Outlier Territory; Coastal City of Mal'dovia

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Outlier Territory; Coastal City of Mal'dovia

Post by Eurii »


A majestic, humble city of no more than 2,000- located along the far eastern coast of the Freshwater sea, opposite of the allied territories. Their roads and architecture were lined with all manors of flora and arbor, built along dwarfing hills and populated by a race of powerful human druids. The settlement was led by a benevolent council of storm elves, who in tandem with their human counterparts, founded this land hundreds of years ago upon massive deposits of raw Naten and forged a community dedicated to maintaining the natural balance of Vescrutia. Their home sat along the ridges of high arching valleys and towering cliffs that overlooked the Freshwater Sea. They cherished and protected the ecosystem from intrusive forces. And in return, the mother supplied her resources.

Vines and trees native only to their anointed soils would produce succulent fruits and nutritious berries more delicious than any carnal satisfaction could promise. Flowers would bloom along the coast, ovulating exotic microbes into the atmosphere that could dispell illness. And the bountiful fauna swimming within the freshwater sea provided more than a few fishermen a life of fortune and success. However, for the passed few weeks the people of Mal'dovia have been terrorized by a malicious Daowr Chimera- an elemental monstrosity that had been attracted to the cities natural resovoirs or Naten.

Every other night the beast would rise from the watery depths and raze hell on the worldly community. While their druids possessed wondrous spells and elven magics powerful enough to deter the Chimera, none of it was enough as it would always return after licking its wounds. In a short time, the beast has sunken the vessels of several fishermen, murdered countless citizens, and devoured the walls of every home in its path.

Mothers and priestests of the bleeding village prayed to the stars for help from the gods. And help they did receive.

--It had taken Eurii almost an entire day to swim from the arctic tundra that housed The Guild of Yaru. He was orphaned there as a child and cultivated into a young man under its frigid cruciblen, but he abandoned the lifeless mass of frozen soil following a treacherous battle with a demon that claimed the lives every soul that treaded upon it. Eurii, notably the most talented of their ranks, only barely survived himself.

In a single night, his home and the familiar faces that welcomed him inside it were extinguished. The men and mentors he bled with as allies, the teachers and scholars that molded his instincts. All of them buried on a floating tomb that no one would remember.

No one aside from Eurii of course. This was the second family he'd lost this point, but the first time he truly felt grief.

He'd lost comrades in past battles before but survivors guilt never haunted him. He was a hunter after all. A bred and trained killer who slayed gnashing monstrosities for a living. He and his Guild knew that loss came with the territory of combat. Death and Glory could not exist without the other. It was the feeling of powerlessness he experienced unable to save his adopted home that left a flesh eating pit in his stomach. It consumed him with a far more familiar emotion that made swimming across a few hundred miles of frigid waters. Rage.--

Whether it be divine intervention or cosmic coincidence that beckoned an enraged, sorrowful Eurii into the same waters of the blood thirsty Daowr Chimera would never be known. But the spectacle that occurred on the Mal'dovian coast would weave tales and stories that griots would pass on for generations to come.

Eurii was intercepted by the twenty story chimera just as he was approaching the coast and the colassal creature didn't think twice about smiting him. He was a but a guppy to this grizzly monster, and a single swing of its mighty claw had been enough to dismantle sea vessels a hundred times his size before. The Chimera's primitive mind figured this time would be no different. And in a flash, it displayed that strength again with a vertical swipe at Eurii that bisected the Freshwater Sea for miles. Towering waves of water were cascaded high enough to feather the night sky with a crystaline mist, yet the creature did not smell the blood of its kill. Both of its gnashing heads scoured the tides in futility, but this fleeting cloud of confusion did not last long. The Chimera caught eye of the slippery little guppy during what would become its final moments.

Witnesses of the conflict only caught glimpses during their mad dashes for asylum, but every fragment of the legend held true to one fact. The child leapt from the tides that carried him to the turbulent shores of Mal'dovia and vanquished the Chimera with a punch that "cracked"the realms. The sky trembled with shock and praise as Mal'dovia welcomed ashore their seventeen year old champion.

