Chapter Four: Journey to Acrix Solara

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Re: Chapter Four: Journey to Acrix Solara

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Alaude Nightwing wrote:
Sun Apr 04, 2021 9:57 am
Game Master wrote:
Sat Mar 20, 2021 4:29 pm

The temperature around Drought sky rocketed after Allen's savage assault. The cracks that were covering Droughts body were hiding an incredible heat source and once it's body hit the ground, it was sure to shatter and release in full, what it's harden body had been hiding. However, Drought wouldnt make it to the ground. Between alaudes chaotic shot and Abari's Beam of holy fire now wisping past Allen, Droughts body was sure to shatter and in the wake of its shells release, a disaster would be born. It smiles as the beam neared its core and said in a low rumble.

"Breathe Fire."

You overgrown bit---

(-The massive amount of energy began to burst forth through out the area as the massive heat source made it sway towards Abari, he figured the chaos shot would be enough to end him it seems all it did was allowed him to shed a few pounds and make a final stand. His body glowed a bright crimson with white undertone as he formed naten around his body to act as shield. He had high tolerance to heat already but this was a little too much but his naten helped make it more manageable. -)
Nagase wrote:
Sun Mar 28, 2021 8:32 am
However pleased she was with herself, her actions came with consequences. She smiled through the thunders boom and ignored the ever growing amount of lacerations appearing on her arms and legs. Slowly she dragged her hand towars the sky and pointed her closed fist towards the floating eyes that were sporadically fidgeting over the Alps of chaos.

In turn the massive hands that held the still roaring explosion shifted, pointing its knuckle side towards the mountains. She felt everything, the heat, the concussive force, the pressure. She felt it. Soo much so that her body created wounds to reflect it, but she'd trained for moments like these.
She couldve teleported away, she could've saved only herself and the village;but, she chose to pay with own sweat and blood.

With a single finger and a narrowed eye she imagined aiming down the barrel of a rifle, zooming in on the wretched witch that had sent this beast here.

"...I didn't listen to you before,dad. So..its better i heed your warning about the witch.

She said. Reflecting on her father's words not to engage the horsemen. She was certain she had the shot, but couldn't hold the pressure any longer.

With the psychic craftsmanship of an combustion mechanic, she released the explosion into a concentrated blast of her own, using the near limitless flexibility of her arms to control how much force was released. With the speed and precision of a laser she scorched the sky, slicing through the eyes that floated 100 miles away over the azure alps and whispered under her breath.

(-Abari felt the rise of someone else naten rise as he witnessed the actions of the young hellgate taking full charge of the situation with no hesitation what so ever, his naten began to fade as a small chuckle escaped his lips. The powers of the younger generation never really ceased to amaze him. He noticed the amount of strain input on the young hellgate as she to plow through the pain and continue forward with herself, something he had seen all to well from a certain someone. He began to descend towards the ground from where he was in the air walking towards the group expecting to celebrate over a well fought victory-)
Game Master wrote:
Mon Mar 29, 2021 10:44 am

The explosion was dying down as Nagase squeezed the energy from the blast and repurposed it to destroy the floating eyes over the Alps, sound and vision returned to the nameless troops in the distance but as quickly as they gained sight, they gained fear.

Floating in the sky was the bone golem drought, significantly smaller than its previous form, standing 10 ft tall. Its metallic structure was gone, but it still adorned a type of armor, very familiar to generals of the old kingdoms. It floated over the barrier, maintaining its altitude by floating on a thin layer of sand. Its arms were noticeably longer than its torso, as its arms stretched past its knees. It lifted its slender arms and gestured to the winged brute with its finger.

The sands rushed to droughts rear, quickly compiling into large mounds of earth that eclipsed the sun and covered the battle field in an omninus shadow as the large pile of sand orbited Droughts.
"All that and all we managed to do was take off the training weights!!!"

