Open Campaign: The Devils Eye

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Open Campaign: The Devils Eye

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Reports have been pouring in about large scale abductions. With whole settlements gone and little damage done to the surronding infrastructure,we can assume a highly organized unit is behind this. We have reason to believe that the leaders of this ambiguous unit are meeting out in the middle of the Sea near the Devils Eye, a continental size storm that protects the Lost islands. Survivors of the previous event recalled large ominous eyes appearing over their town and unfamiliar people in white robes in their towns on the night of the attack.

The lost island have been protected by a never ending storm, strong winds and high electro magnetic activity render even the most advanced naval and aviation useless. Leaving many to believe the island dont exsist anymore due to raging waters.

Identify The leadership of the mysterious cult.
Locate the missing person and free them.

This is an Open Campaign and will need a number of Players to fill in the roles:
Faction Members
Faction Leaders

We're finding artifacts baby!

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