Return of The Banished King

The mountainous area North of Neo Arcturus. Powerful slabs of stone stagger towards the sky, peaking at a verdant, grass covered plateau. The Gafren Tribes call this area their home where they live in close harmony with the Spirit of the Land.
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Return of The Banished King

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The sun rose as the clouds of the mountain began to spread. A Gaint airship emerged from the sea of clouds. The signals would sound as the Convoy landed.

His gaze set upon the land before him. His former home. The main land of his people and the rule of his brother. He wasn't to be touched nor captured by any of the main kingdom soulders or nobles. He was to simply go about as a visitor until his trial is over. Nazuma knew he wasn't going to sense the one engery he hoped so long to feel again. Yet he was gone...

The soul reason why Nazuma didn't give in to the loneliness of the second kingdom. The power held so close to his own heart had vanished. His brother was gone and he had to go to this trial alone.

The Prince didnt have a warm welcom; there were no crowds to cheer. His gaze set upon the royal guard. Each wearing the dragon symbol of King Sheng. They all looked at him as if he were some kind of lowly vermin. His face swelled with disgust as the vessal in was in docked.

Protect the Prince. No one is to come Near him.. He mustn't be..

Nazuma would raise his hand to silence Daitsuya. He would have a liggt smirk on his face. His voice calm, and reassuring to his company.

I.. don't want any of you to come with me. Only Daitsuya.. The Mages here far exceed any of your power. You will be murdered the second you step out this ballonship.. The Mages here can use power similar to Nien.. It's magic used to manifest the will of King Sheng. Absolute Obedience.. And since you arent trained in using such Naten, you are easy prey to Shengs Aura.The Princess and I have been trained so she is safe. As long as I have the princess by my side, I shall return to you all.I may not be fit to lead you today, but I must face this day alone. For this isn't your fight yet.. I promise you will see the mainland again my kin...

He said as he walked to the front of the convoy and opened the doors. A ramp would let out and he would begin walking down once he was finished and his promise was made. The men and women would stand down and allow the pair to exit.

The Men below would have a look of puzzlement on their faces as he made his exit and return to his home. Slowly the two walked down the pathway to the group of knights. His presence brought an ominous glow that appeared behind the two of them. His words echoed across the skies and into the ears of the men before him. His tone vibrant and ot filled the air with hope. Nazuma had tapped into his Nein charkas, his power far exceeded the knights of his brother now. His heart filled with rage as he came to meet his escort.

I shall not be needing an escort. Tell your King.. I have arrived. I want to see my brother face to F..

A rush of wind would silence him. An intimidating Aura out powered Nazuma's. The men before him would smirk and step back. Nazuma was met by one of his cousins Shengs sworn protector and the Brother of Ida.
Idarei Issanin Urso....

The Fourth and the youngest brother of the group. His soon to be judges. He wasnt the strongest of the bunch and hiswas twice that of Nazuma's when he was young. But now both of them have grown. Nazuma would smile at the sight of Idarei. He said nothing but his name as the two of them went into a staredown. For two minutes they said nothing. They only gauged each others powers. Nazuma held back most of his power seeing that Idarei was doing the same. Their power almost the same yet Nazuma was still in his base form. He could only imagine how strong Idarei had really gotten.

Okay you two can put your dicks away now. You are scaring the escort.

The men behind them were frozen in fear. They could speak only the whimpers of disbelief and fear of the power trip the two before them were having.

The tension between them couldn't be cut with a spirit weapon. The men trembled, Daitsuya remained calm in all of it. This made idarei look at the girl before he spoke to her. You, girl.. You are strong arent you? You aren't affected by the Aura of the main land... You must be Daion's bastard.
Tgh..Son of a..
His words made her draw Syaid from its holster. The winged blade almost beheaded the man before them. However Nazuma stopped the girl, a single finger edged between Idarei's neck and the Crimson Blade. He was unharmed by the sharpness of the blade. It was forge from the magic of the Ruby Queen and couldn't cause harm to her using psychical attacks., so Nazuma couldn't be hurt by the blade being the reincarnation.

You must have skin of metal here my Princess. Never lose yourself in the woes of the mainland. This isn't the real Idarei.
It's just one of his golem clones. This one is despair. He will only speak words of enticement.. That's why he is called Idarei of the voice. His magic allows him to summon golems each with a power he bestows upon them. I don't know how he makes them so strong. But one strike from either of our blades will be an act of treason against the Denkou and more Ammunition for him to use in the trial..I see what he's planning. If I commit any crime now, I can be detained until I go to trial. And once im a prisoner I have no right to a judge only Shengs judgement...

The Girl would listen to Nazuma and withdraw her attack. She didnt agree with him. She didn't like anyone mentioning her family. Knowimg whi she use to be. A life she had to forget for the one she has now. A life of pain. The secon she heard her fathers nane she reacted. She never allowed anyone to speak ill of her parents. Nazuma snapped her back to reality and she remembered where she was. The girl came to her senses and apologized to Nazuma.

Nazuma would Look at the golem clone. So.. I am Here brother, I know you can see me... I sense all five of you in that golem..

The boy looked at the golem with a radiant smile his presence started to draw in crowds of people as they began to walk deeper into the mainland. The air would fill with his Aura, many of the passing patrons came to greet him. The people of the mainland flooded the streets, all cheering for Nazuma.. He was surprised at how many people came when his name was echoed through the aisles of the great kingdom.

Welcome home Prince Nazuma!

The golem raised its arms and The crowds of people shouted went silent. It was suppose to be a joyous moment yet Nazuma felt something different. Something he hadnt felt in a long time. His feeling of loneliness had vanish and he was once agian able to feel. Only one person could do this. She held his hand and he looked into her eyes. Once again nazuma was lost in her iris his wife to be. Daitsuya saw the stife in his eyes that burned with his passion to kill the man who stood before them. Idarei. The baron of his brother, his eyes filled with murderous lust.

A true strom mage contols the wind.

The girl would look into Nazuma's eyes and he could only feel her emotions, her love. This moment Nazuma was Nazuma's bliss. They followed the escort down a dark Street

The crowds that cheered made Nazuma only feel the Golem and himself. was it an Illusion. Or did he simply fall to Sheng that quickly. But no this was real. The fear of the Kingdom was thick in the air. It smelled of misery and piss. The kingdom had a slump, Nazuma's face turned in discontent. He came to see the main street and continued his walk to the palace now in his eye sight.

