When the Children Gathered....

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When the Children Gathered....

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In a valley of lush plantlife and various creatures who roam freely. In the middle of this vast land stood a castle. The halls laid quiet, only the light of a single flame came from the main room. Sitting in fornt of the fire was a man on the side of him stood a woman. He had brown hair that rested right above his shoulder as he sipped hot tea. He watched the flame in silence. Only to be broken by the turning of a book's pages in which the young maiden scolled through as she stood next to him.

"My dear, Nira... I believe it is time. The slumber is over.. and we have to gather the Leside'. All of them.. for they're lives depend on it. Their connection."
The man said as he watch the flame. He stood to his feet as he spoke, he wore a long white cloak with the words Zhao on the back. He was a ratehr slim man very tall for his size maybe 75 inches give or take. His eyes were deep ocean blue and he had golden vanilla skin and very fit for a man of his age. He walked the halls of the grand castle, each step heard as he walked closer to another room. The halls filled with hundreds of thousands of books and scrolls, text and tablets of old.

"Master, Do you believe they are all truly ready for this task?.. they aren't strong enough to face them.."

She said as she followed behind the man.'

"They will bloom into the most lovely garden. All we have to do is plant the seed... But first we must pow the land. Send for them.. Gather the children. Can you feel it? They grow stronger with each heart they touch. With each song they save.. It is time this is their moment to show the Devine what mortals are truly capable of."

With that said the woman Quickly Vanished leaving behind a puff of smoke. The man stood before the land and looked to the Sky. It was filled with what looked like Vescrutia and all her glory. He came to gaze upon her one more time and smiled as he watched a white dragon fly off into the sky and in a flash of light it was gone.

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Re: When the Children Gathered....

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What is balance?

The cycle of life and death.

Light and Dark

Yin and Yang

Lumina and Djinn...

A slim man walked down the isles of the large city as he stumbled over his drunken feet, his pores bled with the stench of cheap booze and the need for a bath. His long silky hair fell over his reddened face and his clothing hung off him. This man was surely a bum, a lost soul, and he only found himself at the end of a bottle. He was lost no soul was in this man. Only pain...

"This is the last for the night I guess. good dinner Sha.. Ahh."

The night sky was blanketed in a grey cloud of thunder and lightning that soon caused the raindrops to fall and within seconds the always bustling street was now a lifeless scenery. Yet the man was in no rush, nor was he headed to a destination. He only slowed his movement as he turned down the alleyway that would lead him to his home. He stubbles still each step becoming more intoxicating as he fumbled closer to his stairway. Walking up the stairs one could feel the eyes of another preying on them. However, this man's senses were off a bit. He soon reached his door and pulled his key out, just then a strong current of wind took him back as something got in his eye forcing him to drop his keys. He would reach for them and hear a cry that sent a bullet of fear into his spine.

"Ka..ga...su...Ple.. Please.. Help.. Meee..."

He would turn to face a girl.

"Nanasi what are you doing out at this time? Is your mom home? Now come on I'm sure your Mom and Dad are worried sick about you. Don't you think you came a bit far for some hide and seek?"

The man said as he walked closer to the girl. She remained silent, and this made the man ask his question again and this time something happened. The lights would faze out and now the two of them were alone in the dark back way of the apartment building. In the distance The Maru watched from afar. One of them a boy no more than the age of 20, comm would static and connect to another person.

"This should be an easy target for you three, Move fast the shadowbeasts are moving to the floor with the unwanted bait. You have 12 hours from sunrise."

He sat just above the landing to where this was all occuring, his father in his ear, as he spoke a girl with long braided hair came to stand next to the sitting boy.

"Are you ready brother?.." She said.

