Fleeting Emotions

A massive forest teeming with Naten and many natural mineral deposits. The forest is capable of leading you to what your heart desires most.
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Fleeting Emotions

Post by Azazel »

"He really doesnt get it, not that I find that so surprising. He has so much on his plate, it be impossible to see every detail as clearly as his 'gifts,' would lead him to believe.

He said while sitting in the tree, dangling his feet over the thick maluukian wood, he gave little mind to the neiboring fauna that shared the forest. Today though was particularly busy, the warmth on the winds were favorable weather after fresh rainfall. Besides his woes with his father, it was this very weather that had lead him to leave his home.

"But damn, he could atleast listen!"

He shouted, stiring the the birds that lived above him. He plucked at a leaf he found resting beside him, methodically picking bits of the leaf off at a time. Yet as distracted as he may be, out the corner of his eye he saw drifters. They were moving about the forest, their faces werent familar,but, he had little to worry about. The forest had its way with dealing with people who didn't belong.

"Why would he send Nagase on a mission, without even asking me....he deliberately hid it from me;but, why...."

From out of nowhere thick famine lips coated in a pink gloss leaned into Azazel ear and whispered.

???He's ashamed of you.

Startled at first by the sudden sound in his ear and the dangers his mind calculated at record speed, but he knew that voice and her crude and cutthroat remarks were as equally as unforgettable.

Azazel:Lucille! You damn near gave me a heart attack.

-lucile fell from the tree in a fit of laughter, falling through the countless branches that protruded from the tree.-

Lucile: You should've seen your fuckin face Azazel, I bet your asshole is still tight.

Azazel: It's never been a mystery why you were killed so young lucile.

Lucile:Thats low Azazel. The wounds still fresh.

She said while revealing the gore hidden under her shirt.

Azazel: Why are you here Lucile. Can't you see im trying to reflect and sulk.

Lucile:right, I'm clearly interuptting something important so I'll just return to the Astral plane and keep my information about your dad's next mission.

Azazel eyes shut up and practically pierced through Lucile wispy visage.

Azazel: Stop! Tell me!

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Re: Fleeting Emotions

Post by Azazel »

His hands were grasped tightly together, shaking feverishly as he pleaded with Lucile to give up her information.

Lucile:I dont care how much you cry Azazel.

She said sharply, cutting through his squabbling words with a low gutural rumble of a cry.

Azazel:Then what? C'mon, you always play the victim when you fuel your life force off my suffering.

Lucile gasped, clutching at her chest,squeezing at her bright red skin.

Lucile:I'm touched. I didn't think you noticed.

Azazel:...Dammit luci- You already came here with terms in mind, so...let me here it?

Lucile pauses.

Lucile:Then...we have a deal?

Azazel...You're--You haven't stated your terms, Lucile. What do yo-

Lucile: He aims war at the Islands hidden in the storm of Rudral, far off in the middle of the ocean.

Azazel: War? There's no proof the islands even exsist, even from space the storm of rudral veils the entire sea...even its depths.

Lucile:Youre excited and I'm excited, sooo we have a deal?

Azazel....You aren't a good example of healthy relationship with the spirit world, you HAVEN'T stated your terms.

Lucile....ooooooo I'm sorry, I always forget you aren't a psychic.

She said with a smile that crossed from ear to ear, a mask covering up her deliberate jab at his psyche.

Lucile:Ok. Ok. Ok. Azazel, I really need your help, soo dont be mean. I know how and when your dad is going to invade the islands hidden on rudral and I say invade because...he estimates there is a populations of several millioin He's-

Azazel: Impossible?! Another one of his hunches?

Lucile:No! Someone escaped.

Azazel: Don't, think... I've forgetten you haven't told me what you want;but, the... plot does thicken. What do you mean, escaped?

Lucile:She says beyond the raging magnetic storm is a system of island that have thrived for the last thousands years, but was recently politically usurped by a group of people calling themselves The Seed.

She kinda gets really lost on her details when discussing seed, a byproduct of truama im sure;but, she was certain she could show someone the way in.

It took a while for the information to settle on his stomach, pop up gangs were a common apperence on vescrutia. With the abundance and assecibilty of naten, every charismatic lunatic had a reason why they should be the one to redraw the lines.

"The Seed? I've actually heard that name a few times around the forest, their some innitivie, a call of arms for underground cults to unite.

Lucile: Exactly and Zeik knows where they are meeting and-

Azazel:...But, how does any of this involve you?

Lucile:Theres someone on the island I need to speak with, but on top of lacking the skill to commune with spirits...they also, don't know who I am....further complicating the connection, but they were...the last ones to see my brother.

Azazel: We have a deal.

Lucile: Really, we have a deal? A promise made with our bond that you'll help me...

Azazel: You have my-

Lucile: Burn the son on bitch who cheated me.

Azazel: word.. Oh god damn you!

A burst of flames seared a marking on his arm, signifying the bond between spirits.

