Supporting Cast: Legend of the Everglow

You'll find character sheets for everyone who's anyone on Vescrutia you'll be posting with. More characters means more chances to weave an epic tale.
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Re: Supporting Cast: Legend of the Everglow

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Inside, you'll find a list of characters introduced in the Legend of the Everglow Arc, and some basic information on them. Will be updated as time goes on, and you can use <Ctrl+F> on your keyboard to search for a particular character more easily.

Name: Lambda Ortiz
Central: Will do murder for her family and her country
Contrast: Easily overstimulated
Crossing: Andri Luna, Vincent J Fenri, Azul Venkage
Active: Can't wait to give him what for!

Faction: T.U.S.K.U - Uran’s paramilitary organization dedicated to the preservation of Urani history and artifacts .They deter unwanted visitors at the city’s borders and detain trespassers. Uran’s history is rich in mystic artifacts and ancient secrets, so they employ numerous tactics to keep them out of the wrong hands and keep outsiders from taking advantage of Urani hospitality.
Central Pillar: Rarely forgive, never forget
Anthem: Ivospira - Produces spires of light that can immobilize things caught in its glow.

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