Becoming Pointman: Best Practices for Leading Threads

Find all the details you need to begin your adventure here. Get familiar with the world around you and the mechanics we use to make your characters and stories come alive.
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Becoming Pointman: Best Practices for Leading Threads

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So you’ve found yourself leading an expedition out in the big world of Vescrutia. Understand that you’re not alone in any sense of the world. Your characters in the thread are surrounded by other characters ranging from as small as a blade of grass to a whole mountain inhabited by hikers. The setting all depends on how intricate you want to get with your exploring party and the more magical the better!

But that can affect how some people perceive their characters in the roleplay. If you’re your own character, how can you fairly roleplay yourself and other conflicts in narrative while still posting as the same character? This thread is going to address these issues in a single theory of:


Pointman status is easy to achieve and anyone can do it. If you have an idea for a thread or mission you want other people to join you on, you’re already the pointman. In your mind’s eye are all the intricate details that will flesh out your story into the epic you want it to be.

Pointman is responsible for:
  • Setting the Op Level of the mission <No more than one rank higher than their own>
  • Roleplaying primary opposition and their respective interactions
  • Driving the thread to its conclusion, whether or not the arc ends with it
  • Creating a roadmap for themselves to make sure the other players can keep up
Learn how to use Roadmaps here

Ideally, Roadmaps can be posted in the Collaboration Requests forum for people to read over but they are not necessary. They’re just a template to follow to get a framework in mind, but can be deviated from as the thread evolves into its own rights.

As Pointman, you control the flow of the thread and how the story develops. Be sure to honor the responsibility and do your best for your topic and your guests
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