That was seven days ago. Since then, the young champion has relished in the lap of luxury provided by the eternal gratitude of Mal'dovia. And most, if not all, of his time was spent carousing about local taverns and brothels. In his short time here, Eurii had eaten more fish than the Chimera, drank enough ale to drown a dozen more sailors, and made love to every harem in every brothel in the city.

And his legend was only getting started.

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Re: Outlier Territory; Coastal City of Mal'dovia

Post by Eurii »

Indeed, and tonight was a ceremonial occasion but there was no somber music being played.

It was the third day of Eurii's three day none stop bender, hosted and comped at his new favorite establishment in all the realms; The Royal Oak. And in here, the tone setting tunes were far more harmonious in nature.

Within the core of an enormous hollowed out tree stump, a collective of high profiled merchants, tradesmen, and bartenders have combined their talents to form a lucrative establishment that patrons from regions far and wide come to experience.

The lounge, much like the entire infrastructural complex of Mal'dovia, was an aesthetic marvel of druid architecture. The walls and floor were a thick, interwoven network of roots and vines whose biolumniosoty warmed the tavern with an emerald glow. Some of these climbing-woody stemmed branches hung succulent fruits customers could pluck from the walls at their leisure free of charge, while others diffused a unique assortment of fine ales. During dry seasons, the web of roots and vines that compose the roof of the pub recedes into the walls, giving every patron inside a glorious vista of the cosmos each, time they found the bottom of their cups.

"Oi!?! More ale for our champion!!"

Shouted one of the many faces of Eurii's entourage whom shadowed the boy since he arrived to the coastal city. The man's name was Em'are' and was one of the few who witnessed the carnage wrought by the Daowr Chimera first hand and lived to tell the tale. He owned one of the many ports and ships demolished by the malevolent titan during its rampage along the Mal'dovian Trading Harbors. And the man was practically draining the residuals of his fortune showing Eurii his appreciation.

"Is this how you repay the man who saved all of Mal'dovia?!? Including your little tavern?! Shoddy service and bitter swill? Have some pride.. Bring us your finest bottles this instant!"

Em'are' roared while waving around his frothy chalice of golden brew, though at this point of night he was far too drunk to know exactly whom he was yelling at. He'd absolutely drunken himself under the table trying to keep pace with Eurii's unnatural alcohol tolerance. He had several decades of experience over the boy, but his advantages seemed to end there.

"Em'are', we've talked about this, yeah? We finished off their finest bottles this morning.. Don't you remember?"

Eurii said, caught up in a bubbly fit of laughter that spread around his retinue of new friends until his booth was surrounded by a hysterical cloud of merriment. Men and women whom either followed them in or were simply drawn to their mob of liquor slinging, table rocking, disoriented joy.

"Try and remember before you have us thrown out of another pub."

"Oi, you're still sore about that? I promise, you Eurii, I know of several other brothels featuring an exotic collection of beauty that would soften those wounds. Trust me! Now, use that accent of yours and tell us the story of how you vanquished the Chimera!"



He jested, toasting his mug with Eurri's just as a striking, elven waitress glided through their hectic crowd to adorn their table with a hefty trey of drinks. Her passive allure sparked a toxic concert of whistles and cat calls from the plastered batch slobs spilling over themselves to catch eye of Eurii. She wasn't exactly exempt from the heir of charm he commanded, but she buried her anxieties beneath her confident smirk.

"You boys are running us dry. Any luck the Champion and his lot can save some ale for our paying customers?"

She said locking eyes with the young man of the hour and nearly lost all control of her carnal impulses within his tantalizing  gaze.


Why did she have to be the one to deliver this message? Instantly, Y'llana could feel the drastic shift in energy from the crowd of people surrounding Eurii's table and her ears stood on end.

"You! Have you the smallest idea of what I've been screwing on about?!"

Em'are's infectious, cheerful smile immediately dissolved into a stoic snarl after Y'llana confronted them about taking advantage of The Royal Oak's generosity. Following his heroism, the tavern was more than happy to compensate all amenities Eurii required. But it had literally been days since he and his mob walked in and drank and slept on the floors. Eurii alone was an inhuman void of consumption, but combined with his dozen of new friends, the Oak was hemorrhaging money.

But Em'are could give a damn about that.

"You'd have no customers if not for this boy."

