When the Children Gathered....

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When the Children Gathered....

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In a valley of lush plantlife and various creatures who roam freely. In the middle of this vast land stood a castle. The halls laid quiet, only the light of a single flame came from the main room. Sitting in fornt of the fire was a man on the side of him stood a woman. He had brown hair that rested right above his shoulder as he sipped hot tea. He watched the flame in silence. Only to be broken by the turning of a book's pages in which the young maiden scolled through as she stood next to him.

"My dear, Nira... I believe it is time. The slumber is over.. and we have to gather the Leside'. All of them.. for they're lives depend on it. Their connection."
The man said as he watch the flame. He stood to his feet as he spoke, he wore a long white cloak with the words Zhao on the back. He was a ratehr slim man very tall for his size maybe 75 inches give or take. His eyes were deep ocean blue and he had golden vanilla skin and very fit for a man of his age. He walked the halls of the grand castle, each step heard as he walked closer to another room. The halls filled with hundreds of thousands of books and scrolls, text and tablets of old.

"Master, Do you believe they are all truly ready for this task?.. they aren't strong enough to face them.."

She said as she followed behind the man.'

"They will bloom into the most lovely garden. All we have to do is plant the seed... But first we must pow the land. Send for them.. Gather the children. Can you feel it? They grow stronger with each heart they touch. With each song they save.. It is time this is their moment to show the Devine what mortals are truly capable of."

With that said the woman Quickly Vanished leaving behind a puff of smoke. The man stood before the land and looked to the Sky. It was filled with what looked like Vescrutia and all her glory. He came to gaze upon her one more time and smiled as he watched a white dragon fly off into the sky and in a flash of light it was gone.

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