certain level of skill honed by the Art of Tinjutsu. Every movement is an exercise in control and precision in order to give the guests the best experience. What the guests don’t see is the painstaking synergy training that goes on behind the scenes. Fenri has crafted this art from his own experience to heighten his situational awareness, tact, strength, and technique.

Bea) Dew Frost - Fenri has an affinity for cold places and moonlit nights. He can use his Naten to create ice in many forms from snowfall to glacier-like constructs. Can utilize moisture in the air or even his own moisture to produce ice where there otherwise would be none.

Cea) Aurorine - Tourmaline energy in its pure state. Can be infused into Dew Frost techniques and abilities to freeze things on the physical plane and energy through more subtle fields.

Dea) Dead to Rights - An eerie, crystalline energy Fenri has only used a handful of times. A time delay technique that creates a bond between him and another creature.If the bond is severed, the technique explodes with Tourmaline.

Dea) Gravitas - Concentrated Tourmaline energy. Fenri creates a razor thin space where Tourmaline energy is concentrated. Its slowing and cooling effect creates a flash freeze vacuum. Once the space is created, he can grow it larger at will, but the larger it grows, the more energy it takes for him to stop.

Dea) Ordination - An ability Fenri shares with the members of Diamond Dust. Those who have been ordained are connected to Fenri’s personally trained wellspring of Naten. In exchange for access to his Naten, there are certain Commands that can be given to control their actions and enhance their effectiveness in executing those tasks.

Bio: Fenri is the tireless leader of the mostly volunteer humanitarian organization, Diamond Dust. Born in the Hyperion Drifts with his Cristalupine people, Fenri grew up understanding the importance of family and having a support network on order for a community to thrive, ingrained in him from his community and reinforced by the terrifying weather they lived within. He remembers the day he joined Diamond Dust like a film on repeat, it's memory marred by the loss of his whole pack and most of any Cristalupine he knew personally.

The tragedy that took one family from him blessed him with another, since Diamond Dust arrived intending to help the people on the region relocate. Instead, they adopted Fenri into their ranks and he became their leader half a century later. His first move as Premier was to construct a hub to the base of the Hyperion Mountain range near the Drifts and the rest is history. Diamond Dust has carried out it's humanitarian mission since then with the same enthusiasm as they ever had, drawing volunteers from the world over.

The volunteers who work with him are intensely devoted to his cause and the work they do. They are prepared to put their lives on the line for every operation, eager to leave the world a better place for it. Many of them are just like Fenri, living through a traumatic event and managing the repercussions on the other side of a life changing event and they make the best recruits for the organization. The most devoted of them work at Duster's Tavern and take on the onboarding and development for the volunteers. He cares for each member like a member of his own family and always has their best interest in mind.

Fenri's character leaves a long lasting mark on most everyone he meets. Natural charisma flows from him, wrapping anyone nearby in a familial warmth. It's from that warmth that people treat him to a devoted following spanning Vescrutia's entire surface.

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