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Re: Return of The Banished King

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:mrgreen: Nazuma would walk the main street to the castle. It was surrounded by plush flowers and grass as green as limestone. The castle was made of gold and extoic stones and tile. It was truly a sight of grand elegance. The slumbs had turned into a aisle of prosperity. It was decadent and peaceful. He only wondered how did it become like this. His face snared in disbelief of what he had just seen. The faults of a Kingdom ran by Dictatorship. He only felt pity as he swam through the seas of misery.

They would soon be at the grand gates of the palace. Not a word was spoken between Nazuma and the Golem. He made sure he would be subjected to the magic of the golem by speaking back to it. The way around the spell would be to speak in general but that would still be a challenge, the golem before them was different it had a curse upon its back which makes it respond to every a person says negatively. A spell that tampers with emotions. This is why Nazuma stopped his bride, if she had cut the head of one golem it would be an attack on the royal Denkou and Sheng knowing how quick to action the Princess is made this golem all the more sinister.

The grand gates would open and into the land of the palace they came. The land of Riore and his former home. He should have been met by his mother and brother but neither of them had shown. More of Shengs plot to mess with Nazuma. The words of his brother ran rampant in his head as they journeyed through the pathway to the castle. I will take everything you love from you as you did I, little brother..You are banished to the mainland and cut off from the The Riore. You are to have no contact with anyone in the mainland.

The day his life changed with a bang. He was shippped away to the second land. There his life changed, he changed, but overall, the way he thought changed. He gotten something he only could gain in the Astral. A taste of change. He gazed upon his former house of Ri'ore in bare radiance, the gaint house was towering with Emerald rooftops and Pearl stone walls with golden trimmings. It has over a thousand windows 300 rooms, 100 bathrooms,85 livingrooms and diningrooms and a gaint ballroom, 4 kitchens, 28 courtyards and gardens with Full guesthouses, 6 greenhouses, a training field, 40 stables, and over a 1000 yards of forest wildlife behind it. It was truly a grand palace indeed.

The air was more peaceful than what he was just inhaling. It was more sweeter; the crisp smell of the flowers blened perfectly with eachother, it smelled like sweet honey. It always smelled of roses when he was a child, it only showed him that things have changed even beyond the castle walls. Still silent as the moment he began, still holding the Princess's hand, he held back his emotions of anguish. Why did his brother choose to bring him through the slumbs. In his eyes it was distasteful and a mockery to his presence. Instead of a grand entrance he was given a prisoner's greeting.

He was taken to a treehouse that was made for him when he was just a child. It had been unkempt since he left. Most of the plantlife had grown into it but He still saw it as home. Maybe Sheng wasn't so bad. The treehouse was constructed inside a Gaint tree. It is poweredby hydropower that provides electricity for it.

The escort would then disband and leave Nazuma with Daitsuya and Idarei's golem.
This is where you and your wench will sleep..The perfect hole for scum like you two.

The Prince and Princess ignored him it was if they were in a trance locked into each others gaxe. Daitsuyas special ability allowed to hold her opponents in a trance this is her psychic magic skill know as Lustful Gaze. She locks her companions in a Illusion when she touches them. Nazuma uses this skill of hers to not focus on the golem and safely make it to his destination without any impulsive attack. The golem would give up after a moment to see if the two of them would give him a reaction but the two of them remained synced together. It cumbled into balls of clay and vanished into the soil below.

The girl canceled her Magic and would break down into tears. She not only entered the mind of her victim but she adapted a sense pf their feelings. Their truth. She felt all of Nazuma's burdens and negative thoughts his battles, his nightmares. They seemed to be more presence than his dreams and aspirations. She wondered what was coming over Nazuma. Was that he had returned to the mainland and saw how his brother has controlled the kingdom. A slump before the grand aisles of the Ri'ore House. She felt his sorrow and cried for him. She mourned what he once mourned for, she felt his emotions and wonder how did he keep it all inside. How did he still smile.Then she remembered seeing herself and the glow Nazuma pit behind her and his family each of their smiles. He holds on to them. His life was met with many of a kind and he helped others see the light in the tornados iris.

Please don't ever make me do that again. I won't use that technique on you ever again.

The girl didn't like using it the risk was to great of an emotional strain on her. But that only drew her closer to him. He would look at the girl and smile. His words as confident as the smile manifested on his face.

I do apologize for that, Suya but I had to think fast. I am sorry for forcing you to use your psychic magic. But the our mental connection had to be done. I won't use my Nien on you again.

He would stand her to her feet and wipe her tears. He would then place a kiss upon her forehead and then he would then take her to a room were a hamack rested he would lay inside it and she would lay on top of him the two of them would fall into a light slumber.

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Re: Return of The Banished King

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The day had become night and Nazuma sat staring out the window. He didn't know how to feel at this point. His mother had informed him he wouldn't be going to trial. He is to come back with Dazuma. He was to report back to Mios and there was no way around the fact he had to double cross his brother in order to see him again.

Nazuma felt torn and disoriented with himself. He couldn't believe he signed himself over as one of Mios hands to find his brother. But he had a plan. As long as Mios provides the ship he would be able to find his brother. He was to be joined by an knight of Mios choice and a one of Onohall. They came to an agreement that as so long as Nazuma records a log he can join the search for his missing brother.

Nazuma was only considered on the behave of the Denkai, the council reccomend him to be their investigative representative in the case. So the good thing was he could report back to the Astral information he didn't have to share with the Ascension. This would force the vacancy of the Astral Throne and them to allow Nazuma to take the throne and become the King of the Astral Denkai. In order to keep a contact in the Astral for them to have a say in the position of The Throne, being that an Heir is missing. The council picked Nazuma and The Denkou Council approved it as so long as Onohall, Latvian, and Daitsuya's older sister Queen Argos stepped down as as Royals and gave their chairs to Mios and Nazuma.

Nazuma was to have logs and they are to be giving to Mios as proof that he is abiding by his contract with the Mainland. If Nazuma didn't do so ot would be considered as an act of treason and he will be convicted of crimes against the mainland. This made him sick to his stomach.

He put himself in a bind. Now that the Astral Council could stage a coup and say he lead them as Next King. He wanted to be a bit more older when he became King, yet, this time it was not a way around the law now. He was to marry Daitsuya in 16 months time on his 18th birthday.

Nazuma had now inherited the throne of the Astral Denkai and Daitsuya now his to be Queen.

My King.. You are to finish the final step before you take the Path of Kings.

