Crown Jewel Ceremony

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Crown Jewel Ceremony

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"The light of Xelphis kissed the white sands of the Acrix desert, smiling over the thriving community that has called the sands home for countless millennium.

The Acrix has remained a proud home to many people, elven, fairy and human alike sharing the dunes and building thriving villages with little dispute.

Solara, the capitol city of the country Acrix, was the home of the hellgates and over the years have built massive pyramid made with highly electric conductive metals and resting near the planets equator giving, not only the Hellgate Tribe, but many of the neiboring villages sustainable and renewable energy.

Once a community of warring neighbors, now a thriving tribe built on exploration, art and Unity. Find out more on hellgate history at the Boundary, contestants for the Crown Jewel registration is too the left of me."

A man standing in a square mound of raised sand directed tourists and contestants , addressing sthe sea of people that littered the villages without so much as rasing his voice. It was an acoustic marvel for tourists, but an all to common play area for mischievous youth to the villiages native citizens.

Creatures of varying size, color and species flocked to the area where the challenge of Strength was being held today. People flocked to the villages from all of the Acrix, determined to see what manner of creation would be unearth thanks to this year's Open Call. Ancient warriors, lost plagues or reborn demigods- you just never knew what to expect.

"Maybe 1 of the First Kings will show up this year."

"Stop dreaming, they've all been dead since before the second turn. Their ancient history, Carl!"

"You don't know. That's what everyone said about Kyn the revealer before his surpri--"

"Shut it Carl. No one even missed Kyn the revealer. damn, the only thing more pathetic than you, is that loser who's gotta say that fucking intro over and over again. Let's just hurry up so we don't get bad seats, it's not a test of strength if I can't feel the blood splatter ."

Carl's head hung low after the verbal vasectomy his date had delt him and quietly made their way towards their seats. Along the way they passed the room where the contestants were finishing registration and could hear loud shouting and breaking furniture.

"What kind of animals are in there "

"Carl. What did I tell you?"

*Inside Registration.*

The vesta peace enforcement are accepting papers or blood samples as proof of lineage while the Holgurd inspect all submitted weaponry. The process and badica evaluation were length and the rejected constants were furious. Scuffles broke out but we're quickly netralized by the frightingly effective and childlike humorous weaponry of the Ahkia. Tiny, nearly impenetrable bubbles encased the rowdy and allowed for safe and orderly extraction of the irate.

Advanced non Newtonian properties prevented the losers from harming others or gave a slight sedative of laughing gas, just enough to sedate the irrational.

"Seems dangerous. Locking them inside of a bubble like that, how will they breath?"

Said a voice from the crowd.

"Lol. They have about 3 mins of air, five if they didn't struggle. But it's better than the last model."

Said a vesta peace enforcer carrying a raging man whose skin was a red as the blood moon.

"The last model sucked the air out to sedate you. Soooooooo much death."

He said in-between obnoxiously laughter.

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Re: Crown Jewel Ceremony

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"I wonder if anyone else cool is registered yet."

Ovan whispered to himself, hood shrouding most of his face from sight. Taking a scan of the arena, he saw all types of creatures being led into and out of the colosseum. The ornate cloak that hid most of his body from sight billowed in the wind as he approached the outer gate, as he stepped through it stopped and he moved gently through the crowd, avoiding close contact with everyone else around him.

"Excuse me, 'scuseme, sorry." He mumbled, being pushed past by mostly spectators he presumed.

I guess everyone wants to take their seat as soon as possible. I guess the rare spectacle of a family semi-deathmatch really brings in the crowds.

He bellied up to the registration desk, taking care to give a little extra space between himself and the registrar.

"Welcome to the Crown Jewel. Combatant or spectator?"

"Uhhh, combatant, I guess. Never really liked fighting but we all have familial obligations, right?"

With his face shrouded from sight, he tried to lighten the situation, knowing the registrar was drained from dealing with all the ego that comes with tournament registration. He read it in their body language, not even with his Anthem which would guarantee him entry with the next question.

"*sigh* Right. Name, branch, and confirmation, please."

Their jaded stare locked on Ovan's shrouded face, awaiting his submission so they could move through the next in line.

"Oh, yeah, sorry, hehe," Ovan chuckled nervously, pulling his hood back just enough to show his face briefly and the shining choker inscribed with the Horus sigil around his throat. They registrar's eyes immediately lit up and they almost shot their chair into the wall behind them standing up with excitement. Once they moved, Ovan hid his face again and held a hand out to them.