(-As he finished his sentenced he would be next to both Alaude and Nagase. Now getting a closer look at the newly transformed monster he couldn't help but smirk at the situation he was in. He clenched both his blades as they began to pulsate ever so slightly. If this monster was getting serious it was only natural to respond in kind...-)
Alaude Nightwing wrote:
Sun Apr 04, 2021 9:57 am

Was all Alaude would say before he would sheath both of his pistols back into their holsters before griping the katana resting on his back. As he would begin to draw the sword from its sheath a large amount of black flames would being to flow off of Alaude's hand and quickly coat the blade in black fire. Because of how close she was to him right now only Nasage would be able to hear the sounds of wailing and savage gurgling coming off the flames coating Alaude's blade. These where Alaude's specially demonic flames born from his union with the Black Soul Flame Dragon, which where used to not only used to burn a target but to also char and devour the soul of the creature hit by these flames. Alaude would then point the blade forward toward the Drought.

"Lets see what burns first your weak soul or the strings connecting you to your master."
(-Abari looked over at Alaude as he unsheathed his weapon, he could hear the wails and screams of agony coming from the blade and payed no mind to it as he figured it was something to do with his Darkness affinity. His blades pulsated more as he whispered one word from underneath his breath as
the swords on his hip glowed a bright crimson before dying back down to normal. This was him unleashing his own Animus power as it seems that the situation calls for there party to no longer hold back anymore.-)

"Thanks for taking off the extra armor for me, Ill be sure to leave nothing left of you by the time were done here.."

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Re: Chapter Four: Journey to Acrix Solara

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The white sand was littered with metal debris of varring stages of erosion, thanks to the fall of the observers, the flickering eyes looming over the alps of chaos, the sun light revealed in full the results of doing battle with a bone golem.

He observed the mass of soldiers collecting their wounded and cheering his opponets on, it didnt take long for the dazed warrior to piece together its reality, not that it had the time to spare.

Drought coiled the sand directly under the racing spear, lifting the sands to halt the progress of the deadly weapon. Even though the sand was condensed, the spear still ripped through the coloum with little pause.

The small red bead in its eye widen with fear as Drought surveyed the situation he found himself in. There was a bit of a dazed expression on its face, but before anyone could take heed of his action, he was struck with a spear.

The force of the Collision drove him across the sands,despite his adamant struggle, edging him closer and closer to the faceless group of soldiers that observed from the distance. Though he was struck with the spear he wasn't impaled, the tip of the blade was halted by droughts hands or so it seemed.

Feverishly he looked about tilting his head from one combatant to the next. He looked nervous, anxious and excited. Once he got his grounding, he parried the spear into the sand, collecting the resulting splash of sand into the two massive squares of sand he was controlling from before.

Quickly he signed and compressed the sands into three small spheres that orbited his wrist, each no bigger in the size than a baseball but boasted the mass of a small mountain. It's eyes couldn't hide its fear, yet despite this , the creature rushed onward, launching himself towards the nearest target, Allen, with frightening speed.

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Re: Chapter Four: Journey to Acrix Solara

Post by Nagase »

Despite being exhausted and wheezing under the severe tissue damage her body had sustained, she found herself laughing- only pausing in her fit of laughter to cough.

"I didn't know I could thay before i tried it."

She said inbetween her uncontrollable laughter.

Allaude, her father's knight and fellow Ace, appeared between her and Drought. His sudden appearance provided a well needed reminder of her health and the fight they were still very much stuck in, something she easily casted to the wind in the wake of her accomplishments.

"Don't worry,Alaude."

She said through a raspy cough, forcing herself back to the composer expected of an Ace.

"The sun's coming back out since I knocked out their spellcraft, these wounds will heal shorty. We should sieze this opportunity and incapacitate that golem, has a conscious, a very distracted one."

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Re: Chapter Four: Journey to Acrix Solara

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The end of this fray was rapidly approaching, Allen could feel the climax near. The blistering speed of the spear and the terrible force of it's coming ripped through the meager defenses the golem attempted to conjure. Vengeance had come. Destruction had arrived. Upon the spear seemingly coming into contact with the beast it's secondary purpose would erupt. The highly condensed mass of blood's form would destabilize triggering a violent eruption of power but instead of the explosion expanding vastly outward Allen would will this might burst of sanguine fury to shape itself into a flurry of hooked tendrils that would aim to anchor themselves into Drought creating a cocoon like prison. The concussive force would aim to skewer him wherever possible in from his midsection on down avoiding his core purposely. The viscosity of the blood would alternate becoming sticky like tar hoping to hold him in place for a while. Even if for but one single second.

"I can smell it..."

Allen said as he was trailing not to far behind the spear. With the speed he was traveling at he would be upon drought in mere moments.

