A House in The Dark

A kingdom with a strong relationship with the Hellgate Tribe. Their advance metallurgy assisted in revolutionizing the industry’s within the Astral Chaos Country.
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A House in The Dark

Post by Nazu Denki »

“Nazu… Hey, Nazu.. Wake up, it's time for training” said Dazuma as Nazuma open his eyes to his brother towering over him. He blocked out the sun for just a moment. The two Denkou princes would be standing in a valley just under a sakura tree in Paltra’s Cove. A lush garden city in the heart of the northern denkou kingdom. Behind them were tall tree houses and wooden bridges that connected the group of buildings. The skies were clear and the sun beam brightly peeking its eyes through the covers of the tree leaves. The birds chirped and the wind sashayed across the field.

Nazuma would jump to his feet and hug his brother, he couldn’t believe he was standing here in front of him.

“Nazu...ma.. Are you okay?” Dazuma said as Nazuma held his brother as if he wasn’t ever going to see him again. He longs for his brother's face. He didn’t say anything he just held on to him.

“I am fine it just has been so long since I have seen you.” Nazuma said as he released his brother giving him a long stare. He’d have a smile reaching from ear to ear as he looked at his twin. Dazuma squinted his eyes to scold his brother.

” You’re acting weird. We just had breakfast with Mam and Da. Come now or Mios will make us go to bed without dinner if we are tardy again and I’ll be damned if I miss the seafood feast the cooks are planning to serve. Its a fucking Salinon Freshwater Bass, you know they only swim the around here once every 2 years to mate which means only the strong and healthy fish make it up stream while the fat lazy ones get caught.”

Nazuma would look at Dazuma as if he was tweaking. Was he not aware that their father had died years before. How Mios is taking his power, how he has truly been a prisoner under the forever watchful eyes of the False King.

“Are you mad Dazuma?.. We have to get out of here. Mios will Kill us if he catches us. Where is Evant and Daitsuya? They are the only two we can trust with our lives right now. No one else can be trusted. Mam will be happy that I found you, We have to find her, Was probably in her lab..” Nazuma would grab Dazuma by the hand and take off into the sky.

Dazuma would be taken by the sudden motions of his brother as the two of them floated high above the Kingdom. They headed toward the castle where Nazuma was hoping to find his mother. Within moments the two would land in the center courtyard of the castle grounds.

“Damn.. Now wait a second you hot legged jakalbaer, what is your problem?” He said as he snatched away from Nazu. He didn’t know why Nazuma was acting the way he acted. “Look we don’t have time for this.. We have to find the others and get out of here quickly. We can go to a base I have in the Astral, We will be safe there. It is off-grid and we can plan our attack to free everyone from Mios’ control.”

Nazuma said as he rushed for the doors to the castle. He would give them a push as he rushed in and hid behind the pillars. Dazuma walked behind his brother as if things were normal, the heels of his shoes clicked with each of his steps. Nazuma would halt and rush to stop Dazuma’s stride. “ What the hell do you think you are doing? Are you trying to get us caught by the guards? “

Dazuma looked at Nazu and began to laugh at his brother. “Hahaha.. What are you talking about? Seriously have you fallen off the crazy bus or what today. I know you liked to play infantry when we were kids but this is a whole new type of competitive spirit. Dope as back story... ‘ He said as he walked past Nazuma. “Under Mios’ control.. HA!.. classic childhood memories….”

“My dearest Princes, What are you doing here shouldn’t you be at Grands in Paltra’s cove? I swore you made the Convoy this morning, I escorted you two there myself.Are you two trying to have your mother scold me for your resilience to training. ”

The man said as his voice rang from top of the stairs that lead to the residential wing of the castle, it was strong and powerful, loving and warm. Welcoming and filled with Joy.. He stepped down each step, as he spoke, Nazuma couldn’t believe it was none other than his father Darcovis Siegfried Ri’ore..

