Akuma - The Devils Hand

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Akuma - The Devils Hand

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Family Name: Akuma:
Location: Must live in Rudrul(ROO-DROOL) island
Species: Human
Central: Pacifist who live on an isolated islet behind the ‘The Veil,’, the islet have gone unexplored by Vescrutia’s modern life due to its staggering distance from land, impenetrable magnetic fields and unforgiving storms that rage without end.

Contrast: Plagued by a long history of corrupt leadership, die hard dogmatic views and the trauma of enduring genocide, -the Akuma are a shell of their former glory. Having fled from the clutches of the mad king Otum, the Akuma have lost the will to fight. They fled their home land, mysteriously ending up on the island. They now live in ignorance and deny their home's current occupation by a nefarious organization-Seed.

Active: You’re the black sheep of the tribe, . As the tribe strives to live an unrealistic modest life, one where they constantly put their own lives behind those of others, even predators seeking to eat them. Strong cultural ideology around anti violence and a perverted world view of power has dismantled the strength of the Akuma.

Agility:Back in the heyday of these skilled warriors, the agility and reflexes were without peer in their country. Home to lush jungles with high trees and thick vines, the Akuma main means of travel was by foot or through the trees. Traversing the grounds with unerring precision. Though they have lost most of their luster, this trait has persisted. The terrain of the islet isnt too different from the homeland and avoiding the Leviathan is their only means of surviving while sharing the island with their pharaonic power.
Electricity: Akuma, a name given to them for their formidable presence in battle and frightening eyes, possess a well nurtured sensitivity to the planet's natural electromagnetic field. This sensitivity is attributed to unique cells in their body that store electrical energy. Akuma only has a set number of these cells and must avoid over charging them while stress training.
Precision: The process of altering their nervous system, or changing the chemical reaction within their body is a difficult and dangerous skillcraft. Text on the matter is lost to wars before your time and the elders who know the truth are tight lipped due to dogmatic views about the Berserka transformation. In order to harness the eons of ancestry within you, you’ll need to find your own way of honing your ancestral will. Without it, overcoming the leviathans and traversing the Islet is impossible.

Stellar:Due to a high degree of isolation and the erasure of their culture, Akuma have primitive technology and even less understanding of the workings of astronomy or the native arbiters. Even the islets where they have lived for that last few centuries is a mystery as they are pinned to one islet where the leviathan never ventures.

Isles of Naten: Advent and Caster

Anthem:Akumic Circuitry: The Akuma anthem allows for them to take an artisan approach to the hormones/chemicals that are released into their body. Allowing them a range of applications including their fabled Berserka transformation. Due to the last few centuries of dogmatic cultural beliefs, the Akuma anthem is being used against them, causing their parasympathetic system to run rampant. Trapping their mind and nervous system in a low will/ zombie like state.

Akuma Alchemy:Capable of changing the polarity of matter on a molecular level.

Electromagnetism: Akuma mastery over electricity and in more advanced stages- lightning, is attributed to their sensitivity with Vescrutia’s own electrical charge. Specific cells in their bodies store potential electric energy from the planet and allow Akuma to release that energy at a time of their choosing. Increasing the maximum wattage of the released energy requires rigorous training as the number of cells that hold this energy can not be increased, instead the maximum charge they can safely hold must be stressed.

Advanced Communication: The accuracy of the communication is relative to the time the Akuma spends with other animals. Thanks to their connection with the spectrum of electromagnetism being a sensation, deciphering the meaning behind another creature's calls is greatly increased.

Berserka:Though this knowledge is lost to the Akuma, its glory is the very shadow that they are running from. Dogmatic views have allowed the Akuma to fear what they were once fabled warriors for possessing. Manipulating their cells and tailoring their bodies for pure weaponization, the Akuma become a frightening opponent to face alone. Reduce pain, increased visual prowess, lightning reflexes, rapidly charging Akuma cells. Prolonged use can cause permanent damage to the Akuma cells, which function on a limited supply.

Graphite skin :Varying shades of dark gray to black skin, with a faint metallic shimmer. A result of the high conductivity of their skin, allowing electricity to flow freely and safely through their skin.

Mammon's Glint: Akuma eyes become bright red as a chemical process that increases the frame rate in which they can perceive light.

Akumic Marking: Akuma’s black skin is covered in bright veins that resemble branches. These markings appear on the arms of all Akuma, but in some cases are seen elsewhere on the body. These markings allow Akuma to extend their exquisite control over their nervous system into the world around them. Allowing them a certain level of sensation and control over their nervous system of things they’re touching.

Akumic Cells: Unique cells in the Akuma body that absorb electricity from the electrical field of the planet, these cells require careful stressing in order to increased their capacity.

Bio: Due to persecution by the hands of a mad king, the Akuma have been trapped on the islands of Rudral since their elders were able to pierce the veil that enshrouded the islands.. Now a group of pacifists, they live in harmony with the genetically unique creatures of the island. Akuma have unusually low birth rates due to the island's absurd magnetic fields, allowing them to only produce offspring during the magnetic fields' low intensity, a time their elders refer to as the fertile crescent. The islands are a vast underexplored area of the southern ocean and to most people of the planet, they dont exist, as no one in recorded history has managed to explore the islands and regale others in their adventure.

Power titanic creatures known as Leviathan roam the six islands, these beast are only seen in the Alps of Chaos

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