Operation Pierced Veil

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Operation Pierced Veil

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Pierced Veil: Pierced veil is a campaign focusing on user inclusivity and narrative control. User's participating in this campaign would be responsible for guiding their own role play, reducing wait times. Lore bits will be supplied to the writer and they would unearth that within their arrative how they saw fit.

Plot: A lost civilization seeks refuge behind a powerful magnetic storm, hidden with the vast eastern ocean. The storm, an natural work of wonders hides them away from prying eyes for little over a millennia. However they've recently had their homes usurped by a group called The Last Seed.

Less than a week ago a woman from the island, hidden behind the storm, escaped the cults oppressive regime and made contact with Astral City' s Arch Mage, Zeik Hellgate. He quickly mobilized a search and rescue party to locate the woman, who was drifting at sea at the time, bringing her back to the City.

Over the course of a week Alice, the yong Akuma that was stranded at sea, began to share information about the islands with the Arch mage, but found it incredibly difficult to remember any details about the people who took over her home. We suspect her memories have been altered somehow, perhaps a spell imposed on her or all of the people behind the storm.

Despite having successfully repelled Famine's surprise attack, her presence left lasting wounds on the psyche of the citizens of Astral city. This fear is only exasperated by the growing concern of the horsemans involvement with the Cultist Uprising and what that means for the war, making the girls information about Seed all the more important .

Setting: Alice warned us the island that her people inhabit the most are the sky islands. Three of the land masses are permantly suspended in the air. We suspect this has something to due with the magnetic fluctuations behind the veil.

The islands havent been explored by human or elvnkind other than the Akuma who call it home and that was only within the last 1000 years. Due to this amount of isolation, evolution is likely to have occurred in isolation resulting in genetic diverse creatures not seen anywhere else on vescrutia soil.

Objective: Through the process of the mission, you can expect to uncover the primary and secondary objectives of the cultist uprising, Seed. Little information on the cult has been confirmed, mostly just rumors passed along the taverns of the free cities. However what we do know is Seed is a new super power on the sphere, which suddenly emerged shortly after the Horsemen laid siege to Kemet. The cult, their words not ours, is composed of several factions of dangerous individuals, each with their own influence around the planet. How and why they are operating together is high priority information to the Astral struggle against the horsemen. Confirming the number of leaders within Seed will act as your first objective.

Your Second objective is to confirm the nature of the Akuma's Blight. Alice, the lost drifter of the islands, suspects some machine or spell is altering their perception, preventing her people from identifying their enemy. Our information around this Blight is miniscule, operate with caution.

Collab opportunity
If youre interested in rp'ing a role within the island plot, say for instance you wanna be apart of Seed, then let me know because I'm looking for help.
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Re: Operation Pierced Veil

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I'll help, and stuff

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