Legend of the Everglow: Northward Bound

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Re: Legend of the Everglow: Northward Bound

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Zero sighed, Bo’s litany of questions was expected, maybe not all at the same time. His enigmatic stance on responses served him well in situations where he didn’t need the trust of his companions. It had been so long since he actually needed to explain himself to anyone but Atra, and that shadow-clad Fae was even more enigmatic than Zero tried to be. His aloofness belied the true nature of the young flyman.

As the windmobile barreled across the dust and debris, Zero moved his neck in small circles to loosen up a bit of the tension he retained from escaping Duster’s in the nick of time. No need to bring that stress into a place where it’d only multiply. Gotta keep things light and loose.

“You might not have heard of Uran, but you might have heard legends of a few of its expats. The Urani people are pretty well known as ‘travelers from a far off land’,” he began.

“There’s more than a few legends across all corners of Vescrutia about distant travelers helping to cultivate order, win wars, being heralded as heroes of a people who turn their feats into legend. So their homeland is under constant siege-ish. Lots of people want revenge for their own fallen countries. Others want to conquer it and take the land for themselves. Which is why they’re tucked away behind a spell that hides them from prying eyes all the way out here in the Ganjun Wastes.”

Zero stretched, the sound of his own voice boring him as they made their way. He hated monologuing, but Bo hit him with everything all at once, so he had to sit through it all.

“I happened to be part of a group who was just looking for a few pieces of treasure. We found it, but not without some… complications.”

He paused as the speckled plot they approached seemed to ebb and flow, waving on the horizon. The heat made it hard for him to discern the kind of movement. He squinted for a moment and made an inquisitive groan to himself. Could have been dust or a mirage, but they’d have to get closer to discern.

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Re: Legend of the Everglow: Northward Bound

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His eyes would widened as he listened to Zero's answers to his little pop quiz. Bo has gravely underestimated the esteem of this journey. They were actually going to a place of legend?! His eyes were sparkling with intrigue absorbing the tiny crumb like details he was hearing. He whipped out his pocket book. It was where he jotted down anything of note to him so that he could research it later. He'd start a fresh page and column for this journey alone.

He knew he smelled it on him. The scent of a man who has seen his fair share of the world. Bo's instincts about people were scarcely wrong. The Urani sounded much like the Denkou in the sense that outsiders were typically unwelcomed. A place riddled in myth and prestige abut nothing was known of the Denkou as far as he had come to know. No legends to behold, no story told. The seclusion of maintaining their heritage came with the territory of being an autonomous power. No...there had to be something out there. His people marched for ten millennia in search of a hoe. What happened during that time ? Just their lands alone were this infamous? Bo had to admit the deeper into this realm they went the colder he was begging to feel despite the heat around them. It was more of an inward chill, an omen?

This is an Errand to him? Heh...he's nuts

Though he'd have to have been just as crazy for deciding to tag along with a complete stranger. Though never in Bo's wildest dream did he think te would be searching for what sounded like a literal utopia. Bo listened intently to Zero's mini discourse. Noticing the slight somberness of his voice...
“I happened to be part of a group who was just looking for a few pieces of treasure. We found it, but not without some… complications.”

"Meaning...People died"

Bo said as they continued towards the horizon. He would fold his hands in a pyramid formation. A signature of his people that gestured for the safe passing of the souls of those who chased the beyond before him. Seekers of legends pursuers of ancient hidden knowledge. This is what he came from. He thought back to his time at the academy and a rather strange occurrence that prompted him to take start this journey across Vescrutia.
Suddenly Dazuma realized that he wasn’t looking at Hughes, Misha, or the Neovian Arcadium anymore. He was looking upon Vescrutia from space. Watching the suns and moons dance around the mother planet in a celestial waltz.

“You remind me…”

A voice called out to him, familiar and foreign. As the cosmic entities spun faster and faster a flash of light flooded Dazumas vision as Vescrutia regarded him by name.

“Dazuma, it is not secret that you are destined for great purpose. Like 42nd Pillar you walk the path of the Recorder. It’s time to uncover the truth. And it begins with a single question…”
"I promise Zero...You will not witness my fall today...I absolutely must survive"

It would all unravel before him, this purpose this path. He just needed to keep searcher...hunting for the answers. He didn't mean to pester Zero but he had to ask whatever he could...he would consider it currency for his help here.

"One more Question."

He said as his hands seeped into his pockets, grabbing his pocket book once more.

"You ever heard the term "Pillar" before?"

If Uran was home to deep rooted treasures perhaps information about these Pillars also exited there somewhere. The 42nd Pillar; The Recorder. This is what he heard in that vision. How many of them were there? What did they all stand for? He didn't know if he would even find any information here. BUt he had to ask...there was a common thread here somewhere...

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