Dazuma would arc his index, middle fingers, while holding his thumb forward and twisting his wrist and place his hand on his heart and bowing to his father. Dazuma would Motion NAzu to do the same yet the young Prince only Activated his Ruby King Powers. His eyes changed to silver as he summoned the magicks of his birthright, two spell circles would manifest above him. The swirled as they began to close in on him,his locs changed from icy white to a crimson red hue. He spouted a pair of plush white wings as his body was surrounded in a red hue of raw naten. His voice danced across the room and echoed in the halls as he spoke, putting his hands up and taking a stance. He dug his feet into the ground breaking the tile below. “I don’t know who you are but I will kill you for wearing my father’s face..” HE said as he rushed the man before him. The man would quickly activate his own naten. Dodging the blows of Nazu. He would summon a force that would push Nazuma across the room. Nazuma would catch himself and bounce off the wall as he tried to summon his animus. “Breathe.. Syrail” He said as he placed his hand behind his back hoping the crimson winged blade would manifest by the time he reached his father. The naten swirled and gathered yet no animus had manifested. He would be caught by Darcovis and Suddenly he felt the power of Rai flow from this man just as his father’s once did.

“D..D..Da.. IS it really you. How is this possible.. Are you a Spirit.. Has the Gamallow blessed you with an animatronic body? Are you an Android? I know we have missed you but this is the craziest stuff I've ever seen.. What’s going on here?.. “

Dazuma would come up to NAzuma and give him a nice smack to the back of the head” You idiot bow before the King.. You must be mad to attack Da.. I told you that wasn’t going to work last time we gotta get him together. Remember We are a team and although we can handle ourselves alone we never fight a strong opponent alone.”

NAzuma would rub the back of his head as he looked to the man before him. Darcovis stood over the two of them with a stern look.” What has gotten into you, your first day of training and you two aren’t there.. Until you finish Onomichi then you can’t challenge me until then. We can not battle my son, you shouldn’t even attempt at your current power level to fight me You haven't full mastered the Kings Art Magic just yet. You may have gotten stronger in just a short time it's only been four years since your power powers have awaken and I feel the Marashin's power growing in you everyday. I know just as well as you if you miss another session Daitsuya will be upset with you and won’t visit for a month like last time, it was odd thought you slept a whole three days and now you attack me as if I were a Joukai. You sure you feeling okay.”

NAzuma couldn’t believe what was happening. It was all surreal to him, he was with his brother snd his father and nothing happened. It seems to be peaceful.. Nazuma would rush past his father and into his room there he would seal his doors he had to collect himself..

“What’s going on!!”

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Re: A House in The Dark

Post by Daitsuya »


The night was one of the darkest, an uneasy feeling sat in the kingdom. The two of them were walked the isles of the Astral Kingdom. She had on her winter cloths and booths. Her silver locs wrapped into a bun above her Golden chain-link crown while two black locs hung freely in the front . She had on light blush and liner with a light pink glossed lip that complimented her brown skin. She held the arm of Nazuma as they made their way to their home from a long day of being away from each other. The royal couple would be respected by some of the patrons as they passed them. They didn't say much to each other. It seems to be that way nowadays. But it is fine with her. She knows every Denkou is know to keep secrets no matter who it comes to. She looked at him and only saw pain in his eyes. His hurt.

Thought it seems he doesn't look at her that. Only when he looks out into the world that surrounds them. She always wonders why his eyes showed so much pain. Was it because of the life they were given at such a young age. They both not only warriors to their respected homes but the trials each of them had faced only made them both question.. Is this peace of days worth the mental sacrifice.?


She was tounge tied she didn't know what to say to him. He looked at he and smiled.

"You alright?.. Are you cold? "

She shook her head.

"Tonight, it's kind of calm don't you think? You can really see the Astral City Skyline lights.. I always thought it was cool that this place is build into the Alps.. Our Snow Bowl City..."

She smiled as she wrapped her arms within his, she couldn't believe how much bigger he had gotten over the years. Just a few years ago he was the same height as her but now he stood a good foot or so over her. But she wasn't to tall herself she only stood at 4'11, so the fact he had grown so tall in such a short time was cool to her.

Snow Bowl more like snowball.. Hehe..

Tell me... Nazuma..

How do you look at this world with such pain ?
The world I see has hurt me. Yet I still see what I must do. I don't look at the world and see truth, Only lies of our forefathers. Maybe I am wrong in the words I speak but they are mines. I will stand on them, I can't trust any one. I don't look at the world with pain in my eyes my Princess, the world has filled me with strife.. I am nothing more than a vessel for the great Marashin. ..