"Holy shit you're Ova--"

"Shhh shh shhhh," he motioned with his hands to bring down the energy, and the registrar, almost in a daze, complied, pulling their chair back to them calmly and taking a seat. With a calm clearing of their throat, Ovan's registration was completed.

"Thank you, I'll see ya around."

Ovan made his way past registration and into the halls of the arena. The bustle and commotion calmed him in a strange way, all the time he spent studying and traveling gave him solace in quiet, but the sound of living people energized him in a way he sometimes forgot. The rush of the Crown Jewel ran rampant through the arena and Ovan, surprisingly, was happy to be registered for the first time.

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Re: Crown Jewel Ceremony

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"Damn, what a crowd.. I always forget how many of us it is."

Aerys thought to himself as he made his way toward solid ground. His skin was aflame with a lavender inferno that made him look like an encroaching cosmic star whenever he soared through the skies.

He touched down barely making a sound, but a few people reasonably gasped and shuddered when this humanoid blister of fire landed on his two feet and shed his solar skin like a coat. Aerys looked as if he reveled in their awe and confusion. He was a tall man, a daunting figure at first glance, so he was used to looking down. The Tyre were cocky that way.

"Make way."

He pressed his invincible body through the crowd toward the registrar with a swaggy gait that conveyed he owned these shimmering sands. It was rude honestly, the way his thick shoulders brushed passed woman and child, indifferent to whoever didn't hear his call for a path. They'd figure it out after they got knocked down. The sands were soft. Forgiving. Aerys was.. Well.. Pretty much.. He grows on you? Nah, he was pretty rude.

"The King has arrived! Yet to be crowned, but that's why you'rr all here, right? You all came for the show! Well I plan to give you one."

Aerys said bowled his way through the line as if he just didn't see the hundreds of brown skinned faces scowling at him. Their glances rolled off him. Fodder to his ego. He slammed his hand on the registrar desk, scattering his various files and curbing any residual excitement left over from his chat with Ovan.

"You're gonna want to remember this face."

Aerys' smike was devilishly charming. But it couldn't dilute the taste of bile his personality left on whoever was unfortumate to hear him speak. Today it was the registrar, and his face immediately drooped back to that sullen, tired expression he had before discovering the great Ivan had snuck into the competition. The registrar was clearly worn ragged by the levvy of different egos the Crown Jewel attracted. Aerys was just the most recent. He sighed a deep sigh and opened his mouth to do his job, but Aerys wasn't done talking.

" if you'd forget it."

"Right.. name, branch, and Confirmation please."

"Do you even have to ask?"

Aerys retorted sharply as if he was offended by the question. He quickly gestured at his clothing; a free flowing golden button down and black shorts that ended just above knees. Both had the crest of the Tyre family stitched unto them. He even had a gold necklace that hung the family crest against his chest. Aerys returned his gaze to the competition's official who couldn't have looked less interested if he tried.

"Aerys Hellgate. I'd give you a blood sample.. But I don't think we have anything around here that could scratch my skin. Will this do?"

He said opening his shirt and revealing his birthrune on his left shoulder; the registrar found that to be evidence enough. He sighed and pointed toward the Halls after scribbling his credentials into his binder. There were hundreds of assholes all around just like this Aerys, at some point he'd bump horns with another Hellgate thrice his size, and just as cocky. The thought made him smile. Aerys cringed and walked toward the Arena with his hands tucked in his pockets.


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Re: Crown Jewel Ceremony

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Leagues of Humes gathered all around faring from the farthest reaches of not only the Acrix and Asral Chaos alike, but also from spaces spanning the deepest nooks of the mother's womb. He would have never guessed a bout of rulership would garnish this much attention and focus. A testament to the weight Ziek held on his shoulders, a weight that might very well soon befall his as well. One that he had no interest in baring whatsoever. His goal and purpose for being here were singular.

To invoke a name seldomly spoken. To draw the eyes of those even more seldomly seen.

Amrit: My my, look at all of these people. The majority of them are Hellgates....are you sure you can handle this Inari?