He said with vindictive fervor, slamming his hand on the table and charging the entourage in beligerent boasts. All Eurii could do was hide his blitzed, snickering face in his palm

"Damn, you've gon' and gott'em started again."

"I have enough money to buy every root in this tavern and I'll burn it to the ground if you tread on Eurii the Great--"

"Easy, buddy! Settle down."

Eurii chuckled, using one of his hands to hold back his passionate friend.

"I promise, I will be paying for everything me and my friend have consumed--"

"I won't have it!"

In a one fluid motion, Em'are' pulled a small sack of jewels and golden coins from his robe and placed them on the Y'llana's trey. The weight of the treasure sack almost buckled the table at its foundational roots and had every pair of eyes buldging from their sockets.

"You will take this to your bar and leave us to our cheer.."


Y'llana's slacked jaw matched every expression inside the expansive venue who caught wind of Em'are's impetuous, drunken power move. The amount of currency he tossed at her would probably offset the currently crumbling economy, let alone encite a riot of avarice induced bloodshed. That's when Em'are' stood on his chair and hoisted his frothy chalice as high as his 6'7 frame would allow.

"A bottle and glass for any hand that can hold one. We owe this boy-- this man our lives! And no amount of money should determine or undermine Mal'divian Gratitude. Because of him! Your children will be able to speak of your legacy! Because of him! The council that has lead us for so long into prosperity for SO many years, is STILL HERE. The Chimera exposed our weaknesses, and the gods saw fit to spare us a future! Three cheers for Eurii'el, the savior the gods that brought to us!"

Em'are's raw emotions ignited cheers from every corner of the venue with unfying vigor and comraderey. Well.. That, and him purchasing every patron inside a personal drink of their and own, along with a bottle of their choosing. Y'llana took the treasure sack away before Eurii jumped upon the table, overcome by the dozens of mixed fermented elixers spiking his blood and the moving words of his friend. They clashed their wooden mugs and raised them to the stars with the room. This was the closest he felt to a family since.. well, the last time he was surrounded by his family. The emotions of their passing was still raw, but he knew that his brothers from Yaru would lament that he found his grief where they found glory. He relished this feeling and swallowed his sorrow behind his ale.

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Re: Outlier Territory; Coastal City of Mal'dovia

Post by Eurii »

The following day, Eurii could barely walk a straight line without stumbling over his puke stained boots. His night of debauchery ended in a whirlwind of activities he couldn't properly remember, but the sun baked his liquor soured flesh until he woke up along the sandy shores of the freshwater sea. Disoriented. Groggy. Hot. Hungry. And it seemed the entire tavern had followed him out here.

There had to be at least three dozen people plastered and scattered about the coast of Mal'dovia with their mugs still locked in their unconscious grip. Eurii's body was anchored to the ground with who looked like that striking waitress from The Royal Oak, minus her clothes of course. She was out cold and swaddled in Eurii's Daowr Skin Pelt which had been drenched in the fluids of last nights rager.

Despite this, Eurii was still scheduled to meet with the Mal'dovian council of Storm Evles that morning, who were also incredibly eager to adorn him with their gifts of appreciation following his heroism. Unfortunately, Eurii was so incredibly hung over he hadn't the slightest idea as to how he'd arrive. Luckily, his prestige earned him a royal escort of soldiers who managed to find and shepard the boy to the citiy's citadel.

There Eurii was showered with his weight in untold riches, adorned in fabrics tailor made by the communities finest sutures, and educated in their practices of spiritual awakening. The council even went so far as to extend to him permanent residence within any of Mal'dovia's most coveted territories, but Eurii had never intended to stay for too long. He declined their gracious offer but accepted their bounty of gifts. Instead, he inquired about a means of travel across the Freshwater Sea. Before abandoning his home on the Island of Mount Yaru, Eurii made off with every valuable scroll of knowledge The Guild had assembled. He would have stormed the armory too, but the final battle that ended the Yaru's long legacy exhausted every resource in futile efforts of survival.

The rucksack of scrolls/ maps he possessed charted treasures and artifacts of untold power around the world that was either protected by some ancient safeguarding spell or malicious sentinels. There were hundreds of opportunities and goals the guild never accomplished that he very much intended to gain on his quest, but what Eurii was looking for was a person. A legend of which had never crossed paths with a human being in hundreds of years.

