For The Betterment of the People: A Necessary Evil

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For The Betterment of the People: A Necessary Evil

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"Can't even see the Astral in the horizon anymore." Kai was soaring through the air on silver wings. It had been quite some time since he'd touched Vescrutian soil, a few years actually. His wounds had fully healed and he was back in his fighting prime for some time. He had even picked up some new tricks in his time there.

He propelled himself through desert lands, the scenery quickly changing to lush meadows. The angel was on his way to a village that was unnamed, but was marked on the map he acquired from his pirate exploits. If it didn't hold information on one of the three remaining artifacts, it was still important for some reason. Kai just had to find out how. Thankfully for him, it just so happened there were some things that needed to be...taken care of in that particular area.

The mission was simple: Kai was to survey the town and surrounding areas in search for a particularly brutish band of gangsters that were terrorizing the good folks that lived there. Once they were located, their entire ranks, from foot soldiers to the man in charge were to be eliminated swiftly. No mercy. Kai would have to rely on his Siviar training. He couldn't let emotions or morals get in the way of his blade.

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