A Bloody Invitation.

Zeiks’s study is located within the Palace. Literature that he’s collected line the walls of his study. Artifacts found within the forest and family heirloom fill the room with mystical ambiance.
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A Bloody Invitation.

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A heavy wooden door swung open with such force that it shook an old painting from the wall,sending it falling face first to the floor. A young boy, dressed in tattered red robes rushed through the open door, shouting as he made his way towards the stairs. The picture remained unharmed, not that its safety was any concern to the young boy. His triumphant shouting echoed through the large corridors of the hall. "I won!" He repeated since his first claim with unanswered. He stepped over the picture he'd knocked over and rushed up the stairs, making note to skip over one of the stone stairs that had a chip on the edge. "Are you here elder-mama? I won. I won my first match!" He approached the door to his elder mother library and gently touched the sigil that rest in place of a tradition doorknob. "Elder? Are you in there?" he said with a much softer tone, almost whispering into the crevice's where the door meets the seem. A soft feminine voice answered his cry from behind, sending his back into the door and his head whipping around, meeting the soft voice with his hands drawn for combat. "You scared me." He said while lowering his hands. "Elder mama....you frightened me, how long have you been there? Did you not hear me before?''

Elder mama:I was just waiting for you to lower your voice, crown prince.

She said with a warm smile.

Small Boy: I am at fault. Sorry. I was just excited, elder mama. I won my first match...crown pri- No, I still have complete the challenge of valor and courage, I've only won the test of strength.

His elder mother stepped forward and placed her hands on his shoulder before leaning in for a hug.

Elder mom:oh, I must've forgotten. *She said with a chuckle* I'm sure you'll excel at whatever challenges they throw at you.;but, come now , tell me about your match.

Young boy: It was everything papa said it would be, exhilarating and too loud. I could hardly tell the difference between my opponents Ava and the crowds indistinct banter.

Elder mom: who was your opponent?

She asked as she released her grand son from her embrace and led them into her study, where he'd previously assumed she'd been.

Young boy: I don't remember his name, but I know he used the same Anthem as me.

Elder: oooo? You defeated a vesta? Were they one of your classmates?

Young boy: No. They weren't from any of the academies in the Acrix.

Elder: A drifter competing for a crown and you didn't pay them any attention?

Young boy:....I guess I didn't see the relevance at the time. Can't any hellgate participate in the crown jewel?

Elder: No my crown. They must be a citizen of this village or a descendant of a current or crown;but every few hundred years or so they lift those restrictions and allow any of proven hellgate blood line to participate.

Young boy:...oh, I wasn't aware.

Elder: Not to worry, young crown. You'll have more than enough time to get it right.

*Loud knocking*

The bang of his Office door stirred him from his day dream. "Come in...Nagase." He said with a dry tone. His eyes affixed to the glass window pane of his office. He couldn't break free of his curiosity, no more than he could pry his eyes from the setting suns.

Nagase: I found a unfamiliar party skulking around the forest, they were lost and seconds from being devoured by roaming revengers. Neither the forest nor the horrific legions left behind from the Heralds wanted them to make it here.

She flicked a small envelope covered in blood on to his desk, landing just outside his arms reach.

Zeik:You didn't help them?

He said after he noticed the blood on the envelope.

Nagase:I can't say I ever felt compelled too save them. I kept the letter and their crest as souvenirs...they seem familiar.

Zeiks eyes swiveled around and caught a glimpse of the blood stained golden crest on nagase hand.

"Thats a Hellgate Crest. Holgurd family, I believe and if my hunch is correct...then this letter is a formal invitation to the Crown Jewel."

Nagase slowly placed the crest back in her pocket and opened the letter that she'd thrown on her father's desk.

"Then you won't mind if I open this."

She said as she ripped the paper sleeve apart with little more than a thought.

Nagase:"...Damn. You're right. Their requesting your audience.

Zeik: It's just a formality, they don't want to see me in one piece. This year's Crown Jewel will be an open invitation to all Hellgates, even those who don't live within the village.

Nagase:...So, are you going? Or do you intend to forfeit your crown?

Zeik: I...can't see myself leaving this office, let alone the forest until I know where your brother is. Not to mention The Horsemen...could stirke at any moment.


Zeik: Personally, I feel like no one's more qualified than you;but, I know how much you hate traditi-
Nagase:Shhh. I wanna go.

Zeik:...That wasnt what I expected.

Nagase:I need something to do, with Azazel missing...I could use a distraction.

Zeik:Tell your mother of your intentions and make your way to Acrix tonight, you can only get so close to the village via teleportation this time of year.
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