A Scions Wish; A Bond Reforged Roadmap

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A Scions Wish; A Bond Reforged Roadmap

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Primary Objective - Navigate a treacherous forest in order to find Gavin’s village in order to restore Zol’s physical form.

Lore Primer - In order to save his friends from the terrible foe known as the Noviik Zol pushed himself far beyond his mortal limits awakening an ancient astral power. His pet, Meru turned out to be a “ Sister fo Kalor” a faery from the astral realm where his powers originated from, tasked with watching over him. She forced his power and reawakened the memories of who he was. He was successful in driving away the monster at the cost of his physical body. Just as the light of his soul was about to flicker out it was saved by a mysterious pink-haired child.

Op Level - Medium lol

Location - The Fae Wood

Faces - Other characters you might run into while away.

Foes - Denizens of the Fae Wood

Factions - Factions directly related to the plot of the thread


Party- How many people do you need to join you?

Extra Bits - Feel free to include more backstories or images or music or anything else you might want to bring in to create the proper ambiance.

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