Vescrutia Update 1.8: Patch Notes 17/11/2021

While traversing Vescrutia, there are a few things you need to have in order. Find all the information about the world and the website here. If you're having trouble getting started, just come in and poke around. Read up on a few characters and see where your mind takes you.
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Vescrutia Update 1.8: Patch Notes 17/11/2021

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Two years, four months and five days have passed since the last update was released. We've been able to integrate a dice mechanic and developed more storylines and adventures that are intended to be easy to follow and an amazing experience to engage in. First, let's dive into our setting and current events...

Our World, Vescrutia

The Third Astral Year

Vescrutia orbits a binary star system that takes many twists as it follows the twin stars, Xiphis and Solaris, through space. There is a celestial alignment after the passing of many of millennia where the suns bathe both halves of the planet in light and its moons are locked in a special formation. This is called the Astral Year.

During this time Naten is unnaturally abundant and the recovery rate of Naten is dramatically increased under strong solar and lunar radiation, this is due to the increased presence of the celestial bodies, both solar and lunar. Even Vescrutia’s normally outermost lunar bodies can be seen from the planet's surface, in vivid detail. This surplus of energy always attracts the attention of Vescrutia's most ancient enemy, the Horsemen.

The Horsemen's Scar

After the fall of Arcturus, one of the most ancient the people of Vescrutia became increasingly worried that the current generation wouldn't be as lucky as The Great 13 Legendary warriors who fought during the first Astral Year and freed the planet from the oppressive grip of the Horsemen. This fear has sprouted an unnatural growth in ambitious, volatile and sometimes extremist Organizations. Some work to weaken the influence of the Horsemen's curse. Other strive to bolster it.

Astral City

Ars Haven

Astral City is relatively new to the country most commonly identified as The Astral. It was bestowed such a lofty name because of the sheer number of famous astronomers and space deviants who live and study there. Yet, despite its age, the city is only a few hundred years old, a mere toddler to its neighbors. Astral City is hidden within the Forest of Resonance and the only thing more coveted than its location is the prestigious school of arcane arts: Ars Haven.

The Archer

The jewel of the city manages to supply it with near limitless energy, while also lengthening the reach of the city's leaders. Many of the Archers' technological power lies dormant, as it hasn't had the opportunity to be utilized. But the city's leadership often advises the students of their safety in sudden, dire situations.


The Neo Conservatory

The Jade Shores have been settled as the home and headquarters of many displaced by the fall of Arcturus. Not without resistance as the Atlantean population that calls the region's water home were vehemently opposed to such a treacherous group of humans annexing their seaspace. Through a treaty brokered by the Lucis Acolytes, Zero and Atra were allowed space to settle and develop a community in exchange for assisting the mysterious Acolytes in their research into the true power of the vestige, Lumin.

The Neo Ambassadors

Interestingly, the research into Lumin and the depths of its mystery can only be truly investigated by scouring the world for as many forms of Arbiters as they can to flesh out the Bestiary, a colloquial term used by the Ambassadors for the array of Arbiters linked to Lumin directly.

Tarkan Plains

Diamond Dust Organization

Diamond Dust is a world renowned non-profit organization dedicated to community service and humanitarian efforts all across Vescrutia. From feeding, housing, and employing hundreds through Duster's Tavern to dispatched evacuation procedures, Diamond Dust has done immeasurable good throughout all of Vescrutia's history. Every operation they undertake is for the greater good of the people.

Duster's Tavern

Diamond Dust's operational headquarters where they educate volunteers on the Art of Service through employment at the bed-breakfast-and-brewery.

Seeds' Hidden Agenda

A mysterious cult that emerged after the fall of Arcturus. Their leadership has remained hidden despite their growing infamy and frightening efficiency at guerilla warfare.

Character Creation Expansion

The Hellgate Character template is open. Join one of the 9 ruling clans of the Acrix Desert Kingdom, known to everyone as the Hellgate Tribe. Leaders in the industry of Space Exploration, Astronomy, medicine. The tribe have remained the dominant superpower in the country since the end of the second turn, having narrowly survived the horsemen's previous purge.

Diamond Dust faction is now open for characters to join. It is a humanitarian group known worldwide for their legendary history of work assisting communities all across Vescrutia. Wherever a crisis kicks up unrest, Diamond Dust is there to do their best. With their headquarters at Duster’s Tavern at the edge of the Tarkan Plains and the Camilla Forest, explore the ins and outs of the Art of Service and bring assistance to communities far and wide.

There will be more character templates added as time goes on, extending and expanding the possibilities for your roleplay

NEXT, to help facilitate the expansion of the story, we've added a few technical changes to the site. We've added:

Auto Draft - In the full post editor, posts are automatically saved to your drafts

Linked Accounts - Sometimes you need to swap between a few accounts to get the dramatic ambiance you're looking for. Link many accounts together to save time between different accounts

Global Ranks - Separate from Alliance rankings are global ranks for every character. They come with guidelines to help you get immersed in the Vescrutia storyline and grow your character to Arcane heights to weaken the grip of the Horsemen on Vescrutia

Dice Roll Mechanic - Add a little spice to your RP with dice rolls! Give your narrative some weight by letting certain outcomes be decided by the heart of the cards.

Pointman Guidance - Some suggestions and practices on creating your own voyages and leading people into your microcosm.

New Layout Design - Enjoy the freshness. More changes will be coming 8-)

Now that's an update for the ages! We covered quite a lot and will be around to answer any questions you may have. We'll be working to keep updates bite sized, rather than whole meals in the future. Until then, enjoy the new bits, I know we will.
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