Lucile: listen...listen. yes, I tricked you. But, it's not as bad as it seems, Azazel. Cmonnnn. You know me. This loser is tied up in some really dirty shit, but dont ponder too long on how i know him...just trust me, he's gotta go.

Azazel....Tsk. shut up Luci. We already know i have to honor this mark, cant afford to make any debts on my soul. C'mon, tell me everything you know about my dad mission.

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Re: Fleeting Emotions

Post by Azazel »

Lucile with a devilish smile gleams over Azazel's shoulder as they began their journey towards the warp stone. They move through thenforwst underbrush, ignoring the elves swinging from the branches above them.

"Oh yea, the 'mission,' Lucile said mocking his father's stiff demeanor. "Well, it begins with an Akuma reaching out to your father while he was in the Astral plane.

Azazel: An Akuma...they aren't extinct?

Lucile:According to this one, they've been living in peace behind the storm of Rudra, they sought refuge at sea-

Azazel: yea, fleeing the persecution of their neighbors. Akuma were a matriarchal society where men were out numbered 14 to 1. A mad king lead a witch hunt, proclaiming the priests of akuma could cure all ailments

Lucile:...could they?

Azazel: In extremely rare cases, yes. Their medicinal technology was about average for the times, but they were capable of producing a variety of complex chemicle in their blood streams, which could be exchanged in...a variety of ways. They were notably capable of spreading paralysis, mind amnesia...and a variety of...stimulants.

Lucile:...What are you hiding?

Azazel chuckled nervously.

Azazel: Nothing! I mean...it's all speculation, so dont worry about it. I shouldn't have interrupted you.

Lucile:Anyways. Some cult fanatic found a way through the storm and have enslaved her people

Azazel:...that's awful.

Lucile: Yea, she's really broken up about it.

Azazel stares at Lucile.

Lucile:Zeikkkkkk is funding a campaign to breech the storm and reclaim the island for the Akuma.

Azazel:Hmm. You could be lying...about all of this.

Lucile: I'm not. Check his desk if you dont believe me.

Azazel: What about this guy you claim cheated you?

Lucile: oh! This jack off rigged the game! I had possessed this girl, DON'T look at me like that, she was asking for it. Practically begged me! Pffft! You had to be there. Anyways, i was winning like crazy and this blow hole throws in some bogus dice. I didnt realize it till it was tooo late and if lost all my money...well, her money.

Azazel:Thats it? You assume he cheated you because you lost?

Lucile: You never trust me Azazel and it hurts. I know he's a cheat, he works with the cult your old man is tracking, Seed. They're setting up a trade tonight, smuggling something with an irreplaceable value he says.

Azazel:Hmph. I'll believe it when i see it. This forest warp stone is right up ahead, where am I heading when i get there? I need time to visualize the nearest stone.

Lucile:A port town near the neovian border called, Erosia.

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Re: Fleeting Emotions

Post by Azazel »

Azazel and Lucile made it to the warp stone, a large pillar with unique engravings on it. The stone was connected to a large swath of identical rocks located all around vescrutia, allowing anyone who knew the spell, free and speedy travel around the large planet.

Azazel:"You're fucking kidding me? Erosia is literally listed as 1 of the top 10 places to be born on this planet, a lawless city run by criminals."

Lucile:It's not so bad once you look past all the abductions, corruption and maimed bodies, Azazel. Besides, everywhere cant be as pretty as your daddies lil forest.

Azazel:..All of this for information, I still haven't verified as true.

Lucile:...Well, do you wanna stop at your dad's office and check the relevence of my words? orrrr are you gonna march into Erosia, alone and unarmed and stop criminals from smuggling....whatever?

Azazel: Hush. I'm trying to visualize the closest warp stone. I gave my word that I would help you, I only hope it isn't to my downfall.

Lucile: Don't be so grim. If you die, we can spend more time together. She said with a flirtatious wink.

Azazel placed his hand on the stone and recited the spell he'd learned from his father, which seemes to steer his thoughts off into a memory and Lucile's voice faded to the back ground. He could see himself standing beside a large boulder with a bright light inside of it. Large feline and canine spirits appeared in the sky and spoke to him, though his memory of what they said was too foggy to recall. He'd forgotten about that day until this moment.

Azazel: odd time to remeber that dream.

Lucile:were you...even listening to me?

Azazel:...theres a warp stone near Erosia, maybe a ten min walks away

Lucile:I'll meet you there, these stones only move physical matter...

Azazel:I understand that, but... What's the man look like?

Lucile: Hmmm, never been much for describing a person's face but i can tell you he has the most unassuming aura ive ever felt, kinda hard to even tell he's in the room...aside from his pungent odor.

Azazel; Great, I'm looking for a smelly weirdo. That wont be hard to find in Erosia, oh wait...That's half the population and since when could you spell?

Lucile: I can't smell. The odor this clown secrets, it's not from his body. It's his Aura.

Azazel:...smelly Aura?

Lucile: Just warp already.

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