However, following the Daowr Chimera's attacks, Mal'dovia's litany of boats and sea vessels had more or less been dwindled to nothing. Luckily, there was a man whose wealth acquired in importing and exporting city goods afforded him one or two ships that wouldn't mind hosting their champion across the sea.


"HAH! I didn't think you'd make it my boy!

Hollered the Captain of the only available vessels. A familiar face who seemed far too energetic after the night the both of them endured.. Em'are' welcomed his friend with a jubilant smile as the boy slowly but surely staggered his way aboard the Golden Harp, encumbered by an enormous bag of treasures, clothes and cultural merchandise.

"It's a shame we can't convince you stay, but I trust you enjoyed your time in our little world."

"You left me on the beach.."

"Is that where you wound up? HAH! I envy your vitality!!"

His deep voice rumbled like thunder when he laughed.

"Well, we all aren't champions of combat who have parades and ceremonies assembled in their honor. No, I had to be here this morning. I had to work. But I do remember leaving you in good hands. Soft hands, if I'm not mistaken."

He said loosing a sly chuckled, watching Eurii drop his cargo backpack and simply falling onto it face first like an mattress sized pillow.

"..Y'llana seemed quite drawn to you. Tell me, was she as tender as she is beautiful. There are a few fables about the lavishes of elven flesh. "

"Ugh, can't remember but please.. no more talking, yeah?"

Eurii moaned with his face and voice muffled as he shifted on bag/bed, eyes already shut. In his anguish, he felt as if every pint of blood in his body was about to explode out of his eyes and ears. He'd never been so hungover, but Em'are' wouldn't stop with his hearty, overzealous laughter.

"Oh, no Eurii.. surely you didn't think this was some luxury cruise. We aren't the only bodies aboard this mighty vessel, I have dozens of hands on deck who help me manage every wave and obstacle we may encounter along the way. And though I may be the greatest captain to knife the Sea, the journey is rife with its own caliber of dangers."

His hand gestured across the massive body of his prized exporting ship, the likes of which was stuffed to the core with cargo containers kf weapons, spices, medicines, and other undisclosed merchandise. Em'are' had encountered his fair share of pirates, bandits, even sea monsters whom all were attracted to his floating treasure trove. But the men he employed were hand picked for their various talents and skills. He paid them handsomely for safe passage and paid his crew to manage the merchandise.

"Dozens of men will be sailing with us to the Allied Territories, and more than a few of them are expecting to see a celebrity."

Eurii waved him off and Em'are' simply laughed before making his way toward the Captains Quarters. It was nearly time they set sail, he was just waiting for an important faction of his crew to board. A security division of mercenaries who were paid a devil's fortune to escort the Golden Harp whenever it set sail. There were a total of thirteen of them; local human born citizens of Mal'dovia whose talents over the natural elements of the Vescrutia garnered them a reputation of their own. They called themselves the Vu'raek, which loosely translated in their native tongue to "The Hands of God", and were responsible for over three hundred different trips across to and from the territories.

Mauro was their leader, a talented and cutthroat warrior who guided this rambunctious tribe of rather powerful sorcerers and swordsmen upon the Golden Harp no more than five minutes after Em'are' spoke of them. Eurii was still laying flat out on deck, approaching the cusp of passing out amidst his earthquaking hangover just as Mauro was about to trip over him.

Mauro wasn't truly watching his step while shooting the shit with allies as they strolled the deck. He lost his footing over what looked a homeless vagrant stowaway who reaked of booze. He had every mind to toss him into the sea after Em'are' rung the blaring horn signaling the ship was setting sail. But after a thorough once over, he recognized his grimacing scowl.

"It's you isn't is?! Lookie here boys! Tis, the man of the city! Aren't we so lucky."

The Vu'raek collected around Mauro and Eurii, reflecting the enthusiasm of their leader ten fold. Eurii however, couldn't be less excited. He refused to move, let alone open his eyes. He just laid there, praying they'd disperse on their own. But they persisted.

"Why he's younger than me! Where are you from? What brought you here? Were you hunting the creature or were you the one who lost control of it?"