The same answer he always gave yet it was always worded differently. He was more so emotionally hurt in it all, she could only be his blanket of relief. She would step in front of him, he would stutter step from her doing this causing them to stop in the middle of the sidewalk. She didn't say anything she looked at him with such disbelief in his answer, though she remained calm. She only continued to walk with out him. Soon they reach their home. She would turn the key opening the door, the servicers would try to greet the young woman when she enter but she blew pass them without saying a thing. She walked through the grand halls as her heels clicked with fury. She cursed under her breathe as she pushed opened the doors of their bedroom with a burst of wind magic. She felt Nazu grab her arm but she would quickly snatch away.

"By the Gods what the hell has come over you Dai-Sue?"

"I won't except that robot ass answer not this time.. You are more than what they tell you, can't you see that. Although this life isn't great, We have to hold on to our humanity .. We bear the name of a family who has done nothing but hurt the both of us but I don't go around putting shit in everyone's pie. We didn't sign up for this we were born into it.. And Only we can change that...Not Onohall, Not Dazuma, Not any other noble in this god forsaken kingdom. My family have put ourselves on the line for you, our kingdom. Its crumbling right before you and you can't find anything else to say but how a the gods blessing has hurt you. Do you ever think how you hurt the people in the real world? Let it go.. Dazuma is finding himself you need to do the same.. We traveled the world for the last four years Nazuma.. When will we have to stop like you promised?... I have been here by your side, I have given you everything. My family, my sisters... They all can't see me because I am your bride. I am banished.I don't eat with friends or the mages I go to school with. I come to you every night.. I have lost so many people in your fight ... This isn't a life i wanted .. I am only 17, and I was chosen to marry you. My father and mother died when I was just six years old, My sister and I was bread for another six preparing to be this... the perfect vessel to be your bride

... Ar'gin and Ar'Gorven adopted me and my sisters to save their daughters from this life.

We .....The Children of De'on... Rossern, Satsuki, Konoki and Daitsuya have protected you for so long we don't know what it's like to be normal any more do you get that? Tell me what is it that you feel Nazuma. I want you to tell me.. Tell me you... Tell me you trust me. Not to Evant or Rossern tell ME you trust ME.. Because I know you lie to everyone around you and hide your real thoughts"


"Fine.. you remain silent.. You sit on the other end for dinner tonight and you shall sleep ALONE!!"

She would summon more wind magic as she pushed him out of the room. A few hours would pass and the two of them sat on opposite sides of thee table, she didn't speak to him, he didn't speak to her. They ate in silence only the sounds of the utensils clanking the plates and the then the service removing each course. Finally desert came ..

"I trust you...is it so hard to say?"

"I can't trust you...I can't because I know you.. Daitsuya Sol're Urso.... I don't trust you because of your pain. I know what you hide. .. every weakness... I'll even throw a better curve ball. In the studies of your ancestor Zerix, it said that some Valkyrie can consume the power of the Marashin . I have felt this every time you use wind magic. You can't use it with out me can you?.. Can you use any magic Daitsuya?. If you can tell me that then I will trust you...Daitsuya Sol're ,leader of the Horizon Rebellion... "

He would stand to his feet as he spoke to her his voice calm. She was shocked to hear those words come out of his mouth as calmly and supple they were. She could only think how would he know who she was she moved so carefully. How could she got caught and when. She stood to him as she walked around him as she came to a realization that she was caught. He stood over her like a tower of death as his eyes stabbed her in the chest. The both fell into eachother arms. She fell bdown as he fell into her lap. his locs resting on her shoudlers in his arms.

"What do you plan to do with me my ledge.."

"Pch.. Nothing.. I can't..I can't kill you.. I can't hate you.... So What do you plan to do with me, You can have it all right here and now you can kill me and claim the power of the Marashin right now. Lead the rebellion and try to kill Mios... Or you can join me and We change this kingdom so no one has to live in hell anymore.."

She would place her hand intothe princes locs as she exhaled and he rested his head onto her shoulders. She couldn't hold back emotion. She couldn't fight her tears... They weren't tears of fear or joy they were tears of truth. They soaked her chin, yet it was the pain of the burden she held that made her cry. But somehow, him knowing made that burden go away.

"How long have you known?.... "

"...I have know since your 16th birthday. The Man in Black that you spoke with before you came to blow your candles out. He was Captured by Shogoku squadron and he told us everything..But who you where I had to find that out on my own.. So Why?"

