From One Home to Another

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From One Home to Another

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The stars were still almost blinding to the eyes of one who had not seen them so close...or much of any light source prior to a couple weeks ago. The great barrier consecrated this air here at The Khralaessara was pure and full of naten. It was like breathing in magic itself. With each pull he felt his ka becoming more of what it used to be...

"What it used to be..."

The fluttering comets and asteroids littered the skies. This was the first time he was able to walk on his own in what felt like an eternity. Though weeks ago he had found that he had been sleep for over a millennium. No answers, only questions. He had been under close monitor his entire stay here, so many eyes watching him so many people prohicizing his awakening when all he truly wanted to do was just have a little space to-

"Breathe... I...I never knew how much I missed breathing until I wasn't able to anymore"

His tiny chest would rise and fall as he deeply took in the the air, feeling the naten in this space revitalize him.

"I've much smaller as if it didnt already take freaking forever to grow an inch or a pound!"

Though with all the protein and amazingly fatty foods they've been scarfing down his throat ever since he learned to eat on his own he was on a fast track to gaining. He wasn't mad about that part of the healing process whatsoever. Zol had an incredible appetite but checks and balances his metabolism is faster than his appetite can keep up with so it's very difficult for him to gain and maintain weight. It was one of the main reason why he had to train more than he ate. It took him 150 years to gain 50 pounds(Vescrutia equivalent to a ton) He was smaller than the other kids here but his will power and in tandem his Kah was stronger than most of his age. This particular spot had been serving as his get away the last few weeks. He hated the attention that the others were fawning over him with...apparently it had been quite a while since the last successful "revival" of Michio from the former homeland...and from what Zol could gauge and here from his micro eavesdropping spurts he was the last successful for so far. Because of this folks either exalted him or stayed away out of either jealously or complacency. Zol hadn't spoken to many people here. It wasn't out of arrogance. He just genuinely didn't know how to. Everything was so different yet everyone around him were trying to act like ti was not, he couldn't defend his feelings either seeing as how his memory had barely recovered...he starting to wonder what he had come back to.

How many more would die? What were they even being brought back to?

"What does mean to even be a Michio anymore?'

Stuck here on the moon. How was sitting up here solving anything? They had told him nothing of Vescrutia since his coming. They just kept him focused on eating, regaining his prowess. It almost felt like he was being groomed for something.

"So far way"

This was the closest he could physically get to Vescrutia. However even here, thousands of miles away his soul was reaching out for his true homeland. It was almost instinctual, intrucn in his being this longing was becoming. He felt like a trophy trapped in a case that was being polished, but for what reason he still guessed. He'd plop down on the grassy patch the ground tremored a tiny bit from the thud of his weight. He was at least getting bigger. Another matter that weighted in one him was the dream he had been having since he was thawed.

He was standing on the tip of the tallest structure in the Lhallesraa. The sky was drenched in a dazzling sapphire gleam, it owner a massive comet that radiate an incandescent aura. His eyes were completely focused on it's majesty and yet it eventually passed an fell to Vescrutia. The wonderment became horror as Zol realized the massive devastation the lives that would be impacted, all the animals that would die! Before he could think he'd flung his body with all his might a like a sizzling golden bullet shot through the cosmos shattering the comet and plummeting to the earth; however with such power unchecked he becae just as dangerous to the planet and ends up destroying it instead. It sent chills up his spoie, what was he being shown?

"Awe crap!!"

He said snapping back into relaity, he always came back to right before his flaming remains caused the plant to blow up. Power...what did it mean to have...power?

"I shouldn't be here"

???:Ah, so this is where you've run off to!

A mature yet vigorous voice exclaimed. Zol would release a deep sigh, he just wanted some alone time with his thoughts. He didn't turn to meet the speaker, he just stayed quiet glaring at the center of the universe. The person eventually made there way in front of him blocking off his vision it was Michio Shareesha, the woman who saved his life...

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