His mother's words repeated as he watched her carriages departure.His eyes swelled with emotions as his head filled with the cries of the ones slain. He felt the bloodshed in the air the second he landed. His mother came to bare bad news yet she still told him to hold on to hope. The trails ahead are treacherous but she believed in him and Daitsuya.

Nuett a long time friend of the Prince and also 2nd Chair of the Gamallow technological division was chosen as the person to join Nazuma on the journey

He wanted to slay his brother here and now, but he couldn't he knew he wasn't strong enough yet. He knew it was a battle he wouldn't win. Nazu's tears soon transformed into rage. He released a small burst of Karen just to show Mios how had grown. Sure enough the boy had got his answer.

Nazuma would feel the taunting glare of his eldest brother send a chill down his spine. Mios' spiritual presence set his blood ablaze, and his words cold and chilling as to the Prince. You... don't hurt enough... So... I kept my end...of the bargain..

He only relaxed when he felt Daitsuya emerge. He knew he had woke her. His hair had change and so did hers. She would cut the connection between Nazu and Mios using a cloaking spell on the treehouse.

Blessed be thy Heart of the Sky. The Power of Marashin... You two are in another power spectrum. I can sense your Naten. I also can feel something else... Is that...Love?... Oooouuu... I'm guessing your powers are based upond emotion. Yasss give me more your majesty..

Nuett said as he enter the tree house. He examined the couple before him. He couldn't believe how much their appearances had changed with just a small outburst of engery. Plus He was very much correct that his power are triggered through emotions.

Why if it isn't Nuett Elron Gamallow...

Daitsuya said as the slim snow haired teen entered the main room. He was dressed in a green jumpsuit with a long lab coat that dragged across thr floor. He wore it off shoulder letting it rest in the folds of his arms. His skin a chestnut brown and he dawned a devilish smirk weather he was doing it purposely or instinctively. His eyes cold in tone but warming in its lure. He stood just over Nazuma but not towering the Boy. He came to meet Nazu in the middle, standing across from him maybe eight or nine feet apart; he seem to also spark something in the Queen to be.

Nuett would gather his Naten with a zip and crackle the Boy would be covered in a swarm of electrical currents. He'd thrust his hand forward unleashing a single bolt of lightning headed right for Nazuma.

A crash with smoke and debris filled the room. One would think Nuett attack land and left Nazuma incapacitated. However the cloud would quick disburse and standing between the two of them would be Daitsuya with the blade Syraid and her wings spread protecting Nazuma. Her hair a bright sakura, her eyes shined a neon cyan and she stood at the ready. The blade canceled out the attack as she infused it with her Naten.

"Oh my she's a quick one... Hmmm.. Your wings are beautiful. They are like something out of a fairy tale.. They are so breathtaking. Like an Angel with transparent wings. It's as if you wear the cosmos on your back.I can see the Naten within them.. My dearest Majesty.... Your wings are as you are elegant.. The power of the Marashin and his Valkyrie. I need to know can you two stand a chance against the Joukai.. "

Nuett would say as he examined the girl before him. He wasn't trying to attack them; he wanted to see the power of the Ruby King and the power of his Sky Valkyrie.He was in awe of the Princess. The feathers of Daitsuya’s wings were like thin silk yet very durable. Using Syraid, a blade given to her by Nazuma, she was able to null the magic of his attack, he would digest the situation.

“You two are truly magnificent..

This power has lived up to its name in you two.. Well at least the look..”

Nuett said as he paced before the two his previous action put them on edge they didn’t trust him. His aura had changed much like the Kingdom in itself. A fight was something Nazuma didn't want to happen but he also knew that the person who stood before them had this aura since they were children. In a sense Nazu was glad that this sudden moment happened he could tell his old friend was unchanged by the King's influences. The way he spoke down to the very way he entered the room. His mannerisms remained intact and if Mios was able to gain control of the mind of this Gamallow he would certainly have the advantage of the Denkou’s most prized constructor. The technomages of the Denkou are a rare and strong breed of Lightning Mages who are able to use their naten to control anything from weapons to giant ships. Many of them use their magic to design most of the armor used by denkou in battle and the very buildings constructed to make up the Denkou Kingdoms. He could truly be a dangerous enemy, fortunately for Nazu, he had him as an Ally.

“Well did you get your answer?.. I’ll peak your interest with this one..

She can’t manifest lightning magic anymore. She can’t use it in its raw form at least.She can still manipulate it to amplify her physical abilities... “

Nazuma said as he pulled Syrail out of its holster. The crimson blades would shimmer and shine as the light in the room touched their special jeweled steel.

“One half of the bow forge for the ‘Marashin’ King to use in battle. I received the bow when I first traveled to the Astral… Tell me... do you know of the Astral courts?...”

Nazuma would remember how Queen Ar’Gin had taken him to meet Zeik, The King of the Astral lands.The conversation where Ar’gin asked Zeik to teach Nazuma how to be a Noble King as he.

“ These are exposed pools of raw naten in the Astral lands... I was taken to one known as “the court of hearts'' by the King, Zeik, once there, I was shown how to open the seven charkas by defeating the darkness within myself and the bow manifested in the center of the vast courtyard.. Zeik challenged me to meet him in the center inorder to become his pupil.

The courtyard’s magicks manifested the woes of my heart.

The grief of Da’s death, The hatred I had for Mios, the yearn I have to be with Dazuma, the regret of killing Ida.. The coming of Si’Giel and its bringing being brought by the blood of three Denkou God-Kings. My reward for accepting and overcoming it all was Casshrine’s Bow a weapon crafted by the memories and longevity of everything I hold dear to me.”

He would chuckle at the remembrance of difficulty of each trial he faced while traversing the maze. The demons he battled that tested the very will of his being. Each obstacle he faced that challenged him made Nazuma into what he is today.After a month in the Maze he was able defeat the darkness that hid the path to meet Zeik in the center.At some point he noticed he had gained a sixth sense, able to feel the intent behind someone's words and idiosyncrasies . A connection to people's hearts. He uses this to his advantage and so does Zeik, having Nazuma do mostly interrogation and infantry missions.

“During a mission with Daitsuya three years ago... a powerful enemy broke that bow….

Daitsuya somehow connected with the Naten that flowed throughout it once she picked it up trying to help me repair the bow. The two halves mutated turning it into the blades you see now. Syrail and Syaid.. Windchaser and Feather Duster blades..

I began to have an unworldly synchronization with her. She could move just as instinctively as I when using about seventy percent of the Marashin power, but only for a short burst."
Nazuma said as he stood between the two of them.

