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Re: Masur of As'lin :: The Radiant Obsidian

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The virtuous force of his power could not be ignored. She had felt the ocean that was his power and still could not help but shiver after feeling the aftershock of his movements. The force of his aura was so robust so powerful that it was easy for Flux to feel the waves of his intentions. Almost as if by instinct did the panther witch, whose own body was flushed with the bright lavender flare of her aura, jumped overhead of her former sister witch. Her timing was such that she landed just adjacent to Masur on the left of Viv just as he gripped her staff. For but a fleeting moment did Flux's eyes meet that of his wife. Odea, was even more beautiful in person than Masur's memories of her showed. Though smogged by Viv's essence, FLux could even feel small echoes of her naten. It was ridiculously ancient. A scent that Flux hadn't even fathom here. At least... until she felt the presence of yet another ancient magic. Somewhere here...

Amazing, you've still the gal to resist. That was always your blind side sister..."

Much to her dismay the giant sun-like would produce an almost blinding light and see to erupt yet no one in the chamber would feel the force of its release. This being that just before it detonated Flux would manifest a rift large enough to "devour" the blaze sending it into the ocean around them. A task that did not require much effort considering she had also anchored this placed to her inner Ovalu.

"Not knowing when your outmatched."

As the light faded Flux would then backflip away from the seen sure that whatever action Masur would take, she didn't want to be caught at ground Zero. She felt a thick sense of magical essence through this chamber that was different than the others here...what truly was this place. With that concern she had to talk Masur down from killing her outright, at the very least, she needed to know why Viv would give up everything for this lord of hers.

Masur... I need to know why she would do this...what her aim was. She cannot best us...can you subdue you rage for but a moment. So that you may subdue her. I will leave the method to you.

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