Diamond Dust: Faction Template

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Diamond Dust: Faction Template

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Diamond Dust is a humanitarian organization dedicated to community service and grassroots movements. Well known for generations across Vescrutia, they have been pivotal players in conflicts involving oppressed populations and natural crises. Public HQ is Duster’s Tavern where new recruits learn the ways of tinjutsu and how to better serve their communities through work in the tavern.

Led by Vincent J Fenri, they are advocates for personal growth becoming the seed of leadership and have spawned smaller teams to grow their influence

Faction: Diamond Dust

Leader: Vincent J Fenri

Permissions: Which character facets MUST be reflected in order to take this Faction


Central: Service is the true way to conquer the world

Contrast: Not everyone is a fan of their style of service

Active: Keeping Duster’s Tavern up and running

Crossing: Fenri, Ban Sandra, Diana Hawkins

Scholar: Libra, the Scales - Associated with the earth, rivers, valleys, giving and receiving gifts, understanding, insight, and decision making.

Arbiter: Orderbound: Allows the user to link their Naten to others to share with them. Needs to be consecrated with a solemn oath or blood bond.

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