"The thick sense of fear and dread that has ensnared you"

His aura erupted around him. He was putting everything he had into this last second. The remainder of his power caused his naten to wrap around him once more his eyes fixated on Droughts staring it right in the face as he pursued it. Allen could almost taste it, the sweet fulfilling cull that was about to occur. His claws radiated a horrific crimson hue clasped in an almost insidious naten. The craving, the hunger. It was delightful. Filling his body with a sense of estacsy. It was almost maddening. Streamlining through the sky like a brazen rocket of terror he reached the height of his pursuit twisting his form landing on the shoulders of the golem. His eyes would lock with Drought. There was no where else for the beasty to run. No more of it's parlor tricks and stunts.

Release was here.

As the creature stared into Allen's eyes one would think a stressed exasperated look would be on his face. No, the gaze Allen wore was one of pure intent.

For a brief moment everything around them went still. Like a defining silence . It was as if for a brief instance in time Allen was peering right into the should of the Bone Golem.

"Do not be bewildered. I have answer your fear"."

Allen right claw wasted no time attempting to dig itself into Drought's neck. Slowly they reached deeper and deeper Allen holding onto Drought's head with a tender looking embrace that masked the raw power he was clinging to the golem with. His legs perched upon it's chest never once breaking the his eye contact.

"Let me free you..."

Those were the last words Allen spoke before his expression changed to a voraciously ravenous one as he used the force within to send his other free hand right into the chest of the beast. It's center, it's core. Everything that it was...or that it used to be. This worthy foe. This Great Adversary. Allen could not shirk the need to know. The curious desire to learn all there was to his possible kill. And so...his hunger would take over. The temporary clarity from before has been washed away leaving only the craving to be sated. To devour this creatures heart.

Dominace... a call. A command. Allen held the ability to use his blood as a medium to take over the essence of another living being. However to his knowledge and practice this could only be done via blood. However something reacted to his overwhelming will to succeed this creature. It triggered growth in this power. Drought was a monster but it could still feel fear and uncertainty. That meant it still posses some form of a will and "heart" of it's own. Allen would use his bloody aura to act as the catalyst of his power instead allowing him now to attempt to dominate Drought's core. He sent the remainder of his essence into the beast. A war of wills would ensue if Drought put up a fight. The victor, gets to remain themselves...but also to become something more.


In his own warped way Allen really did seek to free the golem from it's bindings. By knowing all it was, by consuming all it ever would be. In this process Allen would send his essence into every nook and cranny of the beat being. Trying to invade it's inner most sanctums and learn whatever secrets it held. Should he succeed. He would consume Drought. Allowing him now to live on inside Allen's nexus instead.

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Re: Chapter Four: Journey to Acrix Solara

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Nagase wrote:
Mon May 03, 2021 12:15 am
"Don't worry,Alaude."

She said through a raspy cough, forcing herself back to the composer expected of an Ace.

"The sun's coming back out since I knocked out their spellcraft, these wounds will heal shorty. We should sieze this opportunity and incapacitate that golem, has a conscious, a very distracted one."
Alaude would simply chuckle as Nagase quickly stood back up and recomposed herself, something he expected from the daughter of his close friend Zeik. No matter how hard a Hellgate pushed themselves, until the job at hand was done they would always get back up and face everything head on. However, Nagase was not the only one pushing forward as Alaude would watch Allen being to engage the Drought in close range combat. This would simply cause Alaude's smile to widen even more as he did his mind/soul good to see the next generation show so much promise.

"Very well then Nagase lets fallow Allen's lead and finish this."

After saying this Alaude would raise his free hand upward toward the Drought while cocking back his demonic flame coated blade. The roaring black flames would quickly being to calm, settle, and condensing around the tip of the blade causing it to turn to deep jet black. Alaude's arm would also begin to bulge with power causing this sleeve of his jacket to being to rip and tear. Alaude's would remain completely motionless as his eyes would fallow both Allen and The Drought as the move along the skies.

"Demonic Peirce."

Right when Allen would move in for his attack Alaude would quickly thrust his blade forward toward The Drought. With this single thrust Alaude will release a focused blast of all the energy he had gathered at incredible speeds right toward the center of The Drought's head. If this thrust could connect the blast will quickly release all of his demonic flames all at once into The Drought's body.


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