“Does the fact she was an Archmage before she touched the blades allows her naten The use of ‘storm’ magic?”Said the Gamallow as he looked at the girl Daitsuya was an exceptional warrior being half Flonne and half Urso, she had both instinctive habits of the two bloodlines, the natural strength of the bear while having the brain of the mantis showed why the girl was so dangerous.

“Yes but puts a lot of stress on her body and uses up her Naten in fifteen minutes when used at its full extent...

She is able to use Nein like me as well. Her classification would fall under, in her spectrum of abilities, before she would be considered an Archmage as any Urso of her stature should be. In this case the fact she is half Flonne plays a part as well.”

Nazuma said as he motioned for Nuett to sit down.

“Oh so she really is one of a kind isn’t she? She was granted guardianship over you because of her being a descendant of Amari Kokashi, Zariyia’s youngest sister and one the four angels..

She is her fourth generation grandchild. I see even the wings of the descendants of the Sky Valkyrie will resemble their ancestors like normal genetics. Fascinating…”

Nuett said as he looked at Daitsuya with evy. He came to focus more on the Denkou Princess as he spoke, Nazu and Suya both felt his thirst to find out more about the power they possessed . How his brain was working. This was a blessing in itself to make hostel situations easy to read.It also opened Nazuma’s heart, making him at risk to dark magic. If he wasn’t kind of heart, the influences of dark energy would drive him mad..

“Why are you here? We don't leave for the next three days? I’m surprised you're not cooped up in the labs like the rest of the ants..” Daitsuya snared as she suppressed her power returning back to her normal state. Her red locs turning into a luscious lavender and silk black hue, her eyes changed from the vibrant blue of cyan pigment to one that reflected a soul lost in a deep blue sea of untold treasure. Finally the wings on her back would retract the joints of her back folded and cracked as the wings burrowed into the blades of her shoulders. She would flop on the couch as she laid out across from the two of them, she could still feel the drawback from use the sky valkyrie power in such caution. and began burning a cigar filled sacred herbs.

Your mothers said we all are stationed here until we leave for the last known place Dazuma was seen….

Nuett Said as he took his seat across from Nazu. He got his answer now he would do what any good friend would do and began filling Nazuma in on the situation at hand.

“Also, I'm sure you sensed, You gauging your base power with his, no? I had felt you doing it the moment I stepped into the area. I could sense you two as if you stood right next to me. I followed your Naten to here. The palace is off limits to the other houses. Only ones allowed entrance are the personal guards of the King.”

Nuett's jaw would tighten as flashes of Mios’ army running rampant in the streets of the Denkou city plagued his mind. He would still have the devilish grin, though he couldn’t help it.

“ There seems to be an unusual eerie smell of blood in the air, I know you can tell. Honey… Things have everything but sweet here. The power is definitely in the hands of MIos, it seems he knows no bounds to his madness. He sent his armies to condemn and arrest people for the most pettiest of crimes. Some even exiled to the outlands, some perished and scripted of their chairs. Replaced by anyone who followed Mios law. He not only forced several house chairs to switch and pull into power. I can be sure he murdered to get that to happen. Joukai are what Mios calls his guards. No one has seen their true faces, they wear hoods and mask that represent the four chinese dragons. Some say They are Dark Mages from the Land of the lost. However, it is still just a rumor. They are of Denkou lineage.”

Nazuma would Tighten his jaw as he listen to Nuett's words. He felt the pain behind his friends words. He could feel the fear that pledged the young Gamallow before him. The news made Nazuma's stomach turn, he couldnt believe that this was happening. He couldn't believe it was his brother who was capable of doing such things. Nazuma would remember how the days of old use to be how Mios once protected them. How he'd always patch him up after he'd fall hurting some random part of his bidy. A kind hearted child who once wanted to save the world from the evils that corrupted our Kingdoms. HE only thought of how lost has his brother become.

"Nuett... We will pick this up in the morning... I must take this all in... I will save our home you can bet on that."

NAzuma said as he would walkover to the room with Daitsuya he would wave a goodnight to the ant. He would walk over to the bed with his queen and toether they fall into a deep slumber.

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Re: Return of The Banished King

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The troupe would be awoken by the sounds of more carriages approaching the cabin, Nuett would knock on the bedroom door as he spoke in a hushed tone. "M'lord and Lady, That isn't any of our convoys... take haste." He said as he readied himself. The moment put the trio on edge, it was odd that Nazuma nor Daitsuya didnt sense the aura of the people coming down the road. The cold chill of the night danced on the hairs of the prince and his companions. Soon Nazuma felt who it was, it was an aura he didn't want to feel. The reach of his shadow crept into the glow of the doors light. Then his dreadful knocking upon the door left an eerie echo that froze motion itself. It was if this knock came within a dream. Loud and radiant, it bounced off the floors and other windows.

Knock.. Knock,Knock!!
Knock.. Knock, knock, knock!!!

He couldn't believe it was him in this time, in this hour, at this moment. He began to feel his blood boiling as he listened to the bangs. His aura filled every inch of the cabin. He was a true menace , his words even echoed his broken soul.. It was dark and drenched in despair which manifested in the way he spoke.

"Oh, My Dear Brother... I come to bear a message because I know you can hear me...The power in which you and that rainbow look-a-like of yours stole will be mines. If you want to stop me from claiming what is rightfully mines... You must die.. Give me back which that is mine so that I may once again reach the Sovereign.... You took that from me... You taken so much you smelly Skelkin and I will continue to take everything from you... see in two days time. The era of Dracovis is no more. It is now the age of Mios the True King. I will erase everything that was, is or will be Dracovis..With the blood of my dearest cattle.I will become more powerful... Thus is the will of the Daishin.."

Nazu would hear a thunderous laugh that made his legs weak and his stomach turn. Then the sounds of the carriages pulling away and heading down the road. Once he was clear of all things Mios, Nazuma collapsed to his knees as he just tries to assess the situation. Why did he come? What was the purpose of him coming now at this time. Just to tell him he still hates him. To tell him he still wanted him dead. To tell him he hasn't forgave him....

"Why!, Why do they hate me so much..." The boy said as his eyes filled with tears and he began to curl into a ball. He planted his chin inside of his angled lap pushing his locs out of his face as he cried.. And cried...

