Treading New Water

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Treading New Water

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( Continued)

Several days had passed since Qarinah's encounter with Zeik, during which the two of them smeared blood, metal and grit just outside the boarders of the Astral. She'd been possessed by her bloodlust at the time, blotting out her short term memory of the event but the wounds she endured could tell stories of that day. The sting of Hellfire was unique that way. Even for an immortal whose body was literally an unbreakable tome of murder and carnage, the damage the cursed flame could unleash were beyond comprehension.

Fortunately, their battle lasted long enough for Qarinah to regain her wits and ended before either of them sustained any permanent injuries. But the chances of that happening again were slim to none. She was still sohungry.. hungrier than she could remember in recent memory. Soon that blood lust would consume every necrotic cell in her body and her hunger would roll over the allied territories like a plague.

There were probably a handful of beings on Vescrutia formidable enough to survive an hour against her, and she knew none of them to be as powerful as Zeik. So she left the Astral immediately after their battle, not even leaving time her body to properly mend her injuries. Cutting through hundreds of miles of land in seconds all before sunrise, touring the planet for something big, or strong enough to sate her hunger. She found the former.

Her newly forged armstice with the Astral required Qarinah to be more selective of who or what she chose to ingest, which shrunk the scope of her diet considerably. But her dark tour lead her to a collective of Dyre Elves; a once fabled race and guild of sorcerers, now perverted into a Coven of occult practitioners. On the same night, they were performing an ancient ritual designed to bestow each of them with the unlimited power of an Anima.

They heeded the scribes of a dead language thought to belong to one of The Great XIII; the likes of which instructed the power hungry Coven of elves to accrew thirteen sacrifices from thirteen different clans. Upon their success, the horde of ruby skinned wizards were granted power beyond their wildest dreams. But the magnitude of the mysterious ceremony attracted Qarinah's attention and brought their brief godlike bravado to an end. Before sunrise, she colored the bricks of their unground court with buckets of elven viscera.


Qarinah returned to the allied territories a day or so later, with her belly full and her mind weeded with questions. She took her time within the underground tunnels of the Dyre Elves and used it answer some questions of her own. One of those being, "Who or What were they praying too?" She drained the blood of plenty of them, but no one she managed to kill possessed any valuable memories. She did however, manage to leave with the antiquity that drove the horde of devilish sages. And she brought it with her on her journey across the Astral shore.

She arrived just outside of Zero's beautiful beach house, standing on the still waters of the Freshwater Sea without even creating a ripple. Her battle with Zeik destroyed her armor and his Hellfire burned away everything else that wouldn't regenerate. So she was wearing an ivory robe she stole from one of the Dyre Elves who was far to dead to need it anymore. The massive garb fit around her like a gown and the hood was big enough to conceal her entire face from the sun should she need it too.

Luckily, dusk was approaching, which meant she had all the time in the world to meet the man behind the fables. Zero's legends akinned him to The Wizard King of the Astral, but Q had never crossed paths with him. Naturally, her old age created gaps where memories belonged, but the Venkage surname resonated with her. And she wasn't entirely sure why.

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Re: Treading New Water

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Zero had just returned from his expedition to Uran, a lovely adventure he’d sooner want to forget. Sure, it ended in his exile from the beautiful nation, but that was probably for the best. His reputation that followed him from the Fall of Arcturus now preceded him in more places than he liked. He wore a mask while he terrorized the pirate seas to avoid the same kind of attention.

“Can’t wait to get into those jura berries,” he says, alighting a bluster of wind dropping him onto the roof of his home. Two steps into the rafters had him hanging upside down in front of the window to his bedroom. It faced east to catch the sunlight in the mornings. Wake up bright, wake up right, right

Returning home just at dusk had its own charms. Though he preferred the morning light drenching the front and all its foliage, the growing streak of darkness cast out into the Freshwater Sea let the shores glow a few minutes sooner than the rest of the beaches on the Jade Shores. He took a moment to see if any of the creatures had responded to the shade yet.

“We got all nigh-- Oh.”

A white figure stood out on the surface of the water. Upside down, Zero couldn’t tell if it was coming or going but he paid it no mind. He opened his window and climbed in scoffing. No way I’m dealing with a siren tonight.

Zero threw himself onto his bed and kicked his shoes off in a single motion. The downy pillows broke his fall, letting his muscles and mind unwind. He might have been worried it was another assassinaton attempt, but there was a treaty banning any violence from befalling the Neo. Sirens were also not usually an issue unless he wanted to play their games for a chance at some fun. He waved his finger and a gust of wind closed his window. That silly song wasn’t gonna spoil his night.

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