"Fine.. You want me to say it.. You want me to tell you... Why.... It was never my intention to fall in love with you.. it wasn't the mission...However, I am to kill you when I become Queen and eligible to take the throne. I Daitsuya Amari Flonne am Daitsuya Sol're Urso.. A Sun bear and the youngest daughter of De'on Singapore ... I wish to get revenge for my father and mother and my sister, who this kingdom has given up on. They let them parish... So Yes, I will take your life ..But I won't kill you because I know that's what you want.. However, I will cherish it, I will keep you safe. I will follow you into Aiyah..I know what you fight but you will no lomger fight it alone. I was so selfish in y reasons... Now you know... Who I am..."

She would bury her head into his own as she continued to cry, her words shaken and emotional. She felt relief as if him knowing this was a sign of good between the two of them though she knew it wasn't. She just was happy she didn't have to hide it any more.

"I know my princess, I know what I asked you four years ago... I just don't know if I can keep my promise I made to you and to my brother.. This is the hardest thing I have had to do and I can't face it.. I can't kill Mios.. I wish my father was here, I wish this life hadn't happen. I wish I can trust again..I am sorry.. But I must go away now.. She calls me...The Fujinn I can't fight it.. Im sorry to spring this on you..."

The princess could feel something inside of Nazuma as a dark energy casted over them. His naten mixed and swirled his eyes transfromed Nazuma quicckly cleared the area of everything around them unleashing a tornado in the dinning room. It swirled and picked up everything in the room but the two of them. His Eyes had changed, he had invoked his birthright on her. The Two of them Began to float as the walls and the very foundation of the home began to cave in like a black hole . As the house collapsed the bricks and wood seem to break down in to nothing as its seem Nazuma lost control of his powers. The winds began to cut like razors as he skin ripped from coming into contact with it. This would make her summon her animus " Gather Syaid" The crimson winged blade would manifest and the girl would invoke the magick in Nazuma scraf eexpanding it and pulling it over the two of them as she called out to him

"Nazu… Hey, Nazu.. Wake up!!"

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Re: A House in The Dark

Post by Nazu Denki »

He began to drift away, only feeling the vibration of her words as they began to fade away. His body or rather, his consciousness began to fall into the nothingness of nothing. A void that was hot and cold, free yet confined to what it was nothing. Suddenly he felt a shift as if he traveled through seasons of time. As his consciousness begin to fall into a hellish void he could feel something pull him away like a fisherman’s haul. The boy was twisted and turned by the force in which he was lured by. His name being called. His legs moving on their own. His mind telling his body this was was the way to freedom his solem wish. He saw his brother as his drifted further and deeper into the rift, saw images of the past his memories showing like flsh cards . His head spinned and contouted in as it seem he shifted into another reality. Somehow.. Some way... .

"I need to collect myself. I need to get a grip. " He said as he gave himself two smacks to his face just making sure everything was real, Suddenly rhe words of Daitsuya ran across his mind and then jos finaal words to her so cruel..."Daitsuya... Are you here as well.", Though a tuberous knock on the door made him pay attention to his surronding.. Nazuma noticed the room he was in and how instinctively he knew where this room was. He was in awe of what he saw. He knew it was his room the White Pearl and Gold had trims encrusted with ruby and emerald gem stones. The colors of red and green decorated the room in lavish silk fabrics and cloths. The sun settled in the windows casting a shadow of comfort from its rays. It felt like he had always been here. Like he was home. ..

"Bre'gon" he said as he unlock the doors of the room. Outside stood his brother, father and a few of the royal guards. They all looked at him as if they wanted to figure out what was going on with him. He quickly assessed the situation as they came into his room. Though, when his father entered his eyes where fixated on him. It was odd to see the man in such Youth and Strength, he couldn't believe this was his father. He had the same essence, smile, even his proud prominence tone, everything that a King was.. The guards would quickly surround Dazuma and Dracovis creating a wall of shields between them.

"This is a bit much.. He is MY CHILD, I can handle him alone.. My Son, Please tell them you where just playing one of your pranks on me.. They need not take such haste against you. Correct?"