Wafting through the sea of spectators and contenders alike Inari casually made his way into the registration area. The coyest of smirks crept on his face at his familiar's snide comment, the small 3 tailed foxes sat cozily on his broad shoulder. Inari's garbs were cerulean in hue laced with outlining trimmings of gold and etchings of deep sapphire. Their color completed his scarlet hair. His feet were bare and walked in a way that spoke of his connection to the land beneath them.


He said with a solemn tone as he was about halfway to the counter.

"None here even compelled my curiosity..."

That is until he passed by a towering behemoth of a man, though to Inari he was a mere two inches above him in height. In the monochrome of time that they passed each other his gaze cascaded upon Aerys. Robust, firm he had seen battle and from the arrogance of his posture barely known defeat. The first out of this rabble to even keep his gaze longer than a second. Though is still not nearly enough of a presence to capture it a second longer. Their eyes would meet, and the intensity of his glare was palpable yet left as his line of vision was broken.

Amrit: Oh...was that a hint of intrigue just now?

The slightest of chuckles conveyed the tiniest amusement.

"Copper amongst dust..."

Attendant: Combatant or Spectator

A female hume with hair as course as sheep wool. Beguiling, were the varying adornments she upon her head. Proud of the crown she wore. He could always appreciate a well-groomed head, his own mane envied by most who lay eyes on it. She carried a tone that spoke volumes of the irritation she was experiencing navigating such a large affair. While Inari was not the most social creature, he knew enough to make this move as smoothly as possible.



His arms would casually fold. He simmered into a relaxed facial expression one that could even be mistaken for a smile. Her facial expression was lackluster that is until she asked for his name.

Attendant: Name, branch, and Confirmation, hun.

It took him a second to answer as she casually tapped her pen against the surface of where she was sitting. He knew that once he uttered these words there was no turning back. Allen would be no more and the world would now unravel before him...this was the true first step on his path. His tone would be stern, affirmed, and firm in nature. His gaze was unwavering.

"Inariel Hellgate"

His familiar would paw his face gently....urging him on.

"Branch... Myotis"

The lackadaisical gleam of her glare slowly crept into a wide awe-struck stare.

Attendant: Wait... did you just say Myotis?!

And just like that... the unraveling began. The bustling, boisterous orchestra of voices came to a halt as a deep sigh left his nostrils... he had a feeling it would garnish a few wondering eyes...not stop time. He readjusted his stance to recenter himself. The whispers that erupted quickly filled the once empty halls.

"A Myotis? Here?"

"Guys gotta be lying, they're the pinkest of us all. Bunch of pacifists and that guy definitely ain't passive."

"No one has even seen one in over a century. They've never sent a contestant before."

The attendant eyes narrowed as she got up and went to the back. Moments went by before she came back with a lightly dusty tool. It bore a glass-like mechanism. She sat it on top of the counter and ushered Inari forward.

Attendant: Confirmation, we're gonna need a blood sample suga. We'll have to use an older divination tool seeing as how no one has ever seen one of your ilks in forever let alone sampled one's blood.

Inari would begin conjuring but was halted by Amrit before the process could begin.

Amrit: Wait, maybe you should do it normally for now. Wouldnt wants to be giving away all your secrets before the matches even begin.

He would nod in agreement and instead took his nail and punctured his finger letting the blood drip across the glass. After a couple of them, the attendant gave him the clear to stop. Several seconds went by and she would channel naten into the box. The tool would shake slightly before coming to a stop. With an eyeglass tool, she would observe the results with a shocked look.

Attendant: Well I'll be damned... Says it right here, You're definitely a Myotis. You can head on over to the Arena's waiting area until the ceremony begins hun.

"You've been most helpful"

With that, he made his way to the designated area. Ignoring the whispers and stare. The first die had been cast. How long would it be before they now came out of hiding? Who would be the first of his "Family" to address him now...or will they continue to lay proudly beneath the grandeur of the other 8 household names.

Amrit: Ya know it's a good chance no one will show? I'm sure there have been a few folks to claim Myotis lineage...

"And yet none have been able to prove it... till now. Trust me Amrit..."

He said leaning against a pillar and closing his eyes.

"They will come..."
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Re: Crown Jewel Ceremony

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Ranora finally made it to the Acrix Desert, saddled on the back of yet another stead with powerful legs. Her head and face was shielded from the elements by a thin auburn scarf and a flowly black tunic she bought from an exotic merchant. The creature she traveled atop of looked like a bear with two thick horns sticking out of its cheeks. Its red fur was covered in white sand, as was its rider. They had been trekking for days at this point through the Acrix, lugging behind them a levvy of materials Ranora simply refused to part with. Weapons mostly, a few potions, and a small bit of poison. Just some stuff she collected.