Mauro fired away as if he and his crew were already discussing the possibilities prior to meeting him. His legend was already amassing conspiracies of its own.

But again, Eurii could give two shits. He was here on coincidence and that was it. In fact, luck would be more accurate. A monstrous demonic entity slaughtered his adopted family, demolished his home and chased him from his island. These are the things he should have said to them. The truth. Instead.

"..fuck off."

He just wanted them to leave him alone, so he barked at them in hopes they'd get the gist. But no one is Mal'dovia seemed to understand insults. The Vu'raek looked at each other before erupting into a choir of dismissive laughter.

"You can rest later!! Come, young champion. Humor us with your legends. What we have we will share with you along this long journey. We have food and some of the finest ale the city can offer."


In that instant, before Eurii's impetuous, aggravated disposition could burn any bridges, he bit his tongue and sat up from the rocking deck as if he were possessed--

"Did you say ale?"

Perhaps he was being a bit hasty..

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Re: Outlier Territory; Coastal City of Mal'dovia

Post by Eurii »

Several empty barrels of ale later..

"So there we were, me and a dozen of my most trusted guildsmen, engaged with what we believed to be last living Qurtz Colassus in existence. Their like were a terror dealing race of gargantuan beasts whom either destroyed or fed on any living thing cast in its dwarfing shadow. That is, until they met us!"

Eurri proclaimed with his infectious smile, beating his chest with pride while sitting atop one of the many emptied casks of ale littered about the Golden Harp. He was surrounded by the mercenary Mauro and his compatriots, along with a handful of ship hands who managed to grab a mug in-between their responsibilities and indulge in Eurri's stories.

Upon request, the boy had been rifling through some of the more memorable tales he accrued on the monster infested island he called home and for several hours his audience supplied him with drink and enthusiasm for ever minute he entertained them.

"Our hunt for the creature stretched four days across the Isle of Ta'o and the battle itself quaked the skies for several more after we traced it back to its molten valleys. Brave men met glory that day..  the clawed reach of the giant carved canyons in the Mother's face with but a swipe of its arm--"

"Ay, but the mightier the monster, the more rewarding the kill!"

Mauro raved in excitement, intoxicated by the overflow of both drink and fable igniting the upper deck of the ship. He and his lot had seen their own share of malcious monstrosities during their tenure as sentinels and revelled in sharing the yarns of victory. But hearing Eurri, a boy barely old enough to afford his own ale, reflect on events that sounded more like dreams. It awed him. He hoisted his custom made platinum flask to the stars above, leading every member of the captivated crowd to mimic his gesture.

Eurri's smile widened in kind to the practically chaotic crowd of merriment before him. He hoisted his cup in response, but beneath his jovial expression the boy couldn't help but reflect on the faces of his loved ones who lost their lives battling alongside him. The sons and daughters born to the Guild of Yaru who raised his orphaned ass like brothers and sisters. Their loss sunk his heart, but he would always honor their memory with passion and fervor. And tonight was no different.

"How did you vanquish the creature? Surely you retreated! If the beast was capable of what you say, I would have repositioned and waited for the it to--


Eurri's disposition instantly spiked after hearing those words, and all of the joy that softened the boy's eyes ignited into molten pyres of disdain directed at Mauro. He finished his cup and shifted himself upon the barrel so that he could crouch atop its Oak carved surface.

He wanted to look Mauro in his eyes.

"Heh.. there was a time I might have killed you for an insult such as that, old man. I save your world, and fame me a coward?"

Eurii said intimately, behind a smile that betrayed his menacing words. The vibe had changed drastically, and Eurri was the epicenter of the teeth grating tension. Where he was from, to fear death and run from war was unheard of. Such cowardice would akin one to scum and perhaps warrant exile from the guild completely. His people took pride in the inevitable glory that came with combat; to die in battle, surrounded by your allies was a coveted fate. Mauro's apologetic expression conveyed he meant no disrespect, but he couldn't show weakness in front of his squad of warriors.

