Oh Shit, Who dat? Ya Boy Keem!

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Oh Shit, Who dat? Ya Boy Keem!

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[Note. Any question marks seen in this character creation form are for story purposes. Meaning, our boy Keem thinks he's from Sheaca, he is not]


Full Name: Kheimac
  • NickName: Young Kei, Keem, Lil Mac
Age: Sixteen Years Old
Occupation: Hired Thug
Birth Order:
  • Grandparents: Unknown
  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None
  • Grandchildren: None

Physical Characteristics

Gender: Male
Sex: Male
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 210 lbs.
Species: Vescrutian Human
  • Race: Shea? (A Human from Sheaca)
  • Ethnicity: Southern Shea?? (A Shea from the Southern part of the country)
  • Nationality: Kushite (A Southern Shea with citizenship in the city-state of Kush, Jewel of the Grassland)
Eye Color: Rose Gold, Almost White, with white ‘crosshair’-like markings
Hair Color: Lil Mac’s hair is a rich dark blue that appears almost black. Under the right light, however, it is very clearly visible as blue.
Skin Tone: The city-state of Kush is an oasis situated in the middle of the savage veldt that is the country of Sheaca. To accommodate for the sun and heat, all the humans that inhabit Sheaca, and the subsequent lands that surround her borders, are darker skinned.

Northern and Southern Shea have a drastic difference in their complexion, with Northern Shea, living closer to the harsh cold of the mountainous range of Tolvar, being of a much lighter tone like their white-skinned neighbors in Etristan on the other side of Tolvar Mountain. Southern Shea, some of whom live closer to the outskirts of Sheaca, and therefore closer to the harsh tropical jungles and the village of Ofra, are much darker. This makes it much easier for the Northern Shea, as well as their territorial neighbors, Etristan to the North and Ofra to the South respectively, to identify, capture and enslave them.

Build: Despite his most prominent nickname amongst the other mercenaries of the Untamed being ‘Lil Mac,’ he’s everything but… Taller than the average Southern Shea boy his age, and weighing more as well, Keem is as fit as any young man that regularly engages in intense activity on a daily basis. Because he regularly does engage in intense activity on a daily basis. Usually, embarrassing Northerners in front of their women.
  • Unique Markings/Piercings: Keem doesn’t have any unique markings that adorn his skin in which he didn’t have put there himself. He doesn’t believe in staining his perfect chocolate skin with ink, so no tattoos, but Southern Shea learned early that the Northerners will steal every coin they can find, so it's best practice to keep riches as jewels and jewelry instead. With that said, he has several piercings; One platinum bar in his left brow, a single platinum hoop earring on his right ear, and a silver bar in the upper part of his left ear that he hopes to replace some day with platinum as well.

Attire: The culture of Kush is heavily divided between Sheaca’s Northerners and Southerners, and so their attire, religions, cultural touchstones, and overall behavior vary wildly. Northerners populate most of the ruling class and are much more regal in their attire, being plutocrats that believe only in themselves and their respective wealth and walling themselves within the inner city of Kush.

Southerners are, usually, significantly less well off and so it shows in their respective choices of clothing. Because the Outer City of Kush is basically the border into the inner city, they are more open to trade with traveling caravans and their culture has been more influenced by the cultures of other nations than their lighter skinned cousins in the Inner City. The design of their clothing is significantly more modern in design, combining different techniques picked up from several other cultures to create something wholly Outer Kush. A style that has spread wide across Vescrutia’s surface.

Keem spends most of his cash on clothes, if he’s not updating the ice in his face, mainly jackets, so he has a small wardrobe filled to the brim with different styles of jackets by notable Seamstresses around the inner (VpF, Palais, Epoque etc.) and outer (APEX, Ngma, Aeon Collection etc.) cities. Usually paired with a nice pair of jeans and some low-key kicks, the jackets themselves are the statement pieces.