He said as he straighten his back and stood frimly behind the wall. Nazuma wondered why they stood afraid of his power. Did it mean he still had the power to null Lightning?... He didn't want to test this here, the fact the guards saw Nazuma as a threat was enough for him to know that it could be that fact.
"Yes.. Just a mere prank.. to test of my speed. You see that move was called the Scarlet Cardinal... I almost had you."
He said as he put a childish grin on his face. It wasn't intention or anything it was to lighting the mood. The Guard would disband allowing the King and Dazuma through to stand before Nazu.
He would exhale as he met the two of them. He was in awe to see the two of them. Dazuma looked as if he was a replica of Dracovis himself, the way they stood side by side the elegance and the glow they shared radiated the room. Though timid in his entrance to the happens of his twin, He came to still look at him and Dazuma stared back. Their eyes lock in a Amber and Emerald Blue swirl of vision. it took him back to the times when they where just children. Yet, somethings in his memory didn't make sense. He felt he knew the lay of the castle and everything happening in it. He had felt the difference between thed two of them. He felt the power of Dracovis, but also the Power that laid dormant inside Dazuma. Then he felt Mios' Power... He heard his steps creep into the room. His shadow casted a presence of despair, it was if they both lost their glow the minute he stepped in As darcovis spoke back to Nazuma like he was trying to protect him from death. But why did they take such haste to his sudden attack to his father?.. The world inwhich Nazuma came from his father is dead and Mios is an evil king.. How was he to explain this to anyone now.

"Almost had him?.. Who do you think you are fooling you little ingrate?.. I'd say your pranks are getting out of hand. You attacked a Former King. Do you know what that means Nazuma.. This isn't a game any more... I'm sorry but you have to be arrested. This is an attack of treason against the Emerald King Dracoivs Riore. Outside of a training session and outside of an AGREED spar." He said as he had cuffs put on Nazuma. " I also have evidence that proves that this was the day and time you planned to attack the Astral King Agroven and Kidnap Princess Daitsuya.. You would have started when you came from Mam's house right father. Since the day they were born you have been a threat to our lineage and Now that I am King I will deal with you accordingly." He spoke with an ill tongue his stance was overbearing and dark. His long black locs draped across his coral blue eyes, his vanilla skin covered in serpent runes and his final kings arts rested on the back of his right palm in which he didn't hesitate to flash. The Sapphire Dragon. He was dressed in the blue and navy cloths of cashmere, He had jewels and gemstones of different shades of emerald blue that symbolized his power of Kingship braided into his long thick locs. His crown resemble his emperor dragon spirit and in the middle set the Emerald Sapphire Stone. The manifestation of his Will.. The Essence of the King.. His fire burned as bright as any emerald flame before his. He would wave his hand and send the Guard out of the room. It would only be Mios, Dracovis, Dazuma and Nazuma..

16 years ago...
Nazuma knew his birth taboo. First came a child covered in a crimson light. His icy white hair smooth to the touch. He smelled of roses and fresh cinnamon, the doctors would look on in amazement of his presence. Then not a moment later came Dazuma. They said his birth caused a change in the sky, a shift in the amosphere happened as it seem the Queen had went to the other side. Her plause dropped and she went flat for just a second.. The medic staff rushed to her, suddenly being blow across the room by a force unknown. She then gained the breathe of life and told the doctors she was with another child. She then gave one last push and out came Dazuma. A child identical to the one before him. He had no glow. He had no birthright power. He had no life. A truly sad moment befell the room as the doctors informed the Queen that her second child was not alive. She refused to let the fact sit in. She requested to hold both of her children. First she held the lifeless Dazuma and cried deeply into his emerald blankets. Then when she was gathered she would reach for Nazuma. She held both twins close. Her voice soft and warming as she spoke with emotion in her whims. "You..Two.. You are.. please.. looks to ceiling.. you two.. by the gods.... but it has to be ...you two who will be.. you two who must... you.. The child born in strength you will be... Nai... and the child who must see the light with in him will be Dar..." She said in broken words of emotional distress. It was as if holding them sent her into a trance though her words were full of joy and pride. It was as if she had awoken in to a light of truth behind the happens. Some say the day of their birth Queen Onohall saw the future of the Denkou and in that moment she had went to the future. That her prayer to the Gods gave life to Dazuma.. Their power shined as the three of them laid together. Onohall began to glow and small swirls of green and red and silver flooded the room dancing around the trio. The entire Kingdom felt the raw power of the birth of the twins. As the sky darkened and crashed with lightning, the weather became catacrotic as the wave along the shore lines shift and crashed. Winds picked up faster than they had before in both the Emerald Ascension and the Aps of Chaos. This happened for twenty one minutes. For 20 minutes the Kingdoms where shrouded in darkness. The stars of the Emerald and Ruby Constellations manifested that day and have remained above the Denki kingdoms. A site that hadn't been seen for almost have a half millennia. For just a Moment the world shined as the gods gave life to the small children. The feet of the twins would touch, she held them close in her arms and then the second child took his first grasp of air. His black hair turning silver as he cried his first welcome to the world.