She was honestly taken aback by the volume of people amassing at this city called Solara and the massive collisum at its center. They were everywhere. Some of them flew above by various means, while others zipped across the sands like flashes of light. Some of them were already fighting, clealry riled up from excitement of the tounrament. Ranora felt it too. She could hardly contain herself.

Back at home, Ranora had more than forty different brothers and sisters. But only twelve of them shared her Hellgate lineage. Each of them harbored different skills, and all of them were strong in their own right. She wasn't entirely sure what it meant to be a Hellgate. Her father had never met one before he found her mother, all Ranora knew was that she liked to eat them. Flesh and bone. Her siblings taught her that long ago after they tried to kill her. It had been eight years since then. She nearly forgot how much she loved their scent.

Soon, her steed brought her to the sign in bench.

"Name, Branch, and Confirmation please.."

Said one of the Vesta tournament officials sitting at the reigistration booth. The man was a seasoned fighter and resident of Solara, but he had never seen the species of beast Ranora was riding on. It was a grizzly creature and notably frightening, some people down right refused to stand next to Ranora in line because of it. She was clearly indifferent. Her eyes hadn't even met with the Vests official trying to gain her attention. She was too busy people watching, staring at as many of her relatives as she could. Drinking them in. All of their various shapes and sizes. Her smile was unsettling, even for the official.


He cleared his throat and drew her gaze. She looked vexed, as if he'd disturbed her meal.

"You're gonna have to check in your-- um, friend here."

"..this is not my friend."

"Yes well. We also need your name, branch, and Confirmation if you plan to compete."

"..what.. Is branch? I am Ranora."

The offical's face palm made a comical sound that jostled laughter from a few of his fellow guards. Open invitation ceremonies always attracted the.. Eccentric types. Ranora looked confused.. Before her brow furrowed defensively.

"I amuse you?"

The official wanted no parts in a fruitless argument, he was getting paid to deal with far more important things than some foreigner having communication issues. He found her accent slightly endearing, but not enough to let her off the hook without proof of kinship.

"Ugh, can you show me your birth rune?"

He said as plainly as he could. Surely she knew what that was, right? Every Hellgate, regardless of their tribe or trauma, bore their own particular Rune that would testify to their lineage. However, Ranora's vapid glare had him questioning this thought for the next few moments. The way she stared at him.. There was nothing behind those icy marbles. And the way she slowly wet her lips made him feel incredibly uncomfortable.

"Listen, if you don't have a birth rune we can do a blood test. But if not, I'm gonna have to call security."

Ranora responded by opening her mouth and pointing to the rune that had been etched unto her tongue from birth. She never knew exactly what is was until today. The official took a look beyond her foul breath and teeth before jotting a few notes unto his note pad.

"Oh, alright yeah that'll do. Florum, huh? I think you might be the only one here."


"Yeah, that's right. Welcome to Solara. And please, check your weapons and.. Steed.. Right over there. The Hologurd will be there too assist you shortly."

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Re: Crown Jewel Ceremony

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A small framed woman, covered head to toe in unusually dark garb, silently made her way through the crowds of people. Her face was covered by her thick buque of tightly coiled black locks, with low hanging bangs, that draped over her eyes and stopped just shy of her nose. Much like the near light absorbing black of her cloak and hair, the glint in her eyes was unforgivingly inescapable;but, fortunately for Solara citizens, her gaze was hidden-albiet, not that well. Patrons unlucky enough to catch a glimmer of her amber brown eyes were jolted into response-rushing from her path nervously, some even checking to ensure she wasn't following them as they clutched the child and purses alike.

She made her way to registration mostly without incident;but, just as she reached for the sigil on the door, two ladies, undoubtedly potential contestants of the crown jewel judging by their nervous behavior, crashed into her.

They were rushing through the crowd, most likely stirred into a frenzy by the Orator shouting that registration was closing and thanks to the density of people in the streets, they were blindly racing through a forest. They crashed into Nagase and both of them fell to the floor with a thud. ", I mean…were sorry."

