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A House in The Dark

Posted: Mon May 10, 2021 5:11 am
by Nazu Denki
“Nazu… Hey, Nazu.. Wake up, it's time for training” said Dazuma as Nazuma open his eyes to his brother towering over him. He blocked out the sun for just a moment. The two Denkou princes would be standing in a valley just under a sakura tree in Paltra’s Cove. A lush garden city in the heart of the northern denkou kingdom. Behind them were tall tree houses and wooden bridges that connected the group of buildings. The skies were clear and the sun beam brightly peeking its eyes through the covers of the tree leaves. The birds chirped and the wind sashayed across the field.

Nazuma would jump to his feet and hug his brother, he couldn’t believe he was standing here in front of him.

“ Are you okay?” Dazuma said as Nazuma held his brother as if he wasn’t ever going to see him again. He longs for his brother's face. He didn’t say anything he just held on to him.

“I am fine it just has been so long since I have seen you.” Nazuma said as he released his brother giving him a long stare. He’d have a smile reaching from ear to ear as he looked at his twin. Dazuma squinted his eyes to scold his brother.

” You’re acting weird. We just had breakfast with Mam and Da. Come now or Mios will make us go to bed without dinner if we are tardy again and I’ll be damned if I miss the seafood feast the cooks are planning to serve. Its a fucking Salinon Freshwater Bass, you know they only swim the around here once every 2 years to mate which means only the strong and healthy fish make it up stream while the fat lazy ones get caught.”

Nazuma would look at Dazuma as if he was tweaking. Was he not aware that their father had died years before. How Mios is taking his power, how he has truly been a prisoner under the forever watchful eyes of the False King.

“Are you mad Dazuma?.. We have to get out of here. Mios will Kill us if he catches us. Where is Evant and Daitsuya? They are the only two we can trust with our lives right now. No one else can be trusted. Mam will be happy that I found you, We have to find her, Was probably in her lab..” Nazuma would grab Dazuma by the hand and take off into the sky.

Dazuma would be taken by the sudden motions of his brother as the two of them floated high above the Kingdom. They headed toward the castle where Nazuma was hoping to find his mother. Within moments the two would land in the center courtyard of the castle grounds.

“Damn.. Now wait a second you hot legged jakalbaer, what is your problem?” He said as he snatched away from Nazu. He didn’t know why Nazuma was acting the way he acted. “Look we don’t have time for this.. We have to find the others and get out of here quickly. We can go to a base I have in the Astral, We will be safe there. It is off-grid and we can plan our attack to free everyone from Mios’ control.”

Nazuma said as he rushed for the doors to the castle. He would give them a push as he rushed in and hid behind the pillars. Dazuma walked behind his brother as if things were normal, the heels of his shoes clicked with each of his steps. Nazuma would halt and rush to stop Dazuma’s stride. “ What the hell do you think you are doing? Are you trying to get us caught by the guards? “

Dazuma looked at Nazu and began to laugh at his brother. “Hahaha.. What are you talking about? Seriously have you fallen off the crazy bus or what today. I know you liked to play infantry when we were kids but this is a whole new type of competitive spirit. Dope as back story... ‘ He said as he walked past Nazuma. “Under Mios’ control.. HA!.. classic childhood memories….”

“My dearest Princes, What are you doing here shouldn’t you be at Grands in Paltra’s cove? I swore you made the Convoy this morning, I escorted you two there myself.Are you two trying to have your mother scold me for your resilience to training. ”

The man said as his voice rang from top of the stairs that lead to the residential wing of the castle, it was strong and powerful, loving and warm. Welcoming and filled with Joy.. He stepped down each step, as he spoke, Nazuma couldn’t believe it was none other than his father Darcovis Siegfried Ri’ore..

Dazuma would arc his index, middle fingers, while holding his thumb forward and twisting his wrist and place his hand on his heart and bowing to his father. Dazuma would Motion NAzu to do the same yet the young Prince only Activated his Ruby King Powers. His eyes changed to silver as he summoned the magicks of his birthright, two spell circles would manifest above him. The swirled as they began to close in on him,his locs changed from icy white to a crimson red hue. He spouted a pair of plush white wings as his body was surrounded in a red hue of raw naten. His voice danced across the room and echoed in the halls as he spoke, putting his hands up and taking a stance. He dug his feet into the ground breaking the tile below. “I don’t know who you are but I will kill you for wearing my father’s face..” HE said as he rushed the man before him. The man would quickly activate his own naten. Dodging the blows of Nazu. He would summon a force that would push Nazuma across the room. Nazuma would catch himself and bounce off the wall as he tried to summon his animus. “Breathe.. Syrail” He said as he placed his hand behind his back hoping the crimson winged blade would manifest by the time he reached his father. The naten swirled and gathered yet no animus had manifested. He would be caught by Darcovis and Suddenly he felt the power of Rai flow from this man just as his father’s once did.

“D..D..Da.. IS it really you. How is this possible.. Are you a Spirit.. Has the Gamallow blessed you with an animatronic body? Are you an Android? I know we have missed you but this is the craziest stuff I've ever seen.. What’s going on here?.. “

Dazuma would come up to NAzuma and give him a nice smack to the back of the head” You idiot bow before the King.. You must be mad to attack Da.. I told you that wasn’t going to work last time we gotta get him together. Remember We are a team and although we can handle ourselves alone we never fight a strong opponent alone.”

NAzuma would rub the back of his head as he looked to the man before him. Darcovis stood over the two of them with a stern look.” What has gotten into you, your first day of training and you two aren’t there.. Until you finish Onomichi then you can’t challenge me until then. We can not battle my son, you shouldn’t even attempt at your current power level to fight me You haven't full mastered the Kings Art Magic just yet. You may have gotten stronger in just a short time it's only been four years since your power powers have awaken and I feel the Marashin's power growing in you everyday. I know just as well as you if you miss another session Daitsuya will be upset with you and won’t visit for a month like last time, it was odd thought you slept a whole three days and now you attack me as if I were a Joukai. You sure you feeling okay.”

NAzuma couldn’t believe what was happening. It was all surreal to him, he was with his brother snd his father and nothing happened. It seems to be peaceful.. Nazuma would rush past his father and into his room there he would seal his doors he had to collect himself..

“What’s going on!!”