Ovan Hellgate: Cursed Child of Blessing

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Ovan Hellgate: Cursed Child of Blessing

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Name: Ovan Hellgate
Style: Human
Central: Heart of gold that bleeds for humanity
Contrast: Has always been too perceptive for his own good
Crossing: Fenri, Diamond Dust
Active: Preparing for the Tournament of Kings

Faction: Horus Hellgate - The Horus are a very secretive family that are different from many of the other branches of the Hellgate in their distaste for violence. They have a knack for natural perception of the Unseen, shedding light on phenomena most Vescrutians regard as superstition or faith.

Anthem: Lens of Truth - Can easily perceive things unseen to physical senses

Arbiter: Otherwalker - Allows the user to enter the Unseen realm and effect change on the Seen plane

Unique Marks: Long, pitch black hair that drapes past his shoulders. A hooded robe with lovely embroidered accents. A pair of glasses he rarely looks through, but always has on.

Bio: The Horus culture was known for their work in astronomy, skilled at tracking, recording, and interpreting movement in the celestial sky with artisanal skill and equipment. Ovan rarely used these tools and could make similar reading with his naked eye. This gift made him an icon amongst the Horus community, drawing attention to him wherever he traveled. With that attention came the pressure to use his gifts to advance their sacred sciences, something his parents touted as his ancestral calling. The clan placed his gifts on a pedestal and elevated the child to prodigal status.

Ovan appreciated his upbringing, understanding the importance of family and using his gifts to assist the clan in their studies. After the death of his parents, he devoted himself fully to the astral sciences and traveled from laboratory to laboratory, atelier to atelier, sharing his unique insight with scholars all over. His reach extended beyond the scope of the Hellgate clan and he made connections with Schools of Academia from all corners of Vescrutia. He spent centuries learning and teaching, living free as a master mage scholar, amassing a following and building an apprenticeship program dedicated to furthering the study of the stars through his network of academics.

His apprentices saw him as a celebrity, a philanthropist to be emulated to bring about a new era in human development. Their adoration brought with them a new vision in the Unseen, something he hadn't ever perceived in such a strong concentration within his circle. They brought a specter of greed, an intense desire to be just like him and do the things his gifts allowed him to do. After centuries of good work, the fruits of his labor produced a haunting entity, one that follows him throughout his travels, casting a shadow on him and his workings.

The Specter of Greed has been with Ovan for 100 years and has only grown with time. The more good Ovan brings, the deeper the adoration for him grows and the more menacing the Specter becomes. He knows he cannot escape it and to destroy it is to deconstruct centuries of good work and insight his gift brings to Vescrutia. Nothing is worth negating the fruits his gifted tree, not even at the expense of an uncontrollable spirit that casts a shadow over his every thought. For the sake of his family, his work, and the clan, he would endure and stay the course, no matter the questionable end he foresees for himself.

Now, the congregational ritual of the Hellgate nears and Ovan is presented with an invitation to compete, representing the whole of the Horus branch of the clan. Although he knows he is expected to appear, the Specter of Greed has been growing exponentially faster since the invite was made. It's power has grown so much, it has a field of influence that can be felt on the seen plane by those around him, draining them of their vitality just by being too close to him. It has also worn on his own jovial demeanor, torn between doing good that comes naturally to him and cultivating a malevolent force he can't control.

Whatever the case, Ovan heads to the competition ready to fulfill his duty and suffer the consequences, no matter the cost.

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