They said as they shook the stars from their vision and tried to help one another up, leaving them ignorant to the menacing gaze glaring at them. They ladies were identical, both in attire and face and judging by their linen, they weren't from Solara, the hellgate capitol city. "We were rushing and didn't see you, is this where we register for the crown jewel?" They asked in unison, while patting the dust off of their pale blue and tattered dress.

Nagase was motionless, standing in the same position she'd be in just before they ran into her-reaching for the door that read registry right above her head. She waited a noticeable length of time before answering their question.

Nagase:This is registration for the cleaning crew, the people who removed any severed limbs or mangled bodies from the maze. What you're looking for is just over by the library , you should hurry…I heard the public orator announce they were closing soon.

The ladies' eyes pulsed with a sudden flare of purple naten. "Perfect. We'll hurry then." They said one at a time, before rushing in the direction she'd given them. Nagase looked over her shoulder and her amber brown eyes were now shining a dim white. She smiled as she watched the twins rush through the crowd without so much as lifting their heads once to check for direction.

She opened the door to the crown jewels registration, the glint in her eyes now replaced by her usual amber brown,still hidden from anyone not within arms reach of her. From a glance, she believed the room was mostly empty, save for a few stragglers leisurely resting on the wall and another woman in front of her.

"Hurry up, it's only a few mins left before we have to close." Said a male worker behind a small desk.

"Write your name and blood tie here and if you don't have one just state which family you're competing for. We'll also need a list of the four skills you'll be using throughout the jewel."

Nagase flicked a written invitation to the man and another pre-written card with the rest of his requested information that floated on the wind until it landed on the desk he was working behind.

"Oh…well, you could've handed to me but thanks for being pr-"

Before he could end his sentence the door swung open, crashing into the polished stone of the building with a thud. Entered three men, each wearing the vesta academy uniform. They were loud to boot and made their way to the registration shouting about their only competition being one another. The male worker tried to hand nagase something, but she was too distracted to notice.

Boy 1:I heard the Vesta crown isn't attending the crown jewel.

Boy 2: Well if thats true, then you're looking at your new Vesta crown.

Boy 3 I hope you're talking about me or Mirum over there-basically anyone but yourself.

Boy 2:As. Fucking If! If the Cursed Flame isn't showing up, then none of you embers have a chance in hell at stopping me.

Boy 1(mirum):..Unearned Confidence. *He said with a funny accent.* Make sure that's what you registered your name as, Havik.

Havik:You're blind. Ive already proven that my flames burn brighter than anyone else.

Mirum: Brighter havik?! Your flames are the brightest in the Acrix;but, that's it. You haven't even developed them.

*He ended his statement with a haughty laugh and patted havik on the back, leaning over his shoulder with a condescending smirk.*

Mirum:You haven't even developed your anthem enough to call it hellfire, you'll be lucky if you make it out of the Sigrel's Maze with your limbs still attached, right Vurz.

Vurz: Thats what I'm trying to tell him, you've got baby flames.

Havik's face twisted up in frustration and he bagan muttering his argument under his breath.

Nagase, still standing by the desk, with her head looking over her shoulder at the disruptive crew, attracted the attention of the fuming boy havik. His eyes grew wide as he saw the vesta crest being handed to Nagase.

Havik:A crest…those are for sitting crown or

*Mirum, still laughing with Vurz about their jokes with havik, he slowly came to realize what Havik was staring at.*

Mirum:Sitting crown? What are….oh shit, there goes your dreams Havik! He said behind an obnoxious laugh.

She accepted her crest and made her way through the gates, where she'd be seated with the other contestants for the rest of the opening ceremony.

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Re: Crown Jewel Ceremony

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A man wearing a long black coat stood in front of a stone podium with his arms crossed behind his back. He surveyed the crowd and the contestants below with a cold and pensive expression on his face. His bald scalp seemed to hold the bright white light of Xelphis in a tattoo eerily similar to a spider's web, but also reminiscent of geometric patterns seen on walls of the Boundary, a large library that dominated the center of town.

"Welcome. Crowns, Descendants, Contestants and Observers." He said, his words rolling across the large stone stadium like a soft , unnoticed whisper. He chuckled to himself before lifting his hand to his neck and clearing his throat. "We are gathered here in ceremony and in Conquest." He said, this time with enough volume to be heard by all.

"Many of our Celestial Bodies illuminate the heavens on this day and we shall use their radiance and tidal strength to find our Crowns."