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Re: Return of The Banished King

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He sat there in his sorrow as Daitsuya and Nuett did rounds of guarding the perimeter of the tree house. The tears now soaking the nice of his pajamas he's only been sitting there for almost 3 hours still sulking... This was unlike Nazuma. He was normally so put together so strong, However, Being here. Being home. He'd come only to feel the sorrow and despair that lingered with the presence of Mios. There was no joy, only a shroud of what it used to be. He took it all in his 1st night back home. He felt the ominous Ominous aura Of sadness the he himself could not shake. Mios Mana Was thick, it choked, may his stomach turn in his hard field as if it was going to explode through his chest..

Nazuma.. Please...

The girl cried out so whom they were synced her eyes shift it from the deep dark blue to the surface of the moon her hair now a bright sakura and her skin signed with the power of the Marashin. Unbeknownst to him, he had activated his anthem. This only sent him deeper into the depths of his denials...

"Please Nazu.. My Love you have to fight his influence. What you're feeling right now is Mios. He has infected your mind with his Naten. Please allow me to help you!..."

Daitsuya felt all of his sorrow, his pain. She now knows he was under a spell. Mios mind magic was very tricky, in defense his Anthem activated on its own, she wanted to help him so bad. But, she couldn't, He had fallen to deep into his own emotions, she had to sit there and watch Nazuma deal on his own. She couldn't bear to watch anymore. She tried reaching for him only to be knocked back by some unknown force. She burrowed into the sofa tearing it in two. Nuett Would rush to her summoning the power of Rai and zipping across the room taking the girl to safety...He had seen what was happening the battered corpse of Daitsuya from his own power made the ground around them begin to shake rambunctiously as the prince once again fell into a transit state. He began shouting the evils which plagued the tongues of Denkou... Or more so the things he paid no mind to came to hit him in his soul. His pride... His Lineage...."Why... Can't you control this... Why me.. Why does this power have to be mine.. Why did you pick me?... Why did the Marashin choose me... How did you do this, how did you kill someone you love.? "

He's silent cries now becoming a bellowed scream of pain and sorrow... He had finally lost it. His Naten became a gravitational pull, a black hole of a sort. Imploding objects that came into close range of him.

"Princess.. this the power of the Marashin... oooohhh its soooo riveting."

Nuett said as he began first aid to Daitsuya. He felt a rush a power he never felt before. He felt pain. Sorrow. Grief.. Lost, Gain, Sadness. Happiness. He felt the two of them. He felt Daitsuya's yarn to help her Prince. He felt the pain Nazuma was feeling in this moment. He only wanted to help his friends his comrades. He hadn't seen them in so long he didn't want to lose them here or them he. He prayed to the heavens. To the the Mother asking for someone anyone to help in this moment.

A transmutation circle manifested on the ground blow them and another above. The colors of red and green mana danced around room. . Putting everything back in place and repairing all the damage the Prince had done. They could feel not one but two presences enter the room, before them they manifested entering the confines oh their house.

"Calm your storm young prince...Your mind is clouded. So you must see with your heart."

"It seems you have many questions now that you Are finally here In the main land We can finally speak to you in person here your connection to the Sovereign Plains Is much more potent than in the Astral Kingdom."

The False King's Mana Is strong.

Their voice as echoes as the spirits came to hunt the room. They became as real as the floors that made up the tree house. Everyone looked in amazement. Still before them where the 1st Emerald King and the Ruby Queen, Ains Valkyn Ri'ore and Zareiyah Juhnei Flonne.

By the mother.." The snow here boy said as he kneels in Amazement. A glow from the otherworld came from behind them and then settled as they fully took life into the room. They stood over the prince as he was in shock himself. She reached for her prince helping him to his feet and wiping away his tears, she would smile him before giving him a kiss on the forehead" It has been a long while my little sparrow and my lovely dove. And you my flamboyant flamingo. Oh how I have missed seeing you 3 together... " in that instant he was freed of Mios' magic.His mind now clear. He looked to them as emotion of regret began to swell again. Daitsuya would grab him as The spirits began speaking.

I know you have many questions... However, I can only tell you What your mother and father knew of me and my wife just before you and Dazuma were conceived. That is all that is allowed. Given the fact you were just attacked by the Daishin here This is Darcovis' fail safe and someone just activated. "

"What in the Krypton is this..So then tell me everything from the beginning. Why were me and Dazuma born?"

"A few decades before you were born. The kingdom had fallen into the hands of the false king. De'o Was the mightiest of the bear yet his life was cursed with a multitude of failure. Which in turn made have a prime vessel for the Daishin. Surely he was defeated by Luvian in the tournament of kings and was sealed the way... However...."

"Luvian rebuilt the kingdom to it's former glory it had became a staple once more. But, he did not possess the power of rai. So once he took The path of kings and completed the trial With him not having the blessing he damaged the seal of the daishin giving it enough power to escape and Infect the minds of many Denkou. Luvian Fought the beast for which seems like a millennia. I couldn't bless him, the Arashin did not see him as worthy.No matter how many victories he had claimed in the name of the Sky Djinn. However Luvian made a promising vow for his victory if his wife would bear a son, Arashin would bless the child with his powers..If The former King gave up his Lightning magic. . he agree to the terms.. Thus with his faith held high he fought is way to victory."

Nazuma collected himself and began listening as he didn't know that was the reason his Grandfather lost his magic. He thought it happened when Darcovis was born and inherited the throne. His grandfather pretended to have lightning magic until his father took the throne. All this to bring the power back to the Ri'ore.

"Sha'Ren would soon after give birth to your father. You know the rest then. Darcovis becomes King and has his first son. Sheng..."

"Wait wait waita cotton picking second.... I thought Darcovis had three children Mios, Nazuma and Dazuma.Who the heck is this Sheng person? " said Nuett in confusion.

"That is correct my little Flamingos, However, Once Sheng gained Kingship he became something more, he became Mios. Much like Nazuma and Dazuma will become something more than themselves. They will be known through out the cosmos as the universe just follows suit. As I was Amari Flonne. Once I was blessed with the full power of The Marashin I became Zareiyah. A being of love, bravery, truths, and justice. I became the vessel of the Marashin. Thus I became someone new. Soon you will come to understand this. All of you. But please allow him to finish." She said as she explained and images of her old self would appear and vanish as if it were an Evolutionary Hieroglyphs.