"You two are late... I been watching this thing go nuts for the last hour... I was able to place a barrier around the building stopping it from exiting however this idiot showed up like a fountain of sorrow and set it off again. Everyone has been killed. 7 floors 14 units 38 victims. It seems they all trusted this girl the demon took control of, which made them all easy targets. Moved fast... By the time I got here, I had to make the call to seal the building... This thing gets no mercy..." He said. As he stood to his feet. There was a clear size difference in the three Maru clan Members. The Youngest son stood the middle of the three Natsuka, while to the right stood his sister Natasha and on the left side is where Mika stood. Her eyes focused on the event that was happening now. "We can't let another person die tonight.. Got that.. Tsuka... Mika... Intercept and trap to begin exorcism...Quickly, call forth your Urklics. "

In that instant, the girl and the young boy vanish as the man reaches out for the little girl. He was then taken by fear as the creature went on the attack. The creature would transform from the girl as he fell backward out of fear. The creature would strike and the wells of the man would be heard..


The air would cut as a single swing of a mech scythe cut through the arm of the monster. The man's cries would halt as he came to see he didn't get harmed in any way.

"What's going on? Who.. A-Are you?.."

The man would look at the girl who stood before him, she had long silky braids with red highlights randomly patched out in her hair that was slick back. She wore a black dress with a red hooded jacket with a giant white lotus on the back. She wore punk rock platform boots, she looked like the very definition of a punk rocker. She had lip piercings and tattoos that stood out all over her body however there was one mark on her middle finger. On her Middle finger was the shape of a diamond.

"Red Jacket with a white lotus... Black and red hair... That means you... The Scarlett Saint... and that means.. "

His footstep would be heard running down the hall as the man spoke.

"First note.. Saints Art: Gravity Shift."
with a snap of his fingers a wave of naten would shoot down the hall and everyone began to float. The creature would scribble and scurry for the ground below but it only made the attempt unfeasible. The cries of its struggle would be ear-retching.

"Now your chance Brother.."

Tsuka said as the footsteps of Mika came to a stop on the side of him, small particles of light began to spill from the openings of his clothing like sand falling in an hourglass. His face was emotionless as he gave a sigh. His words were crisp and stern as he manifested his heavenly weapon. " First step: Sands of Purity... Second Step: Chained Darkness..." The sands would combine and form a chain-like shape. Quickly wrapping the creature into a ball of solid light. "Third Step... Saints Art: Rebirth" The ball of light would begin to radiate and glow as a humming covered the halls. The man watched in awe as the trio went to work.

"Final Step: Heavenly Judgement- Soulpass"

Mika said as he drew a white blade with an aura so powerful it would be visible to the man who watched. Instantly Mika appeared just before the ball of light striking it with the blade. Out from the orb of light, he would pull a disfigured monster that would split in half as Mika forced it to the ground. The creature would disappear into a puddle of dark matter that resembled blood. "Hurry Natasha!"

Tsuka would release the gravity spell and as Tasha fell to the ground the diamond on her finger shined a golden glow. "Final Song Saints Art: Soul Pass!"
the puddle of blood would glow a purple hue then white as they purified the blood turning it back to its original red hue as Tasha manifested her power. Mika would stand upright when the job was done.

"Are you okay sir? I am sorry but you and this little girl are the only ones left alive.. I wouldn't tell her right away... But she'll have to know, she have to know... Her parents were murdered... But don't tell her it was by her hands..."

As they gingerly navigated their way out of the building, the little girl's body suddenly toppled from the orb of light, and the light vanished back into Mika's sleeves as if it had never existed. The moment was surreal, and he was froze in shock, their eyes fixed on the empty space where the orb had been.

Mika's words were like daggers, cutting through the air and into the man's soul. They weren't harsh, but there was an undeniable truth to them that lingered long after they were spoken. The weight of what had just transpired hung heavy in the air, and it was clear that things would never be the same again.

The sound of sirens wailed in the distance, slowly growing louder and more urgent as they approached. As they made their way outside, they were met with a flurry of activity. Flashing lights illuminated the darkness, casting eerie shadows on the pavement. The rain poured down relentlessly, drenching everything in sight and adding to the sense of chaos.

The officers were already there, bustling about in a frenzy of activity. They listened intently as the three of them recounted what had happened, The scene was horrific, and it was clear that everyone stomachs were not prepared for the carnage they were seeing.

As they climbed into the limousine, the sound of the police sirens slowly faded into the distance. The rain continued to pour down, tapping against the windows in a soothing rhythm.

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