Crown Jewel Ceremony: Rhugris' Gamble

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Crown Jewel Ceremony: Rhugris' Gamble

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The third stage of the Crown Jewel Ceremony, the most exalted of Hellgate Rituals, commences in the heart of Rhugris's Oasis. The Founding Kings crafted this spectacle to distill the cream of the crop to lead the clan to new frontiers of humanity. The Nine Families aimed to breed the cream of the crop of the Hellgate lines, only the most gifted blazing a path to the future, following in the footsteps of the Kings who came before them.

Only after conquering the labyrinth of Thassigur's Maze and being met by Wizard King Vorin's Trial do the final participants make it into the grand ceremony. The challenge pits you against the each other in a race to the finish. There are 20 Arid Keys strewn throughout the desert arena. They are hidden beneath the sands and shine like a ghastly full moon even in scorching daylight. Although easy to find, each participant will need to
gather 7 of them in order to reach the final stage of the ceremony. With 8 combatants left after the Wizard King's Trial, the fortunate will have to face the perils of the ancestral, untamed Acrix wilderness and each other in their quest-battle-royale to gather the artifacts and return to Acrix Solara with their lives. Will any of them have what it takes?


Nagase vs. ???

??? vs. ???

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