"Darcovis had a rival.. one man he knew could best him in everything but in battle. De'on Singapore. He was set to be the Kings protector due to his leadership on the field of battle. However De'on was chosen for something different.. Around the time you came around by the birth of his own child. They say he and his entire family, his three daughters were told by the Marashin to go to the astral lands. There His wife had fallen ill passing, De'on married the Queen to be Ar'Gin A few months later De'on vanished without trace leaving pregnant Ar'Gin to take care of the kingdom and four children on her own. Many believe De'on has vanished when De'on is dead. Darcovis found him just outside the tomb of De'o. Drained of his life essence. His connection to the mother torn in two. There stood the beast in it purest form. It and Darcovis began to battle.... This daishin was much stronger. Than the one Luvian had battled despite all this odds did not loom for our King. "

Nazuma would look at Daitsuya and she at him.For that moment he felt Daitsuya's Emotions. Her eyes filled with tears as she watched A battle betwixt her father and her King. She watched as they fought day and night battle after battle. Onslaught after onslaught. She just found out she is an actual Flonne and not and Urso like she was lead to believe. She faced Hardships because her own mother wanted to hide the fact her father was killed by the Daishin. Daitsuya would run out of the Tree house. She began running her eyes filled with tears. As Nazuma chased he shouted her name
"Daitsuya wait!"

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Re: Return of The Banished King

Post by Daitsuya »

She ran blindly through the Forrest behind the treehouse. Her eyes filled with tears of emotion. This time she knew everything would come crashing down. She knew she was outted. She knew she had to tell him her deepest darkest secret.

She had stopped at a lake front her feet dirty from running. Her face filled with emotions as she began to feel weak,her legs felt like noodles, she collapsed to the ground. She silently cried..

17 years ago..

The heels of the women clicked quickly across the pearled tiles of the grand birth wing all in rush and scurrying which and every way. . In the halls echoed the sound of the Astral Queen Ar'Gin giving birth.

The cloud rumbled over the Astral skies. As the cries of a child gave them patience. The nurse would hand the queen her Child and she smiled into her eyes. That child came to be known as Daitsuya Amari Flonne Denkou. The first born Daughter of Ar'Gin Alzure of House Flonne..

Oh, aren't you the most beautiful Swan.

10 years later....

There she tested in the finest robes. Her locs a silky lavender with touches of white. Her skin glistened in the rays of the morning sun as it rose kissing her mocha cheeks. She would slowly Open her eyes as she rose to voices being heard down the hall of the Astral Palace. She got out of bed and began following the the p4incess got closer she could hear who exactly was talking. Her mother and a few other members of the Astral Denkou.

AstralMage1:Our test is confirmed is a way for us to activate your child's birthright. We may be able to stop this war from destroying our Kingdom.

Ar'Gin: She is but a Child, Why can't we wait? I still wanna be a mother. I could give a damn about this...

Astral Mage2: My Queen do you not understand with her being the offspring of the last Daishin and you ancient arcane bloodline we can awaken her Valkyrie power. She doesn't have any ties to the mother and this will allow her that connection.

Ar'Gin: You're asking me to place my child in the Court of Hearts with one of your creatures attached to her. All to awaken a power that could kill her in the first place. Why would I agree to this.

King Agro: I am sorry this is happening my Queen. However this must be done in order to protect the Astral lands . You and your child are the last two of the pure blood Flonne in the Astral.. You were meant to produce such a prominent offspring. D'eon was no ordinary Denkou. He was the previous Daishin. So He had a connection to the sovereign plains. A Sun Bear .. The whores of the Denkou. You just got lucky honestly. You are only Queen because Onohall was selected to be Queen by His Majesty and They gave you The First Chair 22 years ago.

AstralMage1: Producing a offspring who has no connection to Rai will mean that the Astral chairs will be up for vacancy once the princess comes comes of age unless she married one of the Three Princes from the Ascension. The Ri'ore must fall their children being born has brought about Sigil and our days in peace hangs in the balance. We intend on shifting it in our favor. The Denkai will no longer be ruled by the Ri'ore. No more will we be considered as the lesser Kingdom.

Daitsuya: Mammi, I want to do this. I want to free my sisters. I have to as the next Queen of the Denkai. I'm going to make you smile again Mammi. I promise.

The next day she awoke to an escort. She had gotten dressed and then was transferred to the court of hearts. There she was met by a team of scientist and they attached a creature known as a Denkital, a creature that is naten aware like many others. Except this one feeds on natural energy. Allowing it to fuse and combine with a host giving them the ability to unlock the bloodline genetics in a living being. Four where needed for the young Princess. As each creature slithered and attached themselves to the Denkai Princess she would scream in pain. Her mother cried out for her, even trying to run towards her as the procedure looked as if it were Killin the young Princess. In a flash of light and a skin crawling scream Daitsuya had vanished. Moments later she came crashing down out of the sky. Her hair Pink as a Sakura Tree and on her back we're wings of an angel. The plush white feathers covered her entire body like a warm silk robe. Queen Ar'Gin reached for her daughter but would halt as Daitsuya regained consciousness and stopped herself and began gaining altitude.

5 years ago:

Daitsuya stared at the white haired boys and their Mother ,Onohall, as they made their rounds greeting all those who came for the Onomichi of Mios' She could see the power that swirled around them like leaves caught in a gust of wind. She was amazed at Nazuma.... She had looked at his dark mocha skin, his shiny icy silver hair, his soft brown lips. She had felt an anxiety take over her as she stared at him. Soon her heartbeat and breathing became so heavy she could barely think. She wondered what was going on. She would be calmed by a touch on her shoulder. She looked to see it was her Mother.

"My dear Swan.. you must know your target.. You must save our country it is up to you. You have a choice you can do this the right way. Next year you will be 14 and he will be 12. You have already been approved by the Council and will be living here as his AID. You're job will be to protect him until he comes of age to become married. You're to Marry Prince Mios, however... That might not be something to hold on to.It seems he and an Urso whore have bedded one another. However we have a plan in your favor his whore will die. We will kidnap Prince Nazuma and Dazuma you will save them by joining the Sun Valkyrie , giving you Nobility and the right to
be chosen as Mios' Queen. Then you will Kill the twins of Dracovis preventing Sigil. And allowing one true royal to rule and The Flonne to remain in power in the Astral lands.

"Mamma.. I don't like Mios. His soul is dark. Dazuma heart isn't what you think and Nazuma is.... He's....."

"What do you mean?"

"I don't know how I know, I can't read his power he's blocking me, but... Mios'heart is filled with goop. I see fire around him how don't you feel it Mamma, the heat from him is draining. He reminds me of Dadi's right before.."