-He took a moment to weave together his Ava, but held the release of his spell.-

"It is no coincidence that you have found your way here, some of you were greeted with invitation- while others found their way by will alone-a calling ,regardless of the circumstances, it wasn't by chance that any of you made it here this evening." -The crowd's chatter gradually declined as the Orator spoke, with the bulk of the crowd coming to a stark halt as strange images began to fill the sky above them, some of those images being moments of the contestants entering the village or strolling around.

"Vescrutia is home to many legends, but few stand up to their fable. Each of you will be tested for Valor, wisdom, strength, adaptability, cunning and versatility. This is but a few of your qualities that will be tried here and to be found wanting today, could prove fatal. Yet, that is the very reason you're here, to see your worth take form, before our eyes. "

-The images began to shift from scenes of the contestants to unfamiliar faces, especially to those who were never in the village.-

"The challenges that await this Crown jewel are Tassithgurs Maze,Rrugris Gamble, and Vorim's Shadow and considering the sheer volume of contestants…we will begin with Tassithgurs Maze.-

Combatants, native to the village, broke out into whispers,discussing the holographic images floating in the sky.

Random Guy:am I hallucinating?

Random elv: Its a rare form of thoughtography. He's...i mean, Crown Corvus, is projecting images from his own mind and burning them onto loose particles in the air.

Corvus:Tassithgurs, was a giant sand weaver spider. A type of desert creature that traps its prey in elaborate labyrinths, exhausting them before capturing their kill. A near extinct species now, but once dominated these sands.

The sheer size of tassithgur was a marvel even among it's kind. The structures they created, still hold up against the shifting sands of time-unlike the rest of it's kind. Many lesser creatures have made their home within the maze since tassithgur's death. You'll need to avoid traps, hunger, bandits and more while searching for an exit, before you're consumed by the Naten draining enzymes permeating the air from Tassithgurs 'web,' Those who find the exit will be met with Vorim's Shadow, an ancestral spirit of one of the first nine. For some this will be the easiest challenge and to others…"

"Lastly Rhugris gamble is a winner take all combat of the remaining challengers, crude…perhaps;but, each of these challenges are molded after the hurdles the founding Nine families had to endure in order to create this kingdom. How can we call ourselves their successors…if we can't endure by choice, what they were forced to endure. They trekked through the maze with hate blazing on their heels and death lurking in the shadows, they solved Vorims riddle while facing down the hordes of the desert only to be forced to survive Rhugris's Gamble….

This may seem like words, but it is history…your history and it must never be forgotten."

-The crowd erupted in roaring applause, those who had lived their lives in Solara had grown attached, maybe even dependent on this sorta rhetoric. The crown jewel happened once every four years and given the length of a day and the sheer distance of a single orbit around Xelphis, it was the third most frequent mark of mastery on vescrutia. People traveled far and wide to witness Hellgates flex their millennium old genetics and mastery over the arcane.

"Those who traveled by foot, have already seen Tassithgurs Maze. It's only a short distance outside of the village and impossible to miss. We'll expect all those who are still hardened by Xelphis light to meet there by sunset. Drink. Rest. Mate, whatever the flesh and soul crave before your Exodus."

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Re: Crown Jewel Ceremony

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"Oh great.. Moore waiiiiting."

Aerys' frustration ecohed the crowd of clamoring voices surrounding him. He couldnt believe he sat through that long ass drone of nothing words, just to be told to go and wait. His fingers were itching for contact.

"..I bore of waiting."

Aerys took to the air in a plume of lavender fire. He looked like a blistering torch of purple burning in the night air. He flew off toward the illustrious maze without a hitch. Aerys wasn't here to socialize. He had arrived here for the crown and nothing more. Beneath him, in this sea of familair features, he found nothing too interesting. Nothing that stood out other than the occasional power house. He wasn't too knowledgeable about the reigning crowns; he had no idea who Nagase was, he hadnt heard tale of any Seer known as Ovan so he couldn't recognize him, and despite Inarial's entrancing gaze, Aerys had never met a Myotis Hellgate.

None of them were warriors though. This would be easy enough. The hardest part would be trying to get some rest before hand. He figured he could just slumber at the Maze and just wait there.

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Re: Crown Jewel Ceremony

Post by Ovan Hellgate »

Ovan headed straight for the food court, sure that the menu at the Crown Jewel lived up to its royal reputation. His nomadic lifestyle gave him a taste for worldly cuisines, prepped locally and with love and care.