On each one, he’s hand sewn a patch identifying himself as a scout of The Untamed. An affiliation that he is more than proud of.


Keem has been mistaken as being brash, cocky and arrogant, but those are just exaggerations made by the haters to keep our boy down. He's not brash, his boldness to go against the grain and step up when no one else will is what upsets people. He's not cocky, his pride in his affiliation with The Untamed, and the larger Taeyi, gets him into fights that he has a tendency to win. His deep rooted confidence in himself, his abilities, and his family are what make people mistake that confidence for arrogance.

Deeply ambitious as well, Keem has a dream of gaining notoriety and fame much like his head honcho, Vera "The Red" and heading up his own Taeyi one day. For now, he humbles his more boisterous goals and settles for the jobs with the best coin in hopes of moving from being a Scout to doing a Hitter's job. When drunk, or high, Keem has a tendency to run his mouth, and write checks he doesn't have a choice but to cash.


Cularmac, the Barbarian

Cularmac the Barbarian was a well known warrior of some renown in the olden days. With strength unrivaled in the other Etristan warriors, he was believed to be the human incarnation of a God of War on earth, or the cursed child of a demon, but he was just a normal man with abnormal Naten levels. Cularmac killed when he pleased, stole when the desire suited him, and bedded more women that he could remember the names of. Cularmac, for all those paying attention, was tha Man!

And when you’re that dude, people tend to notice it like the mysterious Zimmera. His strength was recognized amongst even the physically superior Southern Shea, and his life force was too tantalizing to pass up. Eyeing bro from countries away with mystical sorcery, she desired him more than he desired wealth and good mead. She took the most pleasing form to him, a Southern Shea woman with magnificent onyx skin.

For the Mad Dog of Etristan? It took one look, and he was smitten. They were knocking boots before Cularmac could even get her name or what nation she claimed. And when it was done, she was gone, just as mysteriously as she’d appeared.

And Cularmac, that stud, was none the wiser. He woke up the next morning with the worst headache and a huge gap in his memories of the night before. He could have sworn he’d bedded an angel, maybe even a self-proclaimed god, but the more he tried to remember, the more he would forget until Zimmera was nothing more than another footnote in the great legend of the Mad Dog of Etristan.

Shame really, she bore him a son.


To Be Discovered.... She was a sorceress, trying to prevent a catastrophe. She gave birth of Keem to make sure it was prevented.


Kheimac's earliest memories... are of Vera.

Since birth, Vera has always been at his side.

The story of how this came to be, as it was told to Kheimac...

On a routine security job for a merchant caravan in the outer city, Vera and Eideard stumbled across a lone baby boy crying in an alley. Wrapped warmly in what looked like silken garb, which refracted the light of the sun to make them appear to twinkle like stars in the sky. Vera picked the boy up, looked into his rose gold eyes, and that was the end of it. From that day, she claimed Kheimac as her own and welcome the boy as a 'child of the Taeyi.'

As a 'child of the Taeyi' it was the responsibility of all elder members to look after and help provide for them until they were capable of doing so themselves. Keem was given some small special concessions that other 'children of the Taeyi' didn't necessarily have, being Vera's favorite. His cuts on jobs were usually a couple percentages higher and he was fast tracked to a scout position, at the urging of Vera. Usually because he was the first one at the scene, even if he didn’t have the power, at the time, to do any of the fighting.

Ambition set in as the boy grew older. The minor concessions eventually dried up, and he was treated like any other young man of the Taeyi. Eventually, Keem was chosen to become a member of The Untamed, something he relished proudly, even as he began to resent his position as a scout. He felt himself strong enough to be at least an assassin for the cause. Unfortunately, this ambition still holds strong in his heart and he hopes that at this gathering of the Taeyi, Vera will finally recognize his hard work and promote him.