Astral Queen Ar'Gin,Good Day to you. I hope you have had great health in these trying times. said Onohall as she came to face her Sister. Daitsuya could see the difference in the two sisters. Onohall carried herself with elegance and pride. Her connection to Rai emulated through her skin. She was covered in runes from the neck down. Each representing her level of power as an Arch-Shaper. On her palm drawn on the inside of her them she had the symbol of Dracovis tatted just as the runes were. Daitsuya could see the magical essence that surrounds each rune. She could see Swirls of lighting dance across Onohall's body as if she was powering up for a attack. But the light remain still not electrifying anyone that touched her.

Daitsuya saying she could see their hearts intention This made Ar'Gin wonder what was going on with Daitsuya's eyes. The answer was simple she could see Naten in the persons heart. The base of their network. She saw Mios'dark soul. Dazuma confined heart. Nazuma's Adventurous heart. And Onohall's strength. She was inspired by them.

"Mamma, I don't want to marry Mios... His heart is filled is filled with Despair...Mios is..."
Ar'Gin wouuld hush the girl by nudging her shoulder as she spoke.

"Hehe.. the banters of a child..I am all well my Queen Onohall... Dracovis' death is still felt in the Astral Lands as it is here. I haven't seen you since his majesty's funeral. "

Yes.. the banters of a child. One must not dwell in the past. Our late King has been with Rai for almost a year now. Mios is now 17 and will gain the throne at 18. He had chosen His wife to be Ida Issasin Urso. She has proven that she can bare a child of Rai. Which means SHE and Mios have made the connection. She passed her Gatekeeper trials. And now must guide Mios to the sovereign plains. Where he will meet the Divine Storms. Onohall would look at Daitsuya as she spoke and noticed her eyes. ...This child... Has something special about her..
Her eyes are like that of our ancestors. She isn't a blemish Flonne? In almost a century outside of me. How did your child not pick up the Astral skin blemish?

"My Father's name is D'eon Singapore. He is a noble from the main land. It seems his genetics are much stronger than that of a Flonne of the Astral lands,plus he was a Sun Bear. He.."

"I am well aware of who he is. He was my husband's best friend. I must ask how are your sisters Young Princess.

"All citizens from the main land are treated fairly. However,I will not have the children of whores in my castle sitting alongside me and my daughter.I accommodate them for their services to the royal family.However they are not my children and fall into regular house rank being Urso.

You're still full of Sh..
The Queen would halt her words as Nazuma and Dazuma came to her side. Daitsuya would lock in with Nazuma for a moment. He he spoke placing his hands to his side and bowing.
Hello,I'm Prince Nazuma Jhunei of
Ri'ore House, nice to meet you.

The boy said nervously..

No, You did it wrong again brother. You have to do it like this... the boy said to his twin as he straightened out his hair that seem to drop over his brow from time to time. Good Day, I am Prince Dazuma Ains of House Ri'ore.
He would place his palm over his chest crossing his legs and taking a bow. The official greeting of Denki royals. Nazuma would copy his brother and speak the proper greeting. She came to meet his with her own. She smiled at both of them. As the conversation between their mothers continued..

Nazuma would look at her and the two of them had fallen into a trans. There it felt as if it were just them two. Their minds connected. She could hear him and he her.
"You aren't like the others here are you. You can see their breath?
She would nod.

"Are you strong?"[/I
She nodded again.

The room started to pick up a draft of wind as the two of them stared into each other's eyes. Nazuma's Amber hue started to change and shift to a light grey and her deep dark blue eyes would begin to brighten to cyan. As the two youths locked in with one another the two Queens would look around to see if anyone noticed any thing out of the ordinary. The winds became fierce as they shutters shook and rattled. One Denkou would shout giving caution to a forming tornado.

"Lustful Gaze... that in a child... So she really is her reincarnation... He and Her...You did exactly what they wanted you to do. Well All I can say is tampering with the will of the Storm never ends in anyone's favor but the Daishin..

"I didn't agree with this ,however..Agroven is King... I'm only your adoptive sister do not speak as if we are blood..I must follow his rule..It's the power your council gave him.
" Ar'Gin said as she and Onohall stepped in front of their children, cutting their eye sights from each other. Which quickly stopped whatever was about to happen when the two locked eyes... Daitsuya stood there as her eyes returned to normal and so did the prince's. The two stared. At each other as their mothers bickered with each other. This was their chance to sneak off finally. However they would be joined by the others and seated in the front. Facing everyone they came to sit next to each other he grabbed her hand...


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Re: Return of The Banished King

Post by Nalumire »

Nazuma and Nuett grabbed their gear and chased after her, knowing all too well of the danger they were now stepping into. The second he stepped from the porch of the treehouse he felt an eerie sensation tingle his spine. The air was cold and crisp he could see his breath, as he spoke.

“ We have to find her… If he gets Daitsuya… Then I am as good as dead.”
The Prince said sternly.

Nuett looked at Nazuma as if he was crazy after all he was the prince and he could have anyone he wanted. However, the story is much deeper than that…

“So this is what a Ri’ore is.. this is very much so like the stories my Da use to tell of him and the Ri’ore. Cold and Dark nights. Creeping through a Desultory Forrest in the devils doorway. This is an obvious trap..”
Nuett said. He as a bit more excited Than Nazuma. He could see the seriousness of the Prince which made him take the situation a bit more serious himself. He followed him. A few steps in the prince came to a halt.

Nazuma: You don’t have to continue.. this is my fight. I can’t ask you to come with me…

Nuett: Hahaahah.. Please, it would be my pleasure to aid you. Someone has to keep your head on straight. My anthem allows me to have some resistance to magical attacks to the mind. I’ll help you as much as I can. .. tell me Nazuma is the Divine Spiral real? I watched you and her. When your subconscious activated your anthem. I noticed the princess’s power manifest as well.

Nazuma: The Divine Spiral. The power in which was blessed to the Ruby Queen. In our studies at Ars Avia we learned about it. I don’t remember much about it. However our Magistrate did have an hypothesis on what it was. Much like the Divine flame, being two souls bounded by faith to experience equivalent situations. Me and Daitsuya are much like te winds that dance across the face of the mother.

Nuett: What are you saying? The Marashin powers are shared.

Nazuma: Not exactly.. It can be passed down. All you need is to consume a single feather while we are in Valkyris form. That will allow a pact to be formed between the two people. And the one with the weaker arcane will become as powerful as the person who bestowed it to them. Allowing them the ability to access the Nein Spectra. The Divine Spiral. A power that controls the Motions of life. We make each other strong by our resolve and the bonds we build with our loved ones. If the person dies we become weaker. The more people we have bonds with the stronger we are.