"You speak tale of a godless creature capable of tearing basins into cities, warriors as powerful as you being slaughtered by the dozens. I've seen what can do, but we've never encountered such a thing. How would you even begin to--"

"With this hand, I shattered the skull of the creature! And the weight of the strike buried the bastard in a tomb of his own making. Me and my brothers returned home with the Colassus' remains in tow. It's enchanted exoskeleton was composed of pure carbon; harder than diamond and resistant to the elements. Blacksmiths fashioned armor and jewelry from its bones.. alchemists conjured elixers from its innards."

Eurri said, swiping the flask from Mauro's hand and downing whatever concoction stirred inside second like some sloppy frat boy.

"Far stronger than the swill you have here.. Trust me, you would have loved it!"

With that, Eurri's charisma galvanized the crowd again and the boy fed on their praise. Mauro himself was a touch slighted, but he couldn't deny the level of power the boy displayed in the waters of Mal'dovia. If even half of what he said was true, then then the boy was truly destined for more than killing monsters.

"..did you use the same attack that fell the Daowr Chimera? What sect of magic do you favor? Can it be taught?"

"Where are you from, young Champion? Are there others like you?"

Whispers of the multitudes rushed Eurri from every angle. They inquired about his origins and where he was trained. But the young man had drowned all coherence in lakes of fermented berries and honey. His senses were dulled and their merciless inquiries began to numb his ears like a sirens wail. And all he could think about was that "his" new flask was dry.

"..more ale!"

He barked obnoxiously, nearly slipping from his barrel/podium/stage. But his entourage managed to support him before landed on his face.

"Perhaps some rest for the Champion?"

"..mock me again, yeah?"

"Hah! At ease, Eurii'el.. I intended no harm or jest. The truth is that this journey across Freshwater will span days, and we may not have the opportunity to parlay for some time. The dangers that  tread the seas magnify what you have encountered on land tenfold. I figured you would want to sleep some between these periods of peace. You were quite exhausted when we met if I remember, we'd prefer you at your best should the time come."

It was a true rarity to hear Mauro ever voice concern, but he'd be remiss to say he didn't see a bit of himself in the boy. but Eurri just smacked his lips in refute to what sounded like parental advice, regardless of how wise it maybe have been. He was still hungover from the three day bender he spent at the Royal Oak, and after waking up and literally getting plastered all over again, the kid was down right indignant at this point of the night. His eyes couldn't focus on a singular thing until some nameless, generous face refilled his tin mug with more ale.

"Yes, well.. that was then.. And
it looks like I'm good and drunk now, so you may make you're peace with this and drink with me..

He retorted, lifting the flask to eye level so that he and Mauro could toast to their new found comraderey.

"..or we can wait for this foretold time to approach us. And then, you can bear witness to a drunken god bound in mortal flesh, save the lives of a few under equipped men first hand.. How does that sound?"

Mauro's face exploded into laughter and excitement. He lunged over and hung himself over the ledge of the ship after Eurri passed him the flask of ale.

"Hah! What I wouldn't give for such confidence at that age! You play the part of Champion wonderfully. But tell me this then.. why is man of you're incredible stature, traveling the seas to the Allied Territories? If it's not refuge you seek-- surely, surely not refuge, do you plan to enlist in the armed forces to combat the horsemen? Because whether it be the Astral Kingdom or The Neovian Settlement, I'd pay good coin to see the face of the men in charge of your recruiting process."

Eurri didn't respond to Mauro immediately, but the young man had heard tell of impending doom looming over their celestial rock. There had been tons of lectures taught on the first Astral Year within the libraries of Yaro's Guild. Tomes and scrolls detailing the wickedness of Ruin and the other ravagers of the apocalypse, as well as the sentinels of hope known as the Great 13. Now Eurri wasn't particularly a book worm, he'd rather mold his instincts with empirical data. But even he knew of the beacons of power harbored within the Astral Kingdom and Neovia.. and while it may not have been the first thing on his list, he'd be a liar if he didn't say he was excited to see it, and them himself.

But while Eurri gazed off into the starry abyss above them, Mauro was still waiting for an answer to his question.

He looked a bit puzzled by Eurri's stoic expression. He imagined someone with a favor and taste for the unexplainable would have jumped at the chance to discuss these horrid creatures; these harbingers of doom beating down their doorstep. Surely that was why he braved all odds to make it to this boat.

"Ay, did you hear me? Your little Island was aware of the horsemen.. right?"