  • Storyline Focus
    Central Pillar
    --- A Scout of The Untamed, one of the subdivisions of Vera ‘The Red’s’ Taeyi
    Contrast Pillar
    --- Thirsty for a promotion to Hitter or Enforcer, Keem does his best to go above and beyond to show his loyalty to the Taeyi and Vera, his sworn sister and the woman who raised him from birth.
    Active Pillar
    --- Vera has called the entirety of the Taeyi together, including the elusive Spirit Weavers, for a huge gathering and announcement. It seems important, especially if the seldom seen Spirit Weavers are making an appearance. Keem can’t wait to finally see them in person, and maybe fight one.
    Crossing Pillar
    --- Keem’s personality hasn’t done him any favors in making friends outside of the Taeyi. Mostly because Nothern Shea are racist dicks that deserve to get embarrassed in front of their ladies. Keem is more than happy to oblige. "Talk shit, get hit."

Metaphysical Characteristics
Elemental Natures: Lightning (Dominant), Earth (Recessive)

Anthem: Thunderlight (Self Named)
Kheimac doesn't hail from any clan that's specially trained him in the ways of his "birthright." Keem had to rely on his own wit to figure out what his own unique power was. In a fight with a Northerner with "electrical" powers not unlike his in appearance, through the scuffle he figured out what was special about his power when his attacks didn’t ‘shock’ but ‘shook.'

Kheimac's conjuration of "lightning" is esoteric. He does not use his naten to control and generate an electrical charge from within his body, but instead uses his Naten to convert sound waves into concentrated 'bolts' of concussive force. So while his abilities may take on the appearance of lightning, they're actually blasts of purely concentrated concussive force.

He calls it the flash after the boom, so Thunderlight.

  • Skills/Abilities:
    Ava) Join Hands! - Clasping his hands together allows Keem to convert and concentrate a larger amount of sound to light, causing his hands to glow with a deep cobalt energy. With this energy gathered he can use it for a variety of higher level skills.

    Bea) Bang! - Named after the sound it takes to make it happen. Keem's proficiency with turning sound into light and power allows him to generate a "bolt" of energy with enough destructive force to cause damage. Like a gun shot.

    Cea) Boom! - A larger variation of Bang! Keem clasps his hands together and generates more than one bolt at a time.

    Bea) Think Fast! - After concentrating light into his hands, Keem coats his body in the energy, converting himself into light and allowing for quick burst of intense speed.

    Bea) Can't touch this - The only defensive technique in Keem's repertoire. With the same light concentrated in his hands, Keem can expand the energy outwards into a barrier of concussive force. Or, he can concentrate it around himself, causing physical attacks to explode against him and send damage back to the attacker.

Passive Traits:

Scopes: Because of Keem’s unique eyes, he can see 3D scales of his surroundings, almost giving him a bird’s eye view of wherever he is. It isn’t something he can actively switch between, and it’s something he’s lived with his whole life, since the first moment he opened his eyes. Very hard to sneak up on, unless you’re invisible or he’s distracted.

Kheimac isn’t sure why his eyes are like this, for it isn’t a unique trait of all Southern Shea. Vera theorizes that maybe Keem’s parents were much more than they seemed before they were executed.

Hot Boy: For some reason, Kheimac's normal body temperature is off the charts. Most times, it feels like he's running a fever, but he's never better. When he gets upset, or agitated, he tends to steam (literally), and when in a fight, some people have said they've seen flames stream from the corners of his eyes. Keem has never witnessed this himself, but he does know that his homeostasis body temperature runs abnormally high.


Finger Gun - The only weapon Keem packs in his index finger and thumb. With them, he usually points at his enemies before hitting them with Bang!