Nuett would begin to tear up in his eyes as the prince spoke with passion and ambition. This made him want to help Nazu all the more. His words made Nuett heart melt.

Nuett: Ahwahhh! Well we are just gonna have to get you your princess back honey. I am with you all the way. I swear you have my full support I know I won’t be much help M’lord but I will do what I can.

With that te duo continued to follow the princess into the darkness of the Forrest.

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Re: Return of The Banished King

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They continued through the forest, following the footprints of the princess. Like inferred vision, Nazuma was able to track her from her Naten. He knew she was using her magic to move at a quick pace. How far was he behind her? where did she go? His mind raced. He could only worry about her safety. She was always by his side and the moment they split he felt lost he had to find her.

This was a ploy a way to keep them separated, Mios also knew the fact Nazuma shared his power with Daitsuya and that keeping them apart and fixated on their lives could possibly leave them vulnerable to his magic.

Nazuma moved quickly, dashing through the trees. His speed was god like. He danced in the air like a leaf caught in a strong wind. Nuett grew tiresome. He could only keep up off of momentum.

Sorry, I must say, It is getting harder for me to keep this pace M’lord.. I am not as adept in battle as you. If we could slow down I’d like to rest a bit..

Nazuma would stop, landing in the tree tops. The Vally of the Ascension was vast. It was like a Peruvian Rainforest, filled with creatures, monsters, and spirits. It is rich in Naten and is an mages Eden. It’s a utopia for wildlife, lustrous flowers and exotic plants. The creatures here grow sometimes as big as the main palace in height. One hundred kilometers wide and filled with more than a thousand ways to die.

Please I shall grant you but a moment.. However , it must be short. If we are still for too long we can become a goblins snack… You must know the creatures here are very dangerous and the enchantments we have around the palace are the only thing separating us from the beast in the Koanki's forrest...

Nuett would land beside the prince he would flop down on the tree pulling a canister from his hip bag. He began gulping down the remnants of water inside it.
This forrest has always given me the chills. Remember when Da and King Dracovis first took us camping back here and I don't remember it being so eerie looking.

As the boy spoke the sounds of the twigs crunching under someones foot. The boys took caution as they were met with a group of eyes watching them. Hellish snickers and snars could be heard coming from the wispy shadow figures. Ghost? Ghhouls? Goblins? No only one name they were called in the Denkou Kingdom. Hanabaki, Creatures who feed on Naten. Consuming magic like a vacuum, it is a bottomless pit when it feeds on a mages arcana. One would think why build a Kingdom on the hive of such creatures, it made obvious sense in terms of finding a king for only a King can attract a horde on his own due to his immense connect to the Rai-Father.
Nazuma was drawing the creatures toward him and his comrade the more he use his Power.. No.. Not him.. The creatures weaseled pass him and Nuett as if they weren't there at all. He followed they gathered all running towards a heat that emitted from the middle of the forest. One by one they lined the barriers of the hind grounds. Stopping just before runes craved in the ground . They remained still. Nazuma looked in shock as he couldn't believe what he was seeing. These creatures are normal like termites, the pack together and drain their targets of as much Naten and then run off to whatever hellhole they crawled from. Being bitten to much can poison you and the creature also has a venom that can shutdown your limbs; but they stop here in front of something the two of them heard about in a story.
The look of the faceless being sent chills down the spine of the Denkou boys as it stood there as if it were calling out to the Hanabaki. The creatures gathered and became one with this summoner of despair. Nazuma wondered what these creatures were doing so close to the main kingdom. They weren't attacking. However this behavior is odd.

I am for one now a creeped out Son of Deng. I don't want to find out what a Yokai-dyjinn is doing with a Hanabaki.... Do they feed on the creatures that feed on us. Isn't that a crazy shit for brain way of life.

Nazuma would grab Nuett and continue his journey looking for the Princess.

"We Have to keep going he will only try to distract us from reaching her. We cant let him get to her first. We can deal with this later."

The moment Nazuma touched Nuett he felt some surge throughout his body. A rush. The two of them looked at each other. Then awkwardly they continued to run through the forest. It was like a army obstacle course , they ran, jumped and climbed. Trying to keep the energy consume as low as possible in this eerie night sky, many creatures like the ones before and some even worse live back here. No wonder why the Denkou's castle stood as tall and mighty as it did. It was as long the field that shared its backyard with the forest. Again Nuett would sop for a break slowing the prince down once more. He did things in a manner that extended their initial trip.

"Listen to me I don't know what's going on but. I can't keep doing this stopping crap you keep doing. I have to find Daitsuya. " his eyes cut an emotion that would tear the heavens in two. The Gamallow boy looked the prince with worry. His statue changed as his words didn't sound kind.

Nazuma would realize his words.. He began to realize his surroundings.

"Hey didn't we pass this already?..
he said as he began walking forward. There again he saw the creatures gather. there again he saw the shadowy figures gather. They stood there lifeless as before. The prince began walking through the graveyard of monsters. They all looked at him but didn't move they remained still. Their whisper heard but they spoke a tongue not native to him. The boy stopped just before the Hooded figures. Its essence drawing him in like a fly to a zapper.

Now do you think thats a good idea? I get they not moving but darling they are still creatures of despair.
Nuett said as he stood watching the prince from afar. He wasn't the bravest of Kin and yet he was here. That said a lot to him, however, in this moment he only knew that this was nothing to normal snd he wanted to get away from the occult gathering.

These aren't regular Yokai...
He said staring at them.

What are they?..

Do not fear them my sparrows, They will not Harm you. They never intend to harm... They are the Joukai... The ones native to the Ascension.
The two of them now stood side by side . The Creature then moved and pointed in the direction to pass it. They taken haste to the creatures guidance, walking by, they remained close to each other never understanding what as truly going on. Like arrows the hooded spirits lined up and pointed them guiding them to what would seem like his eternal resting place, the night gave the forest a murky dull look, the chill of the night caught in his every breathe. As he journeyed deeper into what seem like a never ending map of loops and turns. They finally came to a stop.

There stood a man surrounded by bird spirits. He had snow white hair and pale skin. He was dressed informal wear and a cloak that stop just over his hips. His aura was chilled and elegant. Who was he?
Welcome, My Prince. The Man said as he took a Bow.

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