"Who would have thought I'd find myself in the Crown Jewel Ceremony?"

Growing up scholarly, studying astronomy and the dance of the heavenly bodies, he only heard stories of the feats achieved at the Crown Jewel Ceremony. A festival highlighting the cream of the crop of the Hellgate's finest runes, two types of individuals found themselves at the ceremony's start: The exceptional and the delusional. Ovan wasn't sure where he found himself on that spectrum, some called him an exceptional visionary with his calculations of stellar distance and brightness; he just thought it was fun changing one color to another based on what he saw. Although his artistic nature happened to help established stellar observatories revolutionize the craft, his own martial breakthroughs paled in comparison. So he gorged himself in the people he found himself surrounded by, starting with their favorite food.

Ovan walked one hallway packed with people, then another. And another, then one ended in a wall. Did he wander into the labyrinth? He didn't hear any screams or the hissing of the Tassithgurs, so where could the food be? Hopefully around the next turn he'd find more than some lucky person taking a nap. How they found the comfort to fall asleep here, gods only knew, but he seemed to be resting.

"There's only rocks and dirt, how is he sleeping?"

Ovan chuckled to himself while he searched for some local eats.

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Re: Crown Jewel Ceremony

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Amongst the clamoring rabble that littered the ceremony ground, Inari found himself leaning against a pillar. His pupils scanned the area rapidly.

"hmp...not a single one yet."

There were hints of disappointment in his voice. He rarely walked around with expectations. Though he must admit, there was a thickening angst building in him. To actually meet a Myotis...a family member. He had always been alone...never being one for pack ideology. Everything in his nature always forced him to withdraw, fearing he would only end up hurting the people around him. The weakness of his heart. The fragility of his hold over his emotions... his desires.

"Sheesh Inari, such scowling contemplation is bad for your skin."

Amrit's voice would reach into Inari's consciousness. He rarely manifested physically since Inari had mastered the art of unifying with his familiar. Doing so at minimal integration allows him to constantly be fed Animrts spiritual power emboldening himself and his efforts to better control himself and his aura. He ignored the fox's comment and continued on in thought. He could not help but contemplate. He had always thought he would wander the face of this planet lost, confused, riddled with a mind stained with nothing but questions. Damming memories of faces he longer recognizes, voices of people he wasn't sure he had ever met. Flashes of experience that felt all too close yet so distant and far from him. Now, he finds himself in the middle of a contest for a crown he cares nothing about...for the sole sake of hope. Maybe that was the piece that unnerved him the most...he had never really known the feeling...


"You have met many faces, and though you might still choose not to see the threads that connect you to them all. Inari know this, you have never truly been alone. Even if the only company you've kept prior was the madness within you. Remember, Malka has watched over you this entire time. She protected you...

He remained silent...

His eyes would close

" She had faith that whatever daemons you carried that within you lay the salvation of something deeply tied to the Myotis. They will come... you will have your wish. So all we have to do is-

His eyes opened partway. The locket that his mother left him between his fingers.

"Is cause an uproar!"

His fist would tighten, and his aura settled, becoming serene like a calm ocean right before a storm. Now was not the time for anxiety, to second guess his purpose. Whatever the outcome today his ultimate goal was the stand atop the pinnacle of existence. To be known as the Apex of all apex. Obtaining this crown was but a pebble along the road of triumph he was destined to walk. He and Amrit were becoming closer and closer, he did speak true. Whatever the extent of the meetings that lead to his current placement. He had forged connections...though still very early there were people wishing him success...that he finds the truth he was searching for. His birth rune was the first piece of the puzzle. Figuring out who and what it was to the Myotis would begin the process of finally answering the litany of questions he kept bottled up inside. Finally...his heart would know release...


Just then, overhead a comet would be seen flying over, Aerys took to the skies. No doubt making his way to the Labyrinth. Crafted by the former top of the food chain. Inari could not help but grin at the chance to maybe test his mantle against one. He wondered...the memories the blood of such a creature would hold.

"Amrit, we are leaving"

It was going to be quite some time before the beginning of the first trial. Not wanting to reveal his abilities just yet he took to the ground. Despite absolutely despising the feel of sand under his feet he would leave the stadium behind. Just as he was leaving a tall cloaked figure watched him exit. The only distinguishing trait of them was the odd symbol etched on the cloak.

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