"I don't wish to press charges against the prince. I do not wish for his arrest. It was a child being a child. Mios... My King... Please spare the lad."
Dracovis begged.

"Oh father, You have no more power in this. I am King by the next Hour of Day. The papers have been finalized.. No man nor child shall cause threat to the Lineage of the Ri'ore. Even if it is a Royal. Nazuma has shown no control over his powers just because he can shoot air bubbles doesn't mean he can control this power. This power that has killed my Queen.. and his 'Adventurous' spirit has only cause us trouble with our neighboring lands. His birth caused cataclysmic destruction... The reason being, is the reason you have hidden from us for so long. Both of them.. You tainted the bloodline you and Onohall... Because you were King.. But now I am King and I shall bring our Kingdom back to its glory. By cleansing it of it's tainted blood. "

Mios said standing just a few feet in front of Dracovis he spoke. His tone becoming ever the more sinister as spoke. It was f Nazuma was in the exact conversation between Mios and Dracovis five years prior to his banishment. "Look at you. Your Runes fade each day yet you still pretend you have the blessing. I knew the moment these two were born what you and mother did. You curse this kingdom to hell. But my question is why?" He said pacing back and forth as if he was going through some kind of scientific explanation of an experiment.

Dracovis stood strong as his chuckle became a thunderous laugh. He stood in front of the Twins like a shield of light. "My sons.. I must tell you... Ains... Forgive me..."
Dracovis then began speaking yet Nazuma couldn't hear him. It was as if His ears got plugged. He only caught Darcovis last words.
"They will free us of the darkness...."

A Single Blaze of Fire Engulfed Dracovis in his final words. The cries of Nazuma and Dazuma would be heard as they watch their brother set their father ablaze. He then consumed the flame into his body breaking it down into pure naten. Dracovis began to age and his runes faded, his white locs turned a dull lifeless grey. his skin wrinkled and darkened. His power completely drained. The twins looked on in horror as they saw dracovis loose all his strength and power. His years caught up with him and The Barrel Sovereign was no more.

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Re: A House in The Dark

Post by Daitsuya »

The walls of their home began to crack and crumble. The princess would quickly manifest her power summoning her animus Syraid, she took the might of a bust of energy that shot out of Nazuma. She would go crashing through the table splitting it in half. Her body taking the impact nearly knocking the wind out of her. She came to stand to her feet quickly as she took a look of desperation. She frantically planted her feet as the waves of compressed air intensified. Some even cutting her in random places on her body. She called out to Him.

“Nazuma... wake up!!”

She would wrap her hair ribbon around her sword and plunge it into ground. She watched as the house around her began to collapse; imploding into rocks or small pieces of what it was made of.

“Compression magic: Madusa’s Gaze!!”

The runes would manifest as she gave a snap of her fingers and fron the bottom of her feet would manifest A snake like creature made of compressed wind mana. The creature would wrap around he acting as shield. It planted her frimly in the ground as it blocked the debris and wind burst.

“I need to contact.. Evant.... Pathway Integrate. “

She would summon Naren to the tip of her finger as she tapped the lobe of her right ear. A bell would ring as her essence leaked into a kinetic grid accessible by any Denkou within 15 miles of each other however some Denkou can use this network no matter where they are. Daitsuya was one of those Denkou capable of suck a feat. The pupil of her Crystal Grey eyes would light a green hue showing she was connected to the grid as a whole. Her voice rang out.

“Evant.. Evant... I need you.. Nazuma Has lost control. He’s Passed out and I can’t get him to awake. ..”

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