Aerys, The Unbreakable

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Aerys Hellgate
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Aerys, The Unbreakable

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Name: Aerys (Air- es)Hellgate
-Age: 117 (Physically, 18)
-Hair color: Black
-Eye color: Purple
-Height: 6'8
-Skin Tone: Brown
-Species: Human

Hellgate Faction: Tyre


The Tyre family have always been known for their strength of will and magnificent abilities. But truthfully, the greatest asset of Tyre wasn't their unbreakable bodies. It was their ambition that set them apart from the other eight factions of Hellgates. Unlike their kin, who have restricted their legacy to their home planet Vescrutia, the Tyre have ventured beyond the Mother's atmosphere and ventured into the void.

Aerys' father, Kaemon, was born hundreds of years ago, when the Acrix first began its expeditions into the void. He still a boy when the Urizen dreamers first charted the cosmic paths. They were initially undermined as constellations. But truthfully, the dreamers found that these blisters in the sky were actually coordinates to other worlds.

At a young age, Kaemon was infatuated with the discovery of the outer galaxy, like,many his age. Hellgate ideaology preached to them that the universe is subjective, vast, and painfully apathetic. Chaos and order were the only absolutes in the cosmos. Kaemon was indoctrined with this ideaology and enlisted his soul as early as he could to cause. From the day he received his Mark of Maturity, he committed himself to furthering the tribe. He was Tyre, so his body was a living tool. He used it to carve out his legacy. He begun as a terraformer before ultimately graduating to space mining. But he matriculated quickly after his first hundred years alive.

Kaemon participated in some of tribes galactic expansion campaigns; where the Tyre would venture into space and collect materials the Urizen oracles thought instrumental to the betterment of the tribe. And in that capacity, Aerys was very much like his father. He was dutiful, ambitious, and born with a tireless work ethic. He followed in his father's footsteps and enlisted in the Vescrutian alliance at a young age and helped the Acrix forage for resources from outer space. But unlike his father, whose diligence and selflessness ultimately ushered him to an early grave, Aerys was far more.. Well..

Aerys favored the carnal side of life. He accomplished feats that took his father year's, but Aerys was a slacker at heart. But above all that, he was an explorer! Aerys used his gifts to conquer some of the most dangerous realms in the galaxy! He'd been to planets with atmospheres that burned with volcanic pressure. He'd ventured so deep into the frigid, vaccuum of space he'd often get lost. But he always came back home. He had to, if he planned to rule one day.


Aerys was raised by his father, who passed on before Aerys was old enough to enlist. For the most part, he raised himself, but is heavily influenced by the valiant ethics of his father and the sages of the Acrix who cultured him in their ways. Aerys is devoted to the Acrix, but he doesn't believe in good or bad. Only duty.

Aerys is incredibly ambitious and confident in himself. He, like most Tyre Hellgate, believes himself invicible and his Anthem reinforces this hubris. After hearing of the Crown Jewel tournament, he immediately thought this a chance to capture the life he always wanted. To take the reins of the Tyre Tribe could potentially lead the Hellgate into colonizing other worlds entirely. Perhaps other universes. He knew hundreds of others who shared his ambitons, and will stop it nothing to see them realized.

Element: Fire


Fire Manipulation-

Aerys has a rather adept grip over his elemental nature. He can use fire to fly incredibly fast by encompassing his body and even blast in continuous streams. He is capable of various projectiles that grow more powerful and accurate the longer he charges them. When completely engulfed in flames, he can temporarily avoid physical damage.


The Tyre's Anthem is their incredibly dense celluar integrity. Their muscles, flesh, bones, are all incredibly resistant to pressure and piercings of all sorts. They are among the physically strongest of other nine. Their abilities include gargantuan strength, longevity, and and endurance, so long as they have Naten.

From birth, Tyre infants do not hold a solid form. Their skin is amorphous and malleable, similar to clay. They are incubated in specialized chambers at increasingly high temperatures until their cells properly adjust and solidify. The process can take up to fifty years before the infant's body stabilizes. Aerys' nearly took a hundred.


Aerys wears his father's traditional armor, built from rare and powerful ores snd minerals foraged from asteroids, moons, and other celestial giants.


- A long saber forged from Azuritr

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