"..I am aware of the Fall of Arcturus, and the battle involving the Great Trinity against the Ravagers and Ruin.. as well as their defeat."

He looked almost too amused by the last part of sentence.

"But no, what I seek has become more of a myth than the impending end of days. This abstract man hasn't been seen by human eyes in hundreds of years after his voyage to the Alps of Chaos, and I plan to bring him back home."

The man in question had been the founder of The Guild that took Eurri in as an orphan and raised him to the apex warrior that he was today. Though he'd never laid eyes on him, Yaro's legacy preceeded him no matter the company kept. But Eurri's cryptic words didn't correct Mauro's puzzled expression.

But before he could beg Eurri to extrapolate a bit more, a deafening siren was signaled from the Captains Quartersz coupled with a blistering torch set at the crows nest above, burning a bright crimson red through the darkness. Something was wrong clearly, yet Eurri was the only man on board who looked disoriented.

..what the hell?

He thought to himself, but no one else in sight was saying a word-- no these men were all action. The drunken crewmen who had either disappeared to their vices or fallen asleep during their duties, responded to Em'are's siren like manic professionals. The mast was adjusted. Weapons were gathered and assembled. And Em'are's voice roared from every direction loud enough to suppress the echo of crashing waves.


A chorus of blood thirsty roars vibrated every plank of timber holding the Golden Harp together. Swords, daggers, fire arms, and runes were readied and primed to engage whatever infantry Em'are' had spotted. Mauro's weapon of choice was a doubled edged spear he manifested from the droplets of sea water dampening the air around them. Eurri's smile returned in seconds after his inebriated brain put the context clues together, and he almost pissed himself he was so excited. There were only a few experiences in this life more thrilling than unadultared, bloody combat when you're absolutely wasted off your ass. So Eurri wasted no time indulging himself, he just hoped this enemy would endure more than a single punch.

"Well would you look at that!! It would seem like that time is here, young Eurri! What say you now that death has granted an audience for your howls for glory!"

"HAH! Watch this Mauro, and make sure you when you tell the story, you mention that it was after I drank you under the table!"

Eurri roared over the clashing sounds of the siren, the crew's voices of preparations and clattering of boots hammering against wood, tightening his fist into a knuckled boulder of decimation. He leapt from the ship with the strength of a small rocket and darted toward the suddenly assembling fog that concealed the sea bound threat. He honestly hoped and expected a monster to emerge from the depths, some devious monstrosity that would truly test his mettle and give these Mal'dovian sailors something to truly tell.

But this would not be the case..

What Eurri found as he flew toward the encroaching creature, shrouded in mist and shadow, was a familiar prescence. One that had seemed to follow Eurri from the hellscape he managed to survive. A presence that almost made the young Champion scream in horror once he figured out what it was. But it was too late to warn Em'are and his crew. It was too late tell them that the reason he swam over a thousand or so miles from his island to Mal'dovia, was that he was running for his life.

The creature that destroyed his home and all of his loved ones and been hunting him down this whole time. And Eurri was far too frozen in fear to appreciate the irony.


He driviled to himself.. He couldn't move. A muscle. He was just t floated there as AAzat'th emerged from the darkness, floating just above the sea as it crept toward the Golden Harp. But Eurri wasn't entirely at fault. The hellish otherness of Aazat'th's appearances, despite being shrouded, was enough to scramble the mind of mortals. And the demonic figure wasted no time to show its might. It's abhorrent, " human" face fixated it's gaze on Eurri and the vessel he hailed from and fired an optic blast of demonic energy that seemed to quite literally wipe them all off the face of the planet. The sea turned upside down from the otherworldly display of destruction; tsunamis and typhoons were stirred from the chaos that seemed to perpetuate across the Freshwater Sea and into toward the Astral Coast. The cries of men burning alive left a haunting timber on this cold night. What remained of the Golden Harp could barely be called debris. Ash, a few half melted corpses, nothing large enough to record or salvage.

AAzat'th floated amongst its wild death toll and seemed to be bathing in the macabre of it. It's humanoid expression twisted its lips and cheeks into a truly, disturbing joyous smile. This was because of the euphoric sensation it gets from devouring souls.

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