Vescrutian Ledger: Quick Encyclopedia of Vescrutia

While traversing Vescrutia, there are a few things you need to have in order. Rules, regulations, and character sheets are found in here. Come check out the world and its people.
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Vescrutian Ledger: Quick Encyclopedia of Vescrutia

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General Terms

Vescrutia- A planet in the Milky Way galaxy far larger than earth it has two suns one green Xilphia and one Pink Solaris, and four known moons possessing 11 continents with a wealth of cultures, species. As a Vescrutian you have access to Naten, the energy of the universe that allows you to perform spectacular feats.


Anthem - Naten aware Vescrutian creation has access to an Anthem, A unique genetic ability passed down from parent to child.

Anima- An ‘Anima’ is a being of unimaginable power, born during the Blighted Era, when the first Horsmen Ruin arrived on Vescrutia and used their Anthem of Ruins Scar to give birth to corrupted creation their purpose and intent is unknown.

Astral Year - Period of time in Vescrutia’s orbit about its two suns where it become tidally locked and the suns’ energy is transmuted into the core of the planet. During this time the organisms on Vescrutia undergo an exponential increase in potential, more receptive to new, different styles of Naten expression. We are in the third Astral Year.

Beast Schools- Places of learning where Elven population seeks to understand the knowledge shared by The Scholars

Elvs- As naten flourishes within the wild, so did the children of nature. Primates, mammals, insects and more grew with the planet. During one Astral year, during the naten awakening, the Elvs were born. Creatures capable of independent thought, naten awareness, speech and more. The Elvs dna evolved past the limits of their double helix strand, granting them humanoid forms and uniquely advanced features from their evolution.

Faery Kind- The Faery or “Fae” as they are often called, are creatures born from the most primal forms of life on Vescrutia. As such there are innumerable types of Fae kind embodying the wisdom and guardianship of the many aspects of the planet. Some of these manifestations include beings of the elements, natural forces, as well as various forms of insects and plants.

Atlanteans- A word in the common language used to describe fish elves. Vescrutia has countless oceans, all having mysterious denizens. The Ulthrazeen of Ulum- The Freshwater sea are the well known Atlanteans.

Horsemen - An agent of Armageddon, who’s purpose is to subjugate worlds for their master. The horsemen prey on the week and destroy all institution of knowledge and culture, erasing the history of the Vescrutian people. They seem to appear every Astral Year bringing about wanton destruction and oppression.

Ruin- The horseman who arrived during Vescrtia's first astral year and use his anthem of Ruin's scar to prevent Vescrutia from ever creating naten aware life again

Discord- Ruin's twin who arrived during the second Astral Year to attempt to stop the Great 13 in Vescrutia's ancient history, they were driven back at the battle of Kemet

Heralds - Beings sworn into evil by the horsemen.

Jyn- Sentient elemental forces who've unlocked their Arbiter and utilize the power of the Cordis Nova to don a physical form.

Naten - The natural energy flowing from the core of Vescrutia, transmuted from the energy of its two suns and two moons. It's this energy that allows Vescrutian creation to do the mythical feats possible. It accounts for the basis of physical might, psychic energies, magic, ninja techniques the possibilities are endless. It can be expressed in many different ways under many different names, depending on the locale and personal style, but all forms of Vescrutian energy are based in Naten.

Primordial Scholars - Countless immortal beings, as plentiful as the stars in the sky. While their origin is unknown. They take form of constellations in the night sky that resemble animals. They possess great knowledge and have been known to share it with creation across the cosmos. Their knowledge and influence is said to affect how those born under it utilize Naten.

Oasis- Pools of raw almost liquid Naten forming among the planet. These pools are rare, and are nearly impossible to harvest in their pure form.

The Pillars- A Naten aware agent of change on Vescrutia, you.

Trinity - An alignment of Three Pillars focused on completing a common goal. When Pillars are aligned they can bring about new potential in each other.

The Great 13- An alignment of 13 powerful Pillars. The Great 13 was a movement of The Second Astral Year, freeing oppressed people from those who abused power and the use of Naten. Coincidentally these people were knowingly or otherwise under the influence of the Horsemen, and so The Great 13 began to crusade against the Horsemen as a whole. It is unclear how many members there were but there are founding members of the movement which extend to - The Hellgate, The Venkage, The Michio, The Shadoo Boxer, The Mitre Clan, The Lawless Sages, and The Architects of Old.

The Stream- The Stream is the universal flow of Naten among all of creation.

The Great Divide- The Place Where The Knowledge of The Universe is kept. Where the Scholars of different universes trade knowledge with each other where every King of Beasts consults with the others and trades their secrets.

Ravagers - The army of The Horsemen with variance in ability shape and size. Prone to actively seek out havoc and destruction, spreading despair and pain as their only motive.

Supercontinents- Avizure, Akavjrr, Amonphiere were three large landmasses on Vescrutia where Vescrutian kinds oldest ancestors, (now called the Makaians) roamed the planet

Vestige - Any superstructure left over from a previous age of Vescrutia that can be harnessed by Vescrutians sensitive to the energy. Notable Vestiges are: Crystal Courts, and Lumin, The Arcturian Coliseum
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