Vescrutian Ledger: Quick Encyclopedia of Vescrutia

While traversing Vescrutia, there are a few things you need to have in order. Rules, regulations, and character sheets are found in here. Come check out the world and its people.
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Vescrutian Ledger: Quick Encyclopedia of Vescrutia

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Welcome to the Official Glossary of Vescrutia. Here you will find a list of important terms and concepts that are available as general knowledge about the world and its workings. Any character you create can have knowledge of as many or as few of these concepts as they like, as each can be interpreted a little differently depending on their background and experiences. Get familiar and use whichever you can to make your stories POP!

General Terms

Vescrutia - A planet in the Milky Way galaxy close to its center. It exists in a binary star system with Xilphis and Solaris as its suns. It also possesses four known moons and 11 continents with a glowing and ever expanding catalog of flora and fauna.


Anthem - Most creatures born Naten Aware have a special ability shared by lineage called an Anthem. Anthems, the birthright, are unique abilities that most Orders have access to. Naten Awareness has been shared among Vescrutians since one of the Great Turns in Vescrutia’s history.

Arbiter - The spark of creation in all Naten aware entities, their special muscles by which they manifest their will. They exist as specialized disciplines, Houses, that one can learn, train, or awaken through rigorous work, diligent study, or an existential need. One's ability to subscribe to a particular Arbiter House is dependent on a number of factors including their Anthem, Faction, or experience. Houses are as innumerable as the stars in the sky since Naten is an evolving, changing force on Vescrutia.

Astral Year - The Astral Year is a period of time in Vescrutia when the planet is in special configuration with the other celestial bodies in its system. The configuration bathes the planet in celestial energy, catalyzing drastic changes in its ecosystem. Prior Astral Years have been recorded in legend and ledger in almost all cultures across communities, marked by unrest and upheaval followed by revolution and restoration.

Atlanteans- A word in the common language used to describe the multitude of aquatic fish Elvs. Vescrutia has countless oceans, all having mysterious denizens. The Ulthrazeen of Ulum, The Jaigao Rays, and The Mako del Jaida are notable Atlantean communities. Learn more here...

The Great 13 - An alignment of 13 powerful Pillars. The Great 13 was a movement of a previous Astral Year, freeing oppressed people from the influence of the Horsemen of their age. Without their intervention, Naten usage would be reserved for tyranny, all but sealing the fate for Vescrutia forever.

It is unclear how many members there were but there are founding members of the movement which extend to - The Hellgate, The Venkage, The Michio, and The Architects of Old.

Heralds - Brings sworn into service of the Horsemen to carry out their macabre will across Vescrutia. In exchange for a taste of untold limitless powers, they agree to use it to subjugate and terrorize the populace and cement the Horsemen's grip on the planet.

Horsemen - An agent of ruin whose purpose is to subjugate worlds for their master. The horsemen prey on the weak and destroy all institutions of knowledge and culture, erasing all traces of life from any planet they visit. Through the effects of their cosmic presence, the Horsemen impress change in the minds and hearts of people, creatures, and the landscape to turn the planet against itself.

Naten - The natural energy flowing from the core of Vescrutia, transmuted from the energy of its two suns and two moons. It's this energy that allows Vescrutian creation to do the mythical feats possible. It accounts for the basis of physical might, psychic energies, magic, ninja techniques the possibilities are endless. It can be expressed in many different ways under many different names, depending on the locale and personal style, but all forms of Vescrutian energy are based in Naten.

Oasis- Pools of raw almost liquid Naten forming among the planet. These pools are rare, and are nearly impossible to harvest in their pure form.

Order - Refers to Naten Aware forms of life, able to perceive and utilize Naten at their leisure. Orders are broken down into four cardinal types.


Elvs are creatures on Vescrutia that have evolved to have intellect on par with humans. Elvs are humanlike in some of their features, but retain a strong resemblance to their bestial ancestry. Elvs come in myriad forms from birds to bears to blue whales and share in rich cultures with deep histories.


Fae are a form of life born from esoteric means. It is a wide sweeping term that encompasses any means of life brought about by mystic means and of its own will. Fae range from forces of nature to ideas and concepts given physical form.


Humans are a widespread order of sentient life on Vescrutia. Humans have made their mark on Vescrutia by their innate ability and inclination to weaponize anything and everything. Tools, knowledge, Naten, all bend to the will of human ingenuity. Because of this, they are regarded as violent and cruel creatures, however, humans can also express some of the deepest empathy for others. Paradoxical in nature, humans strive to find purpose in this world and are infamous for not letting anyone or anything stand in the way of their ambition.


Any creature that has died and is reanimated with consciousness is undead. Undead vary in shape and size, corporeal or physical, but are understood as a form of life, no matter how twisted. Because of the nature of life and its relationship to the Mother, Undead lose their Anthems upon reanimation, no matter where they come from in the living realm.

Pillars - Agents of Vescrutia around whom the current of destiny flows. Like obelisks in a river, Pillars effect change in their surroundings with just their presence, able to shape the world to their will.

Trinity - Said to be an energetic configuration of three Pillars coordinated toward achieving the same goal. Wherever a Trinity is gathered, miraculous feats are said to unfold, though only spoken of in legend and folklore.

Ravagers - The autonomous army of The Horsemen. Prone to actively seek out havoc and destruction, spreading despair and pain as their only motive. Ravagers come in all shapes and sizes, optimized for their intent and arena, and have inhabited Vescrutia since the first people.

The Unseen - The realm of subtle energies on Vescrutia. Spirits, specters, emotions, and Naten itself move through here and can effect change here. It resembles the visible, Seen world but is twisted into surreal, psychedelic forms that defy imagination

Vestige - Any superstructure left over from a previous age of Vescrutia that withstands the passage of time. Typically understood to be constructed by Architects of Old, Vestiges are central hubs for the communities that surround them, becoming centerpieces to their culture and development. Notable Vestiges are: Crystal Courts, and Lumin, The Arcturian Coliseum
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Re: Vescrutian Ledger: Quick Encyclopedia of Vescrutia

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