  • Glossary:

    Aeon Collection - A recognized and famous name across the surface of Vescrutia. Started by the late, great Senj-u-rol, an elephant-man with a dream. To support his entire tribe in their time of need, Senj-u-rol started to breed giant silk spiders and used their webbing, along with some industry secrets, to produce the highest quality clothing at the time. The brand exploded overnight and now produces products ranging from mid-range to luxury items, supporting the entirety of the nomadic Elephant-people tribe.
    APEX - The premiere brand for the savvy hypebeast. Sewn by the legendary goblin seamstress Puk. Her drops are sporadic, because 'Inspiration waxes and wanes, but hype is forever' in her own words, but they are the most talked about thing amongst the Outer City's youths when Puk does release a new line.
    Ngma - A classical brand, for the fashionista on a budget. Coming to prominence under the Dhampir seamstress Magdha. They released a steady stream of lines over the years until Magdha's untimely passing. Since then, vintage items have become wardrobe myth because most people assume all Ngma clothing now are inferior copies made of poorer quality. Making most new lines inexpensive, but still super dope.
    Vescrutian Vetements par Finesse (or VVPF) - Started by two best friends, a Talasari named Kele Omawynn and a Teu Tel-Quessir (People of the Moon) Etun Dar, the brand became famous overnight in the Inner City of Kush, because they were making clothing the Inner Kushite had never seen before. With designs coming from the genius Kele Omawynn and needlework by the self-proclaimed god of sewing Etun Dar, they're garments paved the way for the more modern looks of the Outer city to finally make it inside the walled city. Light to the touch and extra breezy, even their heavier garments feel weightless.
    Palais - Started by the enigmatic Lorxian Palais, whose been in fashion for longer than any of the other prominent names in the fashion world, he named the company after himself. Having worked closely with many of the inner city brands, at the ground floor level, Palais tends to produce the best luxury items. Unfortunately, a line is dropped so few and far between that people have killed for rare vintage Palais pieces. That's how intense owning a piece of Palais can be.
    Epoque - A relatively new fashion house within the inner city of Kush, but rising the prominence quickly. Little is known about this fashion house, if you ask the average citizen, but to those in the know its the biggest thing on the planet right now. Starting after a fallout between the two best designers of VVPF, VVPF gifted one of them a small fortune to start their own fashion house. The lone Talasari, Kele Omawynn, believed her techniques and materials to be superior to those of the Teu Tel-quessir (People of the Moon). She was right, her garments are of superior quality, but her lines are very rare.

    Taeyi - Warband, Mercenary Company or Private Militia. The meaning is interchangeable.
    Teu Tel-quessir - People of the Moon, or Moon Elves. Hailing from below Vescrutia's surface, the Moon Elves are a most nocturnal race of beings that believe their origins lay amongst the stars.
    The Untamed - A particular crew within Vera's Taeyi, where most of the Taeyi's members reside. Keem is a member of The Untamed.
    Spirit Weavers - The other crew within Vera's Taeyi. Very, very little information about them has been shared with the majority of The Untamed and only the boss and enforcers know what their deal actually is. It's rumored they're more Naten aware than the entirety of The Untamed combined, handle missions told to them directly by Vera, and travel with Vera exclusively. It's rumored... they're all women.
    Sheaca - A Country on the southern coast. It's beautifully verdant grasslands and topical jungles hide the savagery most experience when within Sheaca's borders. It's people, the Shea, are split between the Northern and Southern regions, with those in the North being lighter skinned than there brothers and sisters in the South. Sheaca's bordered to the North by the Tolvar mountains range, where its close neighbor is the city-state of Etristan. To the South is a massive tropical jungle infested with all manner of dangerous beast, and situated deep within is the city-state Ofra.
    Kush - The Jewel of the Grasslands. Kush is the capital city-state of Sheaca and where most of the country gets its culture from. The city-state itself is split between two different regions, the Walled off Inner City and the Outer City of Kush. The Inner City is a plutocracy run, mainly, by wealthy Northerners and filled mainly with Northerners, though there are some Southerners that have made fortunes large enough to not be discriminated against for their darker skin. The Outer City is mainly populated with Southerners who answer to the ruling class of the Inner City.

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