The Arcanum Iris and The Prince

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The Arcanum Iris and The Prince

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The streets were filled with the neovians as Nazuma made his way through the brussels of crowds. He had traveled far from the Astral city on an important mission, Assigned to him by the Astral council. His footsteps crunched the snow unearth his feet, leaving a path bhind him that would quickly be copied by the person behind him.

He would have his site taken from him for just a second as his bride eclipsed his vision in a playful matter. “ Guess who?”

The Denki Prince would turn around to come to see her. Nazuma didn’t normally have Daitsuya with him while he does missions for the Astral City however he did feel the need to bring her along. This was a tricky case indeed. He needed all the help he could get honestly. He never had done anything like this. Most of his mission were him escorting higher ups from one place to another. It had been two years since he had joined the Astral City Guard under Zeik’s recommendation. He quickly rose to detective and this was his first case outside the Astral City. He had been tracking a ring of sex traffickers and a cartel ring. His latest clue lead him here..


"So you were able to find me easily I see. "

He said as he wrapped his arm around a girl much shorter than him and gave her a kiss on her forehead.

"Yeah, the trip however was a bit.....eventful. There was an Astral storm which made the lot of our tech go on the fritz. I was able to keep the heavy winds from ruining the wings of the Airship. But that's also what I get for not trusting a Gamallow to guide the convoy."

Daitsuya said nonchalantly.

"Why must you persist to do things on your own. You understand that there are people who trained to fly those things for combat. So just taking one and flying it like a Hovercron into the storms without turning on the gale shields will do that.."

He said as the two of them began walking down the sidewalk.

"Yeah, Yeah.. They shouldn't make those things so slow. Honestly, if using the Marashin powers didn't weaken you, I would have flewd out here myself.. I know I would have gotten here last night. But delays delays delays..hugh.. Why are you going into the police station?. Do We have to go here..."

As the two of them soon reached the head quarters of the Erosian police department. They where just a few blocks away when the first began their conversation. Nazuma rolled his eyes as he looked at the place that had ensnared him in their policies struggle. Erosia.. A Neovian land filled with some of the best scenry and actually is one of the best places to be born in on Vescrutia.However where there is peace which is main streamed to the public there is evil that dwells in the darkness.

"tch..'Flewd out'.. Have you learned Ebonics?...Haha... Yes, Kalip Jahlamew... She's the one who picked me for this... And I apologize now before she flirts with me.9."

"I am not going in there.. That's the woman who you were under that spell which made you sleep with her. No Nazuma, I will hit her if I see her again.Police chief or not. She has a couple hooks coming from my homies fucka and bitchup"

Daitsuya said as she came to halt in front of the steps of the building with a giant digital badge on the front of it that read Erosia Neovian PD.

"What do you expect? This is their headquarters. She is a Chief in the Neovian lands. Plus she was also being controlled by Aphodine or must you forget. I don't think she is really attracted to me. You on the other hand.."

Nazuma said as he began walking up the stairs. " So, Stay out here and freeze. I won't"

Nazuma said as he walked to the doors, Daitsuya followed behind him.

As they entered the station would go quiet. Many of the men mistook them for their command chief Kalip and they had the right to think the two of them were one in the same. The naten of the two could be felt as they entered the establishment.the woman stepped out of her office the second the two of them walked in. She thought they were a powerful being coming to wreck the place.

Attend hut... Captain on floor!

The two of them would look around at all the faces of every officer in the station. It was kind of shocking to see everyone so ready to listen to The Captain.

A strict powerful feminine tone ran across the lobby "At Ease men... That isn't caused for every time I step on the floor. "
The woman said as she came to stand over the policemen from a balcony landing attached to her office.

The Denki couple made their way through the station as Kalip motioned then to join her in her office. Once inside it seem the tension had shifted to a more intense tone.

Kalip: "Sorry about that. My men are a bit on edge given the last few incidents that have been happening this past month."

Nazuma: "The Vodara Mob.. Is that why you called me?"

The woman would nod. She would then pull out a file that was as thick as a world encyclopedia. After setting everything up the woman would turn off the lights in her office and a projector would usher down between them.

Cap.Kalip would tighten the bots and then begin putting images up on the projector.
" The reason I called you is because the new batch of street workers we picked up over the last few days weren't anything special until one bore the same symbols seen to represent one of your Denkou houses.."

Daitsuya: Nazu!?!... That's.. Saitsuki!

The princess said as she looked at the picture of the vanilla burned dark chestnut skin of her sister. She looked exactly like the Denki girl only from a pigmentation defect that caused her to have pockets of lighter skin over her body that the girl was different.

Nazuma felt the emotions swell inside his bride. He would grasp her hand. As he spoke to The captain. "You said you have her in custody, correct?"

Kalip would nod her head once more. But she would speak in a worried tone as she told Nazuma and Daitsuya what was next.

Kalip:" This girl here.. She is in a special cell. We had to put her in a sealed cell… it seems only mages can withstand her aura. No one besides myself can enter that room with her without having some kind of mental breakdown…. Plus she keeps manifesting one spell that seems to cause this.. But i can't find any spells to take her out of the seance."

Daitsuya: "That's my sister. 3rd chair Saitsuki Seraphina Christo Urso. She went missing five years ago on her 18th birthday. Our police never found her. I was told the trail had gone cold and the case was now in the hands of the Vescrutian Bureau of Investigation. So the Denkai stopped their search."

Kalip: I'm sorry to hear that young Princess… and more sorry to tell she isn't the first Denki to end up here fortunately she is the first one found alive. She and three other victims managed to escape their transport ship just as they entered Neovian Airspace by killing the crew men aboard the ship. Forty known gunmen and criminals, two of which who were apart of the Vodara Mob sex trade you been tracking. The three women aren't in our custody, they evaded us with the help of the Denki woman."

Nazuma: The spell is simple but what she speaks is ancient tongue. The walls around her cell those seals aren’t holding her. But She is holding something in… or at least a piece of it.

Kalip: What do you mean?..

Daitsuya: Saitsuki is a vessel..

Nazuma: She holds a ‘special’ power inside her. Much like Daitsuya. She is one of the Five Denkou assigned to protect me. However, she went missing. The spell she speaks is separating her mind body and spirit. Her body maybe here but her spirit and mind are somewhere battling whatever attacked her.

Kalip: By the gods.. why would I believe this. The Naten here is faint. Not many people here can manifest, let alone control the elements. So we here are their only hope of surviving anything that comes from beyond the sky.

Daitsuya: From What You have told us it's seems the spell she used is a S class enchantment. We can't free her unless we find out where she originally casted it. Where did you find her exactly?